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India Sends 50,000 Troops to Chinese Border Before CCP 100 Year Anniversary

India Sends 50,000 Troops to Chinese Border Before CCP 100 Year Anniversary

This week, people around the world need to remain aware that July 1st is the 100 year anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. In recent articles, I have written about how China is cracking down on its own population in an effort to eradicate dissent from its own people in preparations for the long awaited date. The people of China are being removed from the country into the city centers, facing religious persecution, forced into slave labor and suppressed from speaking out against the human rights violations that so many of our big corporations are profiting from. Nuclear bombers have been flown over the independent country of Taiwan, with threats of war to countries from Australia to the United States of America.

Today, in reporting from the Financial Post, India is facing down potential threats in a drastic escalation of force by sending out an additional 50,000 ground troops to the Chinese border. This act of rational defