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RNC Chairman says the GOP is “Cooked”

RNC Chairman says the GOP is “Cooked”

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus fears his party is in dire straights if they lose next year’s election. “We’re cooked as a party for quite a while if we don’t win in 2016,” he told the Washington Examiner. 

News agencies snatched the comment. According to the Gateway Pundit: The Republican Party was “cooked” a long time ago when they started treating their base with outright contempt.

Priebus told the Examiner that a GOP president is essential after two terms of Democratic control. “History is on our side,” he said, adding that he does not anticipate a disaster for his party in the upcoming election. 

“Our job as a national party is to elect Republicans, and it generally means House, Senate, presidential,” he said when asked how he views the GOP’s role in down-ballot races, especially considering how important it is to win back the presidency after eight years of Obama. 

Priebus explained that “it’s very difficult to govern in this country – especially in Washington, DC,” if you don’t hold the presidency. “We’re viewed at in a presidential year as the presidential committee that is responsible for helping elect the president, but at the same time, we have a responsibility to help pay for the ground operation in every targeted US Senate race and the targeted Congressional race as well, so it is our job to do all three.” 

“I do think we’re cooked as a party for quite a while if we don’t win in 2016,” he told the Examiner. “So I do think that it’s going to be hard to dig out of something like that.”

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