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Macron & Iran vs. Donald Trump

Macron & Iran vs. Donald Trump

Let’s define this in simple statements.

A. Iran is a supporter of terrorism, and they have ambitions to build nuclear weapons. They hate us, frequently chanting “death to America.”

B. U.S. President Donald Trump is putting enormous economic pressure on them to stop supporting terrorism and to give up their nuclear ambitions.

C. French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron would like for the U.S. to relieve some pressure on Iran and return the U.S. to the Iran deal, which was negotiated by Obama and which not only was ineffective to start with, it was also violated by the Iranians.

D. Iran has made no actions nor given any sign that they will stop supporting terrorism or give up their nuclear ambitions.

E. Trump has stated that he will speak with them any time, but he will not give any concessions nor relieve any pressure until Iran agrees to stop supporting terrorism and gives up its nuclear ambitions.

F. Iran has declined to meet. In fact, in recent months they have been belligerent and have committed acts that could easily have led to war.

G. Macron invited the Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif to the G7 Summit where Trump is in attendance.

Analysis: What did Macron promise to the Zarif? There was no reason for him to show up unless he thought something good would come from it. Did Macron tell him that Trump might be softening or perhaps that together they might get Trump to concede something?

Does Macron not agree that Iran supports terrorism or that Iran wants to build nuclear weapons?

Does Macron want Trump to concede that Iran can continue to support terrorism, or that Iran can go ahead and build nuclear weapons?

Clearly, Macron was hoping to have a spontaneous meeting between Trump and Zarif. But Iran has not only been stubborn in its resolve to get nuclear weapons, it has been belligerent to the point of inciting war. For Trump to meet under these circumstances would appear exceedingly weak, in American terms, and weak and vulnerable in most Middle Eastern cultures.

As Nikki Haley said, this was exceedingly disrespectful to Trump, to attempt to manipulate the circumstances, which would put Trump at such a disadvantage.

This was foolish and awkward, a mistake that an experienced diplomat and negotiator would not have made.

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  1. Bruce Lindsay

    Regardless of the bold face lies spoken about you my President you are the world leader at this point in time , do not allow the enemies of our country whether within our walls of congress or aboard see weakness. Their are more with you than confess, and many are cowardly. Our enemies have a loud roar but are toothless, claiming to be stronger than we, but present a false picture to the world powers. Many countries are about to crumble, so they scream the loudest in deception to their very our people whom they have caused great harm. No wonder so many are desirous to leave. Their governments do not have the populace support

  2. Bill

    To Bruce Lindsay. Be careful how you speak where it concerns our enemies! It has been unequivocally states by many military experts that China on its own could defeat us in a war! They have enough infantry soldiers alone that they can throw at us! They have an infantry equal to our entire population! Not to mention thanks to their clever duplicating technology they have most of our military weaponry thanks to their intellectual stealing abilities. We are not the biggest or the baddest on the block but the one who is does have the ability to win over us!!! Think for example if Russia and China coupled were to decide to take us on!!! That might be ugly for us!!!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      The consensus on China was that we are under strength in the Pacific. If it were an us against them war, we would clean their clocks…

    • ssilv48

      Bill if you knew the truth, you might sit a little easier.

    • Lowell

      How, pray tell, is China going to deliver hundreds of millions of troops to the United States of America?

  3. Theo

    Well said Mr. Lindsay!
    The French pompous boy baby sat by his mother wife – ignorant, two faced, has made Paris a feared of city to visitors!
    Europe is crumbling, while our USA is doing better then ever!
    Our President is a businessman, a smart human being who will never cave in to the likes of the French boy, and his partners – French boy should start asking “et to Brutus”? To those good “friends” around him.

  4. Lee

    What is the percentage of moslems in France?
    Macron is controlled by them, period!!!
    As it was pointed out, Wee frenchie fella tried to pressure Mr Trump. Makes one curious As to who was pressuring the Frenchman.
    Keep on and like putting pressure on a pimple…..POP!!, goes the French weasel!



  6. Daniel Mount

    Remember that Evil is powerless when the good are unified.

  7. Kurt Walker

    Up to this date the nations who possess nuclear weapons know that once that door is opened it cannot be closed. There will be no winners. But with a nation like Iran they don’t care as long as they can do their deed. That’s why it is absolutely necessary that Iran NEVER gets the ability to deliver such a weapon even if the nation has to be destroyed. Maybe China and or Russia would join Iran, who knows. But our delivery systems cannot be destroyed before our weapons are on the way. So anyone who opens the door risk total destruction themselves. .

  8. MommyRev

    Unfortunately, these fears were borne out. Before the summit was even underway, Trump, temporarily playing the part of the NATO fan, chided Macron for his remarks disparaging the state of the alliance. Even as those assembled posed for a NATO family photo with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, tensions behind the scenes were running high: Trump called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two-faced” after he was caught on a hot mic mocking the U.S. president, in conversation with Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. After hijacking most of his press opportunities after bilateral meetings with allied leaders to opine on a wide range of topics, Trump canceled his final press conference to beat a hasty retreat back to Washington amid ongoing House impeachment hearings

  9. LavieBos

    French President Emmanuel Macron has said the Donald Trump ‘s comments about the protests in Iran is in danger of of putting America on a path to war with the Islamic Republic.

  10. ValentDay

    Out of character, Trump did not offer a comment when reporters asked if he had prior notice of Zarif’s presence, and it is still unclear whether the two will meet during the summit. Trump has increased tensions between the West and Iran, and is pursuing what the White House dubbed a “ maximum pressure ” policy against the country. Last month, the president issued sanctions specifically against Zarif. In response to the sanctions, Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said the foreign minister “spreads the regime’s propaganda and disinformation around the world.”

  11. John

    Since 2015, there have been several deadlines when it seemed that Iran would likely breach the limits of the sanctions. In 2018, Trump removed the US from the deal entirely, putting it on even more rocky ground.


    Europe has seen the growth of a widely held perception, fostered by Trump, that the United States is disengaging from the continent and lacks commitment to NATO. Macron has sought to lead the charge to carve out strategic autonomy from Washington. His frustration appears to stem from the fact that no one is following his lead. European elites are still searching for a plan B should the United States disengage from Europe. But whether that plan involves a stronger European Union, as the Germans want, or something else, remains to be seen. Russia, which has amplified its influence operations in many European nations, has fanned the flames, seeking to cast doubt about U.S. leadership and the efficacy of Western institutions built over the past 70 years.