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Report from a Trump Rally: Supporters Still Believe

Report from a Trump Rally: Supporters Still Believe

Punching Bag Post covered Donald Trump’s West Palm Beach rally today, a packed crowd at a main convention hall at the WPB Fairgrounds (I estimate 6000-8000 people). If Trump is slipping in the polls, these guys sure as heck do not believe it. The confidence in the hall was palpable, no one here doubted Trump would be the next President.

As we described in a previous article, where Hillary is the master of manipulating the press, Donald Trump is the master of the “Big Show” and the Trump campaign does two of these every day, all over the country. 

Warming up the crowd was none other than former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  The crowd enthusiastically responded to his every phrase. When Giuliani noted that a liberal bias is systemic in the media, the crowd turned around and boo’d the media platform at back of the hall. Giuliani noted the the New York Times always gave Hillary Clinton the option to correct or suppress her comments. Giuliani noted that they never did this for him and in fact damaged his 2008 Presidential race with a misquote in their headlines. The retraction came several days later at the bottom of page 17.

When Donald Trump took the stage, the crowd erupted into a cheer that would frighten even the most seasoned liberals. The speech was vintage Trump but with a twist. Trump positively denied recent allegations published by the New York Times, and indeed showed the absurdity of the charges. The crowd erupted agains when Trump said he was filing a lawsuit against the Times.

The ‘Trump Train’ continues.

Editor’s note: The New York Times, already on shakey financial grounds, could indeed be in trouble.

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