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Christie: “Put me in the ring against Vladimir Putin”

Christie: “Put me in the ring against Vladimir Putin”

During his appearance on Fox yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said President  Obama is being completely outmaneuvered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Putin has been pushing around the President of the United States for the last seven years,” Christie said.

Gov. Christie went on to criticize President Obama’s recent U.N speech, which focused more on climate change than terrorism.

“I have not seen such a collection of meaningless platitudes,” Christie said. “A guy who doesn’t understand that the world is literally on fire because of his inaction: Libya is on fire, Syria is on fire, Iraq’s on fire, Egypt’s under martial law, Israel’s threatened like never before and Iran’s moving towards a nuclear weapon. All on this President’s watch and he gives a speech today where he spends more time on climate change than he spends on the global terrorist threat to America and the other free nations around the world.”

Christie said that he would have taken stronger and swifter action against Russia in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and he would immediately set up no-fly zones in Syria to protect U.S. allies there.

“Put me in the ring against Vladimir Putin,” Christie said. “We’ll do just fine.”

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