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Report: Clinton’s State Dept Told Benghazi Security Contractors To Not Talk to Officials

This Tuesday, Fox News aired an interview that sheds more light on the Benghazi disaster that ended with the death of four Americans. 

The interview features Jerry Torres, former Green Beret and current CEO of Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, and Brad Owens, political affairs officer for Torres and former Army intelligence officer.

Torres made a bid for the Benghazi consulate contract, but it was instead awarded to Blue Mountain Group – a tiny Welsh firm that had never held a diplomatic security contract. In effect, Hillary’s State Department hired a cheap inexperienced firm to protect the compound. By the time they realized they were in trouble, it was too late.

Torres was asked to take over security of the consulate just two weeks before the terrorist attack. According to the two contractors, the State Department ignored their assessments that the compound was insecure and unprepared for the 9/11 anniversary and then pressured them to stay quiet after the attack. 

According to communications dated August 2012, Ambassador Stevens (one of those killed in the attack) warned the State Department that radical Islamic groups “were everywhere” and the consulate could not withstand a “coordinated attack.”

“They were sending these cables back to the contracting guys and to the decision makers back here, and they weren’t responding. It’s gross incompetence or negligence, one of the two,” explains Owens.

Two weeks before the attack, as the situation grew worse, the State Department asked Torres and Owens for help. “They came back to us and said, ‘Can you guys come in and take over security?’” At that point, it was too late to get completely set up. “If we had been awarded that contract to protect the embassy compound in Benghazi, those men would still be alive today,” says Owens. 

After the attack, both Torres and Blue Mountain were asked to stay quiet. Mr. Torres was even summoned to a meeting in Rosslyn, Virginia by a State Department contract officer. “She said that I and people from Torres should not speak to the media; should not speak to any officials with respect to the Benghazi program.” 

The two contractors decided to stay quiet in order to preserve the reputation of the company and its 8,000 employees. They feel safe to speak up now that Trump is president and Hillary is out of the picture. 

“I feel now that, given that the politics have been taken out of the Benghazi situation, now that there’s no longer a candidate or anything related to it, a change of administrations…we have an opportunity here to fix the problems that made it happen,” says Owens. 

But that’s not all. According to John Tiegen, a CIA contractor that responded to Benghazi, some of the locals who attacked the consulate worked for Blue Mountain. “Many of the local Libyans who attacked the consulate on the night of September 11th, 2012, were the actual guards that the State Department under Hillary Clinton hired to protect the consulate in Benghazi,” he told Fox News.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the people who made the poor choices in Benghazi are still employed by the State Department, “making security choices for our embassies overseas now,” says Owens. 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to cite Benghazi as one of the reasons she lost the 2016 election. 

Author’s Note: This is obstruction of justice, clear and simple. This should be a huge story, but the media is too in love with Hillary Clinton to let it get the attention it deserves. 

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  1. If they found nothing, then why doesn’t Trump release the inventory list of the documents. He is within his rights…