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GOP proves to be the stupid party

GOP proves to be the stupid party

There is a quip that circulates around Washington that America is governed by two parties – the evil party and the stupid party.  And when there is bipartisan action, it is both evil and stupid.  It is credited to former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson – a bit of a maverick Republican.

If you debate which party is the evil half, it will result in a heated partisan exchange.  But … if you first consider the stupid party, the GOP wins on points.

To change the reference, the Republican Party is like the little girl of poetry – to paraphrase, when good, the GOP is very, very good.  But when bad, it is horrid.  The entire issue of the House Speakership is an example of the latter.

I was not in favor of the GOP electing Kevin McCarthy Speaker in the first place.  My pick was Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise.  That should have settled the issue – even if not to my liking.  The move to oust him was … well … stupid.

Democrat members could have prevented McCarthy’s ouster.  After all, they claimed that it would result in chaos and great harm to the work of Congress – to the very Republic.  And yet, they let it happen for purely political reasons.  Some might say that is evil.  But that is not the focus of this commentary.

Having ousted McCarthy, I opined in a previous commentary that the House Republicans had a golden opportunity to come out looking good.  All they needed to do was to quickly elect a new speaker who could really unite the Republican Conference and present a comforting image to the nation.

I thought the right guy was Scalise – but there were others.  But did the House Republicans seize the opportunity to show they know how to operate like a political party – and how to govern?  Nooo!!

Instead, they engage in political mud wrestling based on politics, personalities and petty grievances.

For a moment in time, it appeared that had followed my strategy and were about to elect Scalise.  His chief competitor, Jim Jordan, had essentially withdrawn from contention – or so it seemed.  But even though Scalise had overwhelming support among the members, he could not reach the 217 votes needed to become Speaker.  So, he dropped out.  That left a situation in which there was no apparent person who could get 217 votes.  What was to be settled smoothly in a couple days dragged on in an aura of uncertainty and controversy.

In short, House Republicans looked stupid again.

To fully understand the kind of thinking that prevented Scalise from becoming Speaker, it is necessary to hear from those who opposed him.  They were:

  1. Chip Roy of Texas. He could not find agreement with Scalise over House rules.
  2. Lauren Boebert of Colorado.  She would still votes for Jordan in the final floor vote.
  3. Nancy Mace of South Carolina.  She said she would not vote for someone who spoke at a white supremacist group years past. (No one has ever accused Scalise of being a racist.)  Shame on her.
  4. Max Miller of Ohio.  He would defy the majority vote and still vote for Jordan on the floor.
  5. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. Another Jordan vote if it came to the floor.
  6. Michael Cloud of Texas.  He would not vote for Scalise because he resented the vote that nominated him in the closed meeting.
  7. Carlos Gimenez of Florida. He was still going to vote for McCarthy in any floor vote.
  8. Bob Good of Virginia.  Another Jordan vote.
  9. Lloyd Smucker of Pennsylvania. Did not believe that Scalise was conservative enough.
  10. George Santos of New York.  He said he did not believe Scalise represented the interests of his district. (Scalise did not lie enough?
  11. Jim Gomez of California.  He accused Scalise of being a progressive Democrat.  (Even Santos did not offer that lie).
  12. Eli Crane of Arizona. As a Navy Seal, Crane would vote against Scalise because he had not been in the military.

There may be others who I have missed, but you get the idea.  This is not a collection of legislators who cannot get past their small-world petty view.

They say that legislating is like a good sausage.  You just do not want to see how it is made.  Not only are we seeing it being made, but it seems more and more likely that the sausage will not be grade-A when we finally get it. So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. frank stetson

    I never thought I would see the day when the TEA PARTY picked up the gavel for the Republican Party.

    Could a total MagaRat be next?

    There is no Republican Party anymore, they have been slammed, shammed and shunned.


  2. Papa Bear

    Keep fighting. I love it. The longer they can’t get it together, the less time they have to screw the people. So just keep at each other’s throats, and leave ours alone.

