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Sanders’ Potential Destruction of the Democratic Party

Sanders’ Potential Destruction of the Democratic Party

In going through the mental “what if” scenarios for the Democrats, after reading the opinions of respected commentators, including our own Larry Horist, it occurs to me that a Sanders’ nomination would be an existential threat to the Democratic Party, and perhaps even to America.

I’m not a fan of the Democratic Party, but I do believe the two party system has served America well. Congress was designed to move slowly, and the constantly contentious partisan fights are frustratingly good at maintaining stalemates for years and sometimes generations. Yes, this really is what our founding fathers intended. The two party system has kept us on a slow changing, publicly argued, heavily deliberated path for more than two centuries. We have seen some laws that we would rather not have seen, but we can never argue that we were surprised or that the process was not transparent.

To weaken an opposing side, or to fracture it into incompatible subgroups would unbalance our system. While I support the agenda of the Republican Party, I don’t want to see it go unchallenged. We have our share of crazies and radicals in the Republican Party (as with every political party). Without an opposition to moderate us, I believe we would see more radical positions in the mainstream. If this becomes the case, do we want a Congress that moves more quickly?

So back to Bernie.

As I have written before, Bernie Sanders is insane.

And I mean this in the clinical sense. (Full disclaimer, I am indeed an expert in psychology, but I am not a doctor, nor have I even met, much less physically examined Bernie Sanders). I do not doubt that Bernie Sanders can do basic mathematics. But I do believe that Bernie Sanders is incapable of seeing or registering any mathematics that conflicts with his world view, where socialism actually can work, despite all evidence to the contrary. But this is not the issue at hand. It is this:

Bernie Sanders is running as a socialist.

How will Bernie destroy his party?

If Bernie becomes the nominee, how will the House and Senate candidates in the 2020 election handle supporting a presidential candidate who is a socialist?

They have two choices.

They can support Bernie Sanders. If they support the socialist agenda of Bernie Sanders, they will almost certainly lose, since moderate Democrats will not vote for it, much less Republican voters. Their election loss will give Trump a majority in both the House and Senate. Further, even in their loss, they will normalize socialism for a much greater part of their constituency, a move that will eventually threaten the wildly successful free enterprise system of the greatest nation on earth.

They can reject socialism and Bernie Sanders. If they choose to reject Bernie, the Democratic Party fractures. I believe a great many Democrats WILL reject Bernie Sanders philosophies, since they know their constituents, especially older Democrats, realize how stupid is the socialist agenda. Their best chance to win the election is to distance themselves from Sanders. Can you imagine a large number of Congressional candidates rejecting the presidential nominee??

Is there a middle ground? No. Not with Bernie. You either agree with socialism or you don’t. You either support Sanders or you don’t. Sanders has made sure there is no compromise.

The result?  A massively fractured Democratic Party, including loss of the House to the Republicans. Trump wins big.

We Republicans can rejoice in the short term because Trump’s agenda will prevail for the next four years. Personally, I trust Trump and the majority of our elected leaders to continue with the path they are on.

But the price we pay is a brand new, much larger group of believers in socialism, its entry into the mainstream and the possibility of eventual victory. This group will be opposed by an equally large group of moderate Democrats. Between the two, they will not be able to form a consensus on any but the most trivial issues. They will be impotent as a foil to a newly empowered Republican Party.

And while part of me would love to see this happen, my left brain, philosophical, intellectual self tells me that the collapse of the two party system would be incredibly dangerous for America.

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  1. Rich

    Sanders is just a couple of decades ahead of the Demented-Dem Party, that’s why they’re out to end his candidacy.

    The Demented-Dem party wants to wait till a another generation, or so, of kids pass through the education brain-washing warp. He’s just too soon.

    Look forward to a Brokered Convention, with probably “the witch” and “Mrs.” Mayor Pete as the Demented-Dems front runners . . . . super delegates like cash and Bloomie is only in this to cause President Trump grief. Bloomie likes living in Bermuda.

  2. TCT

    It’s all about control.
    Bernie’s type of government is big and controlling. We the people don’t know what’s good for us. Let the government decide.
    First thing to go is the guns. All good socialists take away your guns.
    Next is the right to choose candidates.
    Then here come the friends of Bernie to make up the rules of control and run businesses.
    Third to go is individual awards for invention. Not on their watch all this belong to the people.
    Like AOC said the guy who put in the sweat equity to invent the widget, found the market, built the factory, sold the product. Is nothing more that a thief to the workers that they employ.
    We’ll mirror the great workers paradises of the USSR, Cuba and most recently Venezuela.
    And then there is the new green Deal….
    Everything electric.
    But… The Coal, Gas, Nuclear plants will be closed because of it. Hmmmm….
    Oh. Bernie’s going to issue everyone solar panels and petal bicycles to generate the electricity. Need more power petal more.
    Wife wants in on the new green deal.
    We’ll get one of the no show jobs they promise and still collect Social Security. Sweet.
    But where’s all the money coming from. Rich people. Yeah. Take theirs. That will supply about one or two years worth before they take what they have and flee.
    Then they will come after the middle class – taxes go up….
    I figure a 60 to 70 percent rate.
    Then add in the state taxes about 8% or more.
    So on a paycheck of say $1200 a week we will get to keep and use $240.
    But wait. There’s town taxes and rent on the house you formerly owned but now the governments does. Hmmmm…
    Where does food factor into this. Oh… They will issue us a few bags of seeds to grow our own.
    Well it’s a workers paradise….
    For those on the top and friends of the government.
    Bernie and his friends never ran anything they ever had except into the ground.
    Like my friend from Communist China, who was in the US 5 years, said.
    In China work hard produce more get $120 a month.
    By lazy and show up get paid $120 a month.
    The system we have here in the USA now gives everyone the ability to pull themselves up to their highest level.
    A Bernie USA would give the lazy people a free pass.
    Wake up…

  3. Ken Benson

    Comrad bernie would be a disaster for the country

  4. Ron Black

    I have a new scenario. Everyone seem to think the democrats will not support bernie and go to a brokered convention, drafting hilary (amidst her fake protestations) giving her the nomination. Bernie will throw a fit at being robbed again, and run as a third party Independent. Now here is the new scenario…bloomburg, having spent all that money will not bow out. Rather, he will also run as an independent,splitting the democratic party not into halves, but thirds. Any way you slice and dice, President Donald Trump and America wins!

  5. Robert

    I don’t see Sander’s supporters as mindless or stupid or such. What they are is probably what I would be if I went to Mexico and tried to make sense of their political operations!
    #1. Mexico has only one political party. The Dim’s are trying (and it worked in 2018) to convince them there is still only one party, the Dim’s and they should vote Dim in 2020. Proivided they are not caught and thrown ot of the country or in jail or some such…..
    #2. It has NEVER been a goal of the Dim’s to promote education, much less becoming functional in English in order to become a citizen. It is better for the Dim’s if the illegals can’t understand…..
    #3. There is still an abundance of tombstones to be harvested for votes. This will convince the illegals they are actually consorting with winners, so long as the MSM keeps their bullshit propaganda!

  6. Jon Metes

    You say that with Bernie there is no middle ground. But this is a common trait of each and every one of the other candidates: they are all Statists. Just consider the so-called ‘progressives’ who influence (if not dominate) the Democratic Party today. They are rigid in their thinking, unwilling or unable to concede that there is another side to any given story but their own. One should not be surprised that they think of others as being deplorables.

  7. Mike Tanco

    The American people will never elect a Communist and that’s what Sanders is.
    And Biden is mentally unfit.