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Russian Ukraine War – Derogatory Symbols You Need to See

Russian Ukraine War – Derogatory Symbols You Need to See

If you sensitive to bias or could be “triggered” Don’t read this.

I monitor some Telegram accounts that do a very good job of including new information on the war, up to date and current. But I have to filter through the propaganda and determine what is real or not.

I’ve encountered a great deal of inappropriate (at least in America) symbols. I hesitate to subject you to them, but these biases and prejudices are part of the conflict. If you don’t understand them, then you don’t understand anything.

With this, you can understand a great deal in about 10 minutes.

So here are some.

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  1. Reallytickedoff

    Barak Obama (Bin Lden) is a universal terrorist.

  2. Tom

    Love that dog with the gun and cigarette!!! Was that a Marlboro??

  3. Micala

    Our World is so off center that it won’t take much to topple it!



    BOTTOMLINE HERE: If Donald J Trump we’re rightfully in our White House like he should have been, Russia would NEVER HAD INVADED THE UKRAINE…NEVER!! Putin isn’t brilliant by no means, but he knows to be very cautious around President Trump!

    Lastly, wars and deaths bring out the UGLINESS IN OUR WORLD AND SETS THE “CRAZIES” FREE! What you are seeing in these illustrations is anger and frustrations set free by evil acts! Until this R/U war is put to rest, that ugliness will flow over the rest of the world in one form or another!

    Since biddyboy Biden is a complete failure as a president, perhaps it is time for someone else to step up to the plate and end this conflict! That someone else would have more support than they realized because Putin/Russia have far overstepped their position and the majority of the World arena is DISGUSTED WITH RUSSIA, MAKING MORE COUNTRIES ALIGNED WITH THE UKRAINE, NOT RUSSIA!!

    Time to back off Russia before the whole world puts on their heavy duty army boots and stomps you O U T !!

  4. Ac

    Joe, PBP reply posts continue mining the same vein they see as gold nuggets in attacking President Biden and attempting an assault on Democrats broadly. The nuggets brought up are fools gold.
    Reply participants’ harangues against the current executive in the White House fall on deaf ears for their lack of substance and merit.
    The reality is every one in this country may claim the right to say, write in print. publish, and distribute virtually any wording on any topic imaginable, and these things are popping seemingly everywhere. The right is spelled out on the First Amendment in our Constitution.
    Any piece of one’s mind may be shared in public spaces. Untruths, information (mis, dis, and inflammatory) can stand side by side with true fact, objective evidence, and substantiated debunking information. The public is the court of first resort and it is there that all ideas get sorted.
    In the end, to often truths are over looked when untruths better fit into some peoples view point, as erroneous as that proves to be.
    The initial impression on first encountering the reply from a PBP follower that it is disingenuous and lacks serious consideration from different angles jumps from the page. Name calling, negative phrasing, broad generalization, and unjustified vitriol all are factors of a rant. As such it is dissent with out substance, quickly discarded and forgotten. Although, people can exercise a right to speak out. What profit is there in common conversation, other than for personal release in venting.
    Consider the possible charges leveled at individual Democrats or the party in its entirety are not those on the other side of the aisle liable for commuting the same offenses. In a good many cases the Republican Party has members suspect for committed acts in violation of the Democracy Doctrine. Arguably, the general public can fully exercise a right to it farthest extent short of law breaking, elected officials should be held to a higher standard. As expected of one in government office if trust may be awarded them.
    The advancement of any information known as propagandist in support of a false agenda or any linkage to a prevalent conspiracy theory,
    These two basis for proving wrong doing are often injected into reply comments as factual. When in fact statement made often and loudly in defending a point does it establish the statement as a fully developed true fact.
    Unintelligent and knowledge deprived argument formation does not win in court just as it should not gain traction in the most available common media sources.
    Is interest in society’s ethical moral code gone to a very low estate that no one questions supposed models in moral/ethical discernment when they fail. We only need see the Republican Senator’s behavior during Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings. It is truly a national embarrassment that they went full partisan rogue in their treatment of the Judge.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Not sure your point on this one, this is one of the few articles that does NOT attack Biden…

    • Eddie

      What about Kavanaha? Or is civility a one way street?

