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Minneapolis Autonomous Zone is a Huge Problem

Minneapolis Autonomous Zone is a Huge Problem

For months, a group of leftwing extremists has been camping out near the site of George Floyd’s death. Individuals described as “militant” are keeping police, journalists, and white people away from the so-called Minneapolis “autonomous zone.”

The six-block area is a major problem for the underfunded and understaffed Minneapolis Police Department. The department was all but disbanded by the Minneapolis City Council in the weeks following Floyd’s death.

The situation is “volatile,” says Kim Griffin. Griffin is a local whose nephew was shot and killed in the autonomous zone this month. “Police were not allowed to get into that area…It was made clear law enforcement was not welcome to penetrate that zone, which is an atrocity because his life was taken, and I mean who knows whether or not he would have survived had things been different.” 

Police have also been unable to help businesses and residencies inside the zone, some of which are being “robbed by the same people two to three times a week,” said retired Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith. “The police are literally barricaded from going in there,” she added. “It’s very frustrating because it’s already a very disadvantaged area to begin with.”

Critics lay the blame on Minneapolis leadership, which has largely prevented the police department from doing its job.

“Insurrectionists destroyed an MPD precinct because the mayor wouldn’t allow the cops to do what they’re trained to do,” argues Steve Pomper, a retired police officer who worked in Seattle.

The zone’s residents claim they will reopen the area if the city meets a list of demands, but aim to keep it closed until trials are held for Derek Chauvin and the other police officers implicated in George Floyd’s death. Chauvin’s murder trial began last week and the others are set to begin in August. 

In February, the Minneapolis City Council approved an additional $6.4 million for police recruitment in the face of rising crime and violence. There were 532 gunshot victims in 2020 (more than twice the number reported in 2019). Carjackings increased more than 330% from the same period the year prior and violence crimes eclipsed 5,100.

Author’s Note: George Floyd’s death was bad enough without the additional pain, suffering, and death caused by the protests. Minneapolis needs to shut this shit down as soon as possible. 


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  1. Anonymous

    Not legit!

  2. William


  3. Michael OConnor

    This should not be tolerated, if the Mayor refuses to enforce law and order then the federal government steps in and does what is necessary, no if ands or buts. George Floyd was nothing more than a common criminal and drug user. He refused to obey the law and unfortunately due to his drug use he lost his life.

  4. John J

    Sickening, God Bless White America and to hell with drug addict, thief and lifetime criminal George Flaoyd

    • Tim hatch

      Amen to that, one less thug

  5. The NC Taxman

    Floyd was a criminal and he is NO hero. He died in the life he led, being a felon, doing bad things, being an evil person.

    We need to take back this area and put BLM and Antifa in the ground, never to resurface!

    Shame on America letting the little felons and thugs control our lives!

    George Floyd died because George Floyd was a very BAD man! End of story!

    The police were NOT at fault here under any circumstance.

    God Bless America, and understand that Blue Lives Matter equally with All Lives Matter and there is NO SUCH THING as BLM except criminals, felons and thugs!

  6. Monica Vickery

    Why hasn’t the military come in and take back our country. These people are traitor’s to our country. They need to be arrested and tried as traitors. No man’s life regardless of color deserves this type of notoriety. He was a drug addict (it was in his system) was trying to steal from a honest businessman, was abusive to his family (so they said) and was very unhealthy. He should not be glorified. Let the courts decide the sentences for the men who killed him. There should be justices that’s for sure.

  7. Tim hatch

    Our govt is leading its people down a dark path, if we dont wake up our childrens futures are lost, wake up people

  8. Tim hatch

    Our govt is imploding on itself, ponzi scheme is ending, thats why they are printing so much money , to prop a failing economy

  9. Robert

    shut off everything to that area, water, power, food supply, then send in the national guard and arrest anyone resisting. kick ass and take names, this is America, not some 3rd world country.

  10. Kenneth

    Good I wouldn’t look forward to going to a junkies funeral, they can save that for the PHONIES and RACIST! However I will pray for his FAMILIES!

  11. Coco

    What doesn’t Biden do something about this?

  12. Coco

    Supposedly, the area has to ask for help first. The i.e. mayor, governor etc.

  13. Good luck

    Racism . If some other people (white) did this the BLM would be all over them . This is full blown RACISM.

  14. Bob101stvet

    These left wing radicals destroyed Minneapolis and the Great Biden/Harris tag team of idiots just bailed out Minneapolis and the other deranged cities that the radical left wing communists destroyed. Oh yeah, and every American citizen who works for a living, now has to pay extra to rebuild and refurbish the finances of these useless cities. Blacks want to keep the police and whites away? Why would you want to go to one of those shitholes anyhow. Wonder how many of the idiots camping out at the George Floyd area are getting stimulus checks to sit on there asses? Don’t get me wrong, what happed to George Floyd was horrible and the officer should be tried for his death. Sadly, as always though, you have your militants, that degrade the legacy of victims like George Floyd, so they can have a platform to bitch about everything someone else is responsible for. Grow up people, God Bless George Floyd and God Bless America.