  3. Tom

    Basically I agree with you Larry.

    1) But you still want to be in and affiliated with the “Party of Stupid”? I know, you are going to say its not about the personalities its about the principles. Well how are those principles working now? The one principle that they do not seem to have is working together for the greater good of the American people! Funny, I have managed to keep my principles and work with both sides of the aisle. Maybe you should consider becoming an Independent/Unaffiliated voter. I think it would enrich your articles and increase your readership!

    2) The GOP has been the “Party of Stupid” for a long time, the transition occurred during G.W.’s second term. That is why I am and when I became an Independent/Unaffiliated voter. Before that I was a moderate GOPer. The only thing is that the GOP has become “Stupider” if that is a word, or “more stupid”.

    3) Nothing says stupid like: 1) The behavior of Trump and party members still believing the election was stolen; 2) Pettiness over substance; 3) Jordan and his national ban on abortion, 4) Tax cuts for the rich that are passed to our children by the national debt that the cuts were billed against; 5) Rhetoric on how a national health care policy is “unsustainable” , repeal and NOT replace, but constant voting for more bombs, missiles, and other funding for wars that get approved with hardly batting an eyelash; War and Military Industrial Complex is sustainable but people being healthy is not! 6) Not being able to pass all twelve bills of the national budget within one year.

    4) Once again Larry, you blamed Dems for the vacated speaker position. Nothing says stupid greater than blaming Dems and expecting Dems to do something about the GOP civil war when GOPs held the gavel and cannot put their differences aside long enough to retain a speaker or get a new speaker quickly. GOP is totally to blame for the speaker being vacated for the past two weeks or more, and no good selection in sight due to the pettiness. Nothing says stupid more than not admitting the GOP is out of control divided, and cannot control their own civil war, and their willingness to put the country and world on hold while they have their little hissy fit with each other. Now that’s stupid to this Independent/unaffiliated voter.

    • larry Horist

      Tom … Glad you embraced my explanation of the two parties. You and Frank took the bait. You seem to agree that the GOP is the stupid party. That leaves the Democrats as the evil party. LOL

      While the GOP does engage in occasional counterproductive stupidity, in my judgement, the general policies of the GOP are better for the country than those of the Democrats. Remember, I am first a free-market, small-government maximum personal freedom conservative. I lean to the GOP because my principles do not exist in the current Democratic Party.

      • Tom

        LOL Well I actually do feel that the Dem party has in the past and even now has been more evil, especially with all of this woke stuff as well as their stance on abortion, homosexuality, and gender affirming care. The last three are evil because they are against what is written in Christian scripture, and you know I have in previous posts cited the scripture locations. And I do think that since Bush’es second term the GOP has exhibited more stupidity, albeit Frank would probably say not so. As I said, I have a list for them too! LOL So it it was bait, fine, it was yummy. Thanks for the bait! LOL

        Oh I would never expect you would even come close to being a Dem. If that ever happens, then I know hell has frozen over, or we have been cast into a time wormhole.

        I still wonder why you cannot be an Independent/Unaffiliated and maintain/vote for candidates that exude your values of free-market, small-government maximum personal freedom, conservatism, etc. Thank you for your response Larry.

      • Frank stetson

        Hoirst admits he baits people as a writing tactic in what should be honest discourse. And his proving ground is a quip. I did call Republicans stupid, never used the word. Horist did to bait his trap.

        Anyway. In no way calling anyone stupid make anyone evil.

        If you’re a maximum personal freedom conservative, why can’t people have abortions? Why do you ban books? Why can’t drag queens do g-rated library readings? If tou feel R’s like smaller govt, howcome in the second Obama term, the fed gov grew .3%, Trump’s, .9%. Is that one of the smaller policies you liked? And if free market, how could Trump be your guy? Can you say tariffs?

        No need to respond, keep living the dream in the nightmare that is Trump. I’ll have visions of Sydney Powell pleading out dancing in my head.