  5. jboo7

    You are missing a lot of real symbols – like the THE SS BADGES worn by “Asov” militias AND THEIR BACKGROUND IN WWII

  6. jboo7

    Russian Brutality?
    What about Ukrainian Stepan Banderism?
    Suspects Investigating Their Own Crime:

    “The Mystery of Butcha”

    It seems to be one of these new games in politics (especially when US are involved) that, when something goes wrong TO POINT THE FINGER AT SOMEONE ELSE – especially if it has gone terribly wrong -or even terribly wrong-. Just think of Korean Air flight 007: Sent by US covert operation straight into the most fiercely defended airspace in Asia, tarted up as a “spy plane” – but blaming the Soviet defense for doing what they were expected to do!

    Similarly, we seem to receive news of the “Black There – only Snow-White Here” type wherever we look in this “Putin’s War” in Ukraine – which is a strange name for it anyway, as US and GB military have been active there since 2014, respectively 2015 – not counting the (more covert) US-Instructor of the Maidan-Snipers, Mr. Brian Christopher Bovenger, formerly of the 101 US Airborne Division.

    More shocking details are surfacing, however, about the behavior of some military (or political) armed units in the region around Kiev – and the conclusions our “journalists” are fed by local “authorities” and NATO chiefs alike are not always convincing. It is as with the “Investigative Court concerning the shoot-down of the Malaysian B777 near Donetsk: Any Investigation and, if achieved Trial on an international event like that should ALWAYS be carried out by OUTSIDERS to be worth any trust in them finding Truth!

    This seems particularly necessary to be pointed out in the “Mystery of the Dead in Butcha” – a mystery, because it is unusual –to put it very mildly- for dead bodies to be in a place on one day, but not some days earlier (or later) – I mean: Days when they were reported to be there – but couldn’t have been!

    We all will remember the first horror of the street in Butcha that showed us that there had been a massive battle, with tanks blown up and down, houses destroyed: “Desastros de la Guerra”! And there must have been many people killed – anyone who was in that inferno. – But there was not much,

    (Alleged) satellite pictures 19/3 begin to show something else: A start of a mass grave by a church – Yes, that might have been needed after that battle: Decomposing bodies, animal or human, are a grave health risk. And then, dead bodies were shown to be there in big numbers (but not shown until much later – WHY) – almost like placed where they were in a kind of street pattern – or more, like a stage set? – Thespians, step forward! –

    But it is no joke: These corpses were still there, near two weeks later – April! – In the same formation?

    But on 31 March, the Mayor of Butcha was seen on TV, in the same town, joyfully announcing its liberation … and no film-crew nor guests fell over any dead bodies that were carelessly lying around there … what had happened? – Had they gone home? – Because: They were “back again” three days later, in the great “horror announcement” of 3 April!

    Even more strange is the film produced by the Ukrainian National Police which shows them, on 2 Aril, marching into the town in military formation: Single line on either side of the road. They could not have missed any corpses – but, as their film shows: There weren’t any! – And the Russians were 3 days gone!

    A minor detail had escaped our press and media – had it really? Many of these dead bodies who were there, now, on 3 April 2022, wore white armbands. White? – Ukrainian civilians in arms wore blue ones! And, indeed, Civilians who wanted to show that they were unarmed and non-combatants – or even Russian citizens of Ukraine – had been wearing these during the Russian occupation – which had kept them safe – but not afterwards from Ukrainian Ultranationalists of which there is quite a number of armed units – not only “Asov” who are still holding parts of Mariupol under occupation.

    It seems urgent that a REALLY NEUTRAL INVESTIGATION takes place in Ukraine, and that our politicians inform themselves who Stepan Bandera was whose NAZI tactics we saw again surfacing here in Butcha!

    Does NATO really want –or need- such ”combatants”? And is a place with the name of “the world’s most corrupt country” really a good –or necessary- addition to any ‘Economic and Semi-Political Union’?

    I beg to raise my doubts and reservations!