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Do Democrat leaders really care about the death rate?

Do Democrat leaders really care about the death rate?

Posing that question probably has to do with my Chicago upbringing – and all those years I had to deal with the Windy City’s infamous Democrat Machine.  It came to mind recently because Democrats seem to be suggesting that the Coronavirus is more deadly than the medical professionals say.

Maybe it has to do with voting.

Republicans have always been in favor of expanding the right to vote.  The GOP passed the Constitutional amendments and empowering legislation that enabled former slaves to vote over the fierce opposition of the Democrats – who illegally and unconstitutionally prevented blacks from voting in the old southland over a hundred years after the Civil War.

It was a Republican senator who drafted and introduced the Voting Rights Act of 1965 – which passed thanks to overwhelming Republican support in Congress.

Republican woman – known as suffragettes – and a Republican Congress bonded in common cause to pass the Susan B. Anthony Amendment that granted women the right to vote.  Republican President Richard Nixon put the White House behind a constitutional amendment to lower the voting age from 21 to 18.  Nixon put his signature on the Amendment to show support even though presidents do not need to sign amendments and cannot veto them.

But there is one area where Republicans strongly disagree with Democrats in terms of voting.  That is folks who have passed on to the great perhaps – in other words, the deceased.

It has long been a common practice in Democrat strongholds for the dearly departed to cast ballots.  The dead seem to vote in much greater numbers in cities where Democrats maintain virtual one-party control over the electoral process.

Maybe that is only a coincidence.  Ya think?

It is variously known as “the cemetery vote,” “the headstone community” or the “postmortem precinct.”

It always struck me as curious that the dead did not cast absentee ballots.  I have never seen any of them show up at the polling place, but then again, how could I?  Perhaps the votes of the dead are brought to the polling place by the same precinct worker who comes in with bunches of ballots from nursing homes – occasionally with the elderly voters’ knowledge.

Democrats have historically fiercely opposed any efforts to remove the deceased from voter rolls – as well as other types of ineligible people, but that is another story.  Why should a person have to give up the right to vote just because they are dead, they seem to believe?

There may be a reason why Democrats are so protective of the rights of the deceased to vote.  Based on my experience the dearly departed seem to vote overwhelmingly – almost exclusively – for Democrats.  This is true even of people with a long history of voting for Republicans while they were still on earth.  They must teach civics in the afterlife since many of the departed vote more regularly after they departed than before.

The practice of the dead voting is so widely known and accepted that when Chicago’s machine Mayor Richard M. Daley departed this “valley of tears” (Psalm 84:6), a prominent Democrat responded to the community mourning by saying “at least he can still vote.”

In the classic movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” we were told that every time you hear a bell an angel got its wings.  The political machine folks tend to believe that when you hear that sweet chime, another dead person has voted Democrat.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. FightingTheAmericanTaliban

    I read this just to see what kind of Jonestown Koolaide you are passing out each week, this one really takes the cake. I am a “Former” Republican primarily because of this type of Bullshit. It is no wonder you people keep supporting a Pathological Liar, because they’re the lies you like. This website is like the National Enquirer and Infowars Combined.

    • Fedupwithdirtypols

      You probably are one of those people that don’t believe the Holocaust happened either, or the Columbine and Sandy Hook shootings. The Democratic Party has long fought voter ID requirements. Why do you think that is? So you call yourself a “former Republican” because you think that your belief that President Trump is a “pathological liar” is worse than the Democrats’ convictions to murder babies (now even those lucky enough to be born), allowing illegal immigrants into our country unchecked, allowing criminal illegals back into society to reoffend, to force everyone to bend over backwards in an effort to not offend those who don’t know which bathroom to use… You use some strange scales to weigh your priorities.

    • James Leslie

      Wow, FTAT, I seriously doubt if you were ever a Republican or Conservative! I’m sure you have ALWAYS been a closet Democrat (i.e. Marxist/Socialist). You, obviously, came to the conclusion that President Trump is a pathological liar based on the sophistry (look it up!) of the Democrat Media in this country…you probably resent that Bernie Sanders and/or Joe Biden are the Democrat nominee and will be crushed by Trump in November! It will be a beatdown not seen since 1984 when Reagan crushed Mondale!
      Good luck! Please do America a favor and defect to Venezuela…it suits your point of view.

    • 1949

      Yes keep on believing the bull shit that the Democrats keep feeding you, i am from Chicago yes and dead did vote from the grave, and Pathological Liars are your Democrats Rats that where feeding on the the people of Chicago and the ones in there Graves.

  2. Gary Hull

    The main areas for concern should be: Early voting by mail; absentee voting and ballot harvesting (under the guise of getting to the handicapped or home ridden voters.) All of these present excellent opportunities for votes to be managed. Ballot harvesting is the worse as there are no checks and balances in place that can’t easily be overcome. Both mail in voting are ripe for fraud as list of voters requesting ballots are

  3. Woodrow Short

    The Democratic party should be designated a terrorist party. They hate this country and love Communist dogma. They also love the socialist agenda of despots, traitors and dictators. They all should be tried for treason convicted and jailed for ever. Or they should be sent to the socialist countries to live there forever.

  4. Larry Horist

    I do respect informed opinion, but I must say you are among those who have no idea what you are talking about. First of all, it is a satirical column. You seem to have left you sense of humor when you left the GOP. BUT, it does point to a very real issue. If you think ballots are not being cast in the name of dead people, you are just ignorant of the facts — which makes your rude comments irrelevant and a sad reflection of your intellectual level of discourse.