        Two down. Guilty of trying to rig the election. Republicans. She was in the room with Trump. In the Oval. If this plea extends to info beyond Georgia, oh my.

        • Tom

          Frank, you bring up very good points about what should be allowed if you are a “free market” person. I am also a free market person but that does not mean “free for all” style democracy. I may be free market, but I do have “moral limits”. As I have stated many times, I am “pro-women’s results” which includes abortion but only up to 12 weeks, not 36 weeks even if these abortions are rare. I am all in favor of public libraries but do believe that in children’s libraries in grade schools books that show sexual acts, and discuss sexual procedures should not be allowed. But they should be allowed in a general public library where parents have a choice to tell their children they can not go there. And we should have in those libraries an “adult section” where librarians are responsible to ensure nobody under 18 can access the materials. And this includes gender affirming books as well as other books that contain sexual content or discussion. What a library decides to sponsor should be subject to the will of the people who’s taxes pay for those libraries – and this is not happening. Library is a dependent government agency that has no right to decide what the public should accept. This is backwards.

          So try in your writings try not to conflate and confuse free market with moral boundaries, these are two different subjects. Both very good discussions. I am sure you can come up with some economic examples like bloated defense budgets, etc.

          Yes I agree that GOP leaders have done a horrible job at containing government. The only places where they contain government is in social programs, wars are no problem. We have money for wars, 100’s of billions of dollars, but ObamaCare is “unsustainable”, healthy people and mental health help we do not seem to be able to afford – and this would lower our mass shootings count.

          Yes the Trump rats are jumping ship! Great. Sidney Powell yesterday, Kenneth Chesebro today pleads guilty. What bothers me is that GOPs always talk about Hunter Biden and others like poor minorities that these terrible liberal Dem cities do not give any meaningful sentences too for their crimes. Yet today, Kenneth Chesebro had seven serious charges against him dealing with Georgia election fraud and interference. He was allowed to plead to just one charge of “Filing False Documents” which comes with a 1 to 5 year prison term that was reduced to “probation only” and cooperation with future trials”. This guy got off just as easy if not easier than Hunter Biden but where is the GOP crying for full sentences, and rule of law? Nowhere!!! They will say it was a plea deal and that’s what plea deals are all about. So Dems are lenient in their cities and punishment sentences, and GOPs are lenient to eachv other in their legal processes and plea deals. I see no difference! Both are hooligans!!!

          I am glad to see the Trump dam breaking. Powell yesterday, Chesebro today. Wow, these two can really damage Trump because they were in those meetings and know exactly what was said. I wonder who is next to cop a plea? Miley? Imagine being in the courtroom at your trial and having these high power lawyers and general speaking about what you did. It wipes out the “My lawyer told me to do it.” argument now that two of those lawyers in Trump’s inner circle have plead guilty!

          Believing in and listening to and defending Trump should have been in that list of most stupid GOP blunders.

          • Frank stetson

            Tom, agree to most, will comment on later break, and yes, this is a Watergate vindication moment of historic dimensions future generations will see as a pivotal moment. Things will only pick up the pace now. I am guessing Eadtman may be next and that leads to Trump like Sydney.

          • frank stetson

            Tom, back on the flip side as I committed; you get a bit testy if a late response dude.

            1. free market with caveats around predatory actions from other countries or non-US-companies. IE – china as an example. And, of course, according to US law in US — ie, monopoly and below cost pricing.
            2. good for you on abortion —- not sure I agree on the time, let the experts figure it out, but it ain’t six weeks and up to birth is fine ONLY in the case of imminent harm to mother as again, defined by experts.
            3. children’s books should never have sexual acts and I am not sure what a sexual procedure is; is it as fun as table dancing? I have fine with gender affirming books at the appropriate age — perhaps teen years. Again, experts timing decision. I am not OK with a lot of the banned books in FL; you shouldn’t burn a book just because it has a rainbow. Did you ever notice all the rainbows? Even the new Startrek has revamped the warp drive to: “rainbow 5, mr. zulu.” And the content….. Hard to believe how much slips under the gaydar. Thank God for small favors. I love that show. Your comment about gubermint decided could be flipped to right-wing zealots shouldn’t decide either.
            4. I don’t think I conflated or confused free market and morals —- I used punctuation to separate. It’s called a period :>) As in end of sentence, end of thought. :>)
            5. I’m sorry —- Republicans confine spending on social programs? Want my list of Republican social programs for the wealthy starting with the tax cuts? How about big business breaks? Yes, dems too.
            6. If you follow RICO or crime family crimes, it’s very hard to get to the top since the next layer is often family and the next layer trusted, loyal true believers. Powell gets to Trump in the Oval; Cheeseburger gets to Eastman and Ghouliani, not that anyone cares about Ghouliani. I don’t think Cheesburger gets you to Trump. Ghouliani probably won’t cop, he’s not a credible witness. He probably looks forward to a nice jail cell after losing his money, his house, his fame. And what chance of anyone raping him. He can sit back, watch TV, write a book…… But that’s why the good deal.
            7. What HBiden you talking about. Has anything concluded?
            8. Do you mean Miley the singer?
            9. The problem is no longer Trump, that story looks to be over. The problem is Trumpism, and that will take a bit to tamp down and send the snakes back under the rocks. People like Horist will survive, hopefully see the light, and right the ship-of-the-right to set it back on course. Bring back Boehner, Cheney, Mitt, Kitzmiller, and the rest of the good guys and let them take Dems to task over the money. For real this time, not like Bush II, but like Bush I.

  4. frank stetson

    Papa, I agree it’s fun to watch, but there is a down-side as today’s Grand Ole Party pushes non-complying Republicans out of power and the Congress. Others submit to it’s will either out of fear or stupidity. Some, like Horist, feel the party is basically going in the right direction, has some problems, but is the best choice. Like grabbing a knife from the wrong side versus a chain saw.

    Today’s Grand Ole Party is not the same Grand Party as the Tea Party is pushed out by the new Trumplican Party and all disbelievers not willing to pledge fealty to their King are ousted from power and even the Congress. In the end, there can be only one Highlander. Uniformity forever. You either sign the pledge or stand back, stand ready because they are coming for you. John McCain, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Rob Portman, Jeff Flake, Bill Herd, Mark Sanford, Anthony Gonzalez, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Peter Meijer, Tom Rice, Fred Upton, John Katko, and Adam Kinzinger – to name a few :>) All gone, and many not willingly.

    Of the Republicans in Congress in 2017, 45% have left. Sure, many to better Congressional or State positions, a few to defection, a number to aged-based retirement, but even those are questionable as retiring for cause or retiring to escape the cause.

    As much as I would love to bask in the turmoil, the fact is the Tea Party turnover and takeover will be complete in the House if Jim Jordan takes the gavel, as expected. Meanwhile most Tea Partiers are now Trumplicants and even more fiery Trumplicants have pushed the Grand Ole Partiers out in big numbers. Trumplicants may rejoice in the House turning rabid right, but moderate Republicans and all Democrats do not. Quite the opposite. They have become an enemy to be vanquished, no compromises. As we move from discussion and debate to diatribe and destruction, many on the right favor bans and burnings over deliberation and compromise.

    The Tea Party alone could not do it, but Trump took this tinder, ignited their fire and weaponized politics against any in their own party that moderated against it. Worse yet, the other side, my side, has become demonized communists that are desired to leave the country, or worse.

    So, Papa, be careful what you ask for, because I think we already got it and it’s certainly not loveable. It may have taken over a decade a two, but it may take even more than that to push it back, if we even can. What’s happening to the Grand Old Party is now happening to the House and to the people. Even skeptics like Horist yield to it’s alure regularly opining on Trumplicant lies as if the truth. He dares to rationalize it as hating the personality but loving the polices. Come on Man, since when hasn’t one gone with the other. Clinton was forever tarnished just for LYING about a blowjob. It wasn’t the blowjob per se, but the blow job made the lie about the blow job a bigger deal than even the blow job. But Trump is a sexual abusing digital rapist amongst numerous other business, political crimes and even crimes againts the State and that’s OK as long as he beats the other side. Many other used-to-be Republicans are also bending to the new Trumplicant platform of lies. And therein lies our danger. Not the politicians, but the people believing.

    How can so many Republicans endorse this sham of a man, this sexual abusing digital rapist that cheated his way to fame and fortune, as their next President? Why do they delight in the demise of Cheney, Romney, and Ryan? These used to be grand ole conservatives, what happened to that party?

    Bottom line: it’s gonna be really hard to push all the snakes back under the rocks. Especially if the great middle, like Horist, doesn’t see the light and help American in this crusade.

    I will continue to fight, and like the gunnies say, I am locked, loaded, and ready for bear and this dog do hunt. Bring it on, I am your buttercup. Better yet, I have fuck you money so, no many how extreme right you turn — fuck you! My next Glock comes in two weeks though, so please hold the revolution until then.

    • Tom

      Well said Frank. It is pretty stupid when you allow a dispicable like Trump to take over the party and cast out all of the good governing moderates that did work with both sides of the aisle. We were a much better and more reliable country and world partner back then. I too am weary and angered at all of the stupidity, disillusionment ,and dysfunction going on in Congress. I do not approve of storing many guns to use against fellow citizens but I am not for or against gun control. I am very for ammunition control just like we control ATF. A bullet is an explosive whose velocity and vector can kill. Period (as Larry would say)

      You bring up a good point that opines and blog writers and news media have a sacred duty and fealty to the public to educated them using the truth. They, including Larry to some degree, have abandoned their post. They have become part of the propaganda machine for one side or the other of the evil and stupid twins. This is why I believe Larry would do well as an independent where he can criticize the evil and stupidity equally without feeling any pangs of betrayal to one side or the other. He would be a great independent. And I feel it would really improve his readership and give him more to write about in a truthful way to all Americans.

      A few more things that show great GOP stupidity: 7) Fighting a trade war you are advised is unwinnable; 8) Negotiating with an enemy when your ally is not present; 9) Giving up tremendous soft power and influence in the Indy-Pacific and allowing China to fill the power vacuum; 10) Acknowledging Nazi’s as “good people” in Charlottesville VA, 11) Willfully damaging NATO, UN and disparaging them internationally; 12) Telling people to drink bleach and put UV lights in their body to get rid of a virus and not telling people about the virus for two months!. I could go on but you get the point; 13) allowing the government to shut down instead of passing the remaining funding/budget bills in time, and then trying to blame the other guy when you did not get it out of your GOP run committee in time.. Sorry, I had to get one more in there!

      Larry will probably say I am “Dem or left leaning” because of the GOP stupidity I have pointed out. But I am not Dem leaning. Dems have done some pretty stupid things too but the article was about GOP stupidity so I will limit my comments to the article subject to avoid all of the “off topic” criticisms you have received in the past. But I do have a list of Dem stupidity too. It may not be as long a list, but it is just as lethal. I do not think stupidity has any boundaries these days.

      • Joe lucas

        Wipe yours out trump was 100% right

  5. Darren

    Frank, If the Democrat’s have their way, you would not own a Glock, or be able to Hunt!
    A lot of writing that goes against Democratic practices.
    I hope you have a nose hole cut out in your sheet.
    I would not want you to suffocate at your next meeting.

    • frank stetson

      Darren, you clearly are on drugs and not making any sense whatsoever. I live in one of the highest density population states with the toughest gun control laws on record. Also, one of the safest, gun murder wise. I hunt in my backyard, if I choose, all legal. We have lots of stuff, even bear and mountain lions (one or two). If by sheet you mean KKK, you are not just sorely mistaken, but delusional as well. But we already knew that.

      Perhaps if you spent more time with your head out of your ass, you might catch a breath the fresh air of truthfullness.

      Continue to live in fear, pretend others are gunning for you and your principles. Its your life, miserable as it seems.

    • Tom

      Darren, there are many Dems that hunt. I do not believe you. Please cite your proof article(s). You are reacting out of emotion and perception.

  6. AC

    Has Congress’ two attirely digressed to where Republicans and Democrats are less likely to do the right thing for the greater good than are Israel and Palestine – Hamas? Party Conflict has its base in history with Republican ideology at odds with Democrat views. Israel and Palestine have deeper issues. Their history goes back into BC dated time.
    Certainly, comparing Congress to nations at war is hyperbolic, but, nothing changes in the absence of patient mindful intelligent talk-listen conversation.
    Interest and concern only toward one’s own points by virtually opposing those not willing to bow illustrates the essence defined to be arrogance.
    Israel is solid on its sovereignty rights including military defense. Palestinians want the right of their claim honored for a homeland. I fully recognize my depiction is simplistic in the extreme. And, I know and appreciate, the war going on between the two is greater than a territorial dispute. It’s no secret that a tremendous conflict exists between their two cultures, core beliefs, and theory on governance including human rights. Differences among third nations present as an impenetrable wall.
    In the US Congress each member is an American citizen and has made the pledge before taking a seat provide by voters. The pledge is not symbolic but creates a duty bound responsibility. The seat assigned is temporary and dependent on performance. The kind that represents work done that benefits every soul in their district, state, and our nation. Petty differences, personal grievances, and individual aggrandizement are obstacles politicians set which frustrate purposeful governing , if not their entirely derailing our Democracy.
    Both parties have their radical, rogues, rascals, and those dumb and dumber characters. Some who are, also, politically clueless, self unaware, altogether ignorant (stupid) . 12 individuals you name truly are not good disciples of Republican dogma. But, these 12 represent the party’s larger flock on the House Floor.
    The Republican lot in the House squander this moment with their dithering about wasting precious opportunities granted only then and to them. Their party has the majority by a very slim margin. 2024 is not assured in favor of either party, but Republicans’ loosing seats could swing majority back across the aisle.
    To sum it as: stupid is as stupid does does not do, for the state of Republican affairs measuring consequences contextually come to dumb and dumber multiplied exponentially by a factor of 12, conservatively rendered.
    Remix Republican Party and come out in tact holding seats in both houses may positively happen. However, probably not, given current leadership and its inability at handling the unwieldy members in its caucus. It’s proven so most days with personal appearances online and their behaviors pictured on news feeds.
    Not so much flagrant displays proving unacceptable and inappropriate for federal office holders. Which means nothing to those who cut their political public teeth under Trump’s tutelage.
    Bad apple makes a poor example and a terrible teacher. Policies, as you hold, not with standing, ample exposure defined the man’s personal character, business and personal practice morality, and his host of court cases. Any other person, no matter their social rank, would be unacceptable for every public office across this land. That a great crowd of persons identify with the man and follow him, speaks volumes about our nation, people flying his flag, and the large percentage who call themselves “Evangelicals.
    I identify as a devout Christian, follower in the faith. Saying that opens up a flood of judgement and negativity, not a problem. Others’ opinions are noted. Any consequence either way is not on me.
    That’s how it is!

  7. frank stetson

    I don’t understand and please somebody must know. We keep having votes and Jeffries keeps winning but we keep having more votes. What’s up with that shit? It seems that Republicans can’t play the game OR make up their own rules. What a bunch of nuts. “Hey, can I borrow your foot —- I already shot myself in both……?

    Having lost sight of their objective, Republicans doubled down on their efforts.

    If you don’t have a fucking clue where you are going, any vote will get you there.

    Insanity is defined as …….. well, you know.

    Elect Trump as Speaker. It will kill all Democrats with laughter……

    Where is that guy anyway? Must be really pissed those Israelis died just to knock him off the news. Gonna need some Jewish defamation lines pretty soon just to get some air time

    Ghouliani slapped down by judge, jury will basically be told he’s guilty before the trail. Cool.

    Trump back in NYC to lose another trial today. Already some Trumper in the court’s employ did enough shenanigans to get him contempt and admin leave. Cohen on delay due to health issue, Trump to testify, business will be crippled after this one. He’s a great businessman and a fantastic deal maker. He makered his bed this time I figure.

    The other judge gagged him some more, narrowly, but he probably can’t figure it out and his lawyers would rather rot-in-hell than explain it.

    The Georgia case, with one of 19 guilty already, moves to jury selection FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY. While only 2 defendants in this first round, it will most certainly set the stage for the rest and possibly even color other trials. I mean if he could do this, the other stuff is easy to cheat on…. Uh oh, one of the defendants just got 15,000 emails dumped on the prosecution, a number of which may do her in. Guess we have another guilty in waiting. Remember kids, first ones to the doors get the best deals.

    Hey, Trump may have a chance in the Florida Documents case; the judge is a clusterfuck in motion.

  8. Mike f

    Larry, Of course I love the title of your post, I have been saying that for years and been demeaned by you for my “arrogance in saying that anyone who disagrees with me is stupid”, but that’s just you showing you can’t respond to the issues I raise. Republicans have no one but themselves to blame for the mess they are in-the two most intelligent members of Congress were booted out because they wouldn’t kiss the ring of trump (of course after being demeaned by the oh so smart-at least in his thinking-Larry horist). You have courted the less intelligent citizens with the BS you spread, raising issues (almost always prefaced by ‘they’re coming for your children) to get them to vote Republican. And that has resulted in the election of some really dumb people (who I won’t list again as I did that recently in response to one of your more ignorant posts). So yes, I do agree with your post-republicans are the stupid party (and arguably the evil party too-I use Mitch McConnell as the poster child for that statement).

    • Frank stetdon

      I dunno Mike Mitch look pretty good in comparison today.

      And I admire his experience and skills.

      Better skills than Schumer. Not even close to Pelosi’s though.

      • Mike f

        Frank-The evil part was clearly earned when Mitch refused a hearing for Garland and then hot footed Amy into office before the election. I think Schumer has done a reasonable job as well, he clearly has passed far more worthwhile bills than were passed during the entirety of the trump regime….

        • Frank stetson

          Remember mike, it’s a blood sport for sure.

          I hear ya MF, but could be a return volley for nuclear option by Dems although I did not check for timing on who went first. Point is he’s skilled on the rules, options, and messaging. For Schumer, adequate is just expected and better than meh. I dream of more. Pelosi was well above adequate for example as was Reid.

          Clinton was the best: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, but you will never see it coming, you will never blame me. Ask Starr, Gingrich, and all the others destroyed for coming at Bill. It was better than Reagan, from a lefties point of view and probably never seen again. Took Gingrich a quarter century to reappear and Starr ended up much lower than a top cop should.

          • Mike f

            But the real takeaway to all of this-no comments from the ever so smart Larry horist-none of his snark. What’s up?

  9. AC

    Screen writers’ guild strike is over and scripts are flying off printers as late night comedian commentators tune their monologues. After their 5 month hiatus the satirists have no lack of material. Of course President Biden will receive a few jabs. But, Republicans’ muddling in the House will deservedly feel the smack from punch lines.
    How is it the GOP happens to hold a majority in the House, yet they have managed to become a political joke and the laughing stock in Washington.
    McCarthy led the party’s charge into ridiculousness by the way his Speaker’s position eventually feel to him, taking House history to its lowest ebb.
    All thanks for the ongoing unabated debacle go to the Republican Party’s headless horseman like haplessness in the thick of government business.
    What the Republican inabilities were last January appear untended to 20 months on in October. So, why should the same bunch’s floundering these many months, finally, act like sober adults?
    Again, we watch the antics with no great expectations.
    Whoever receives sufficient votes and secures the position may not last even 10 months. One of that caucus’s loose cannons will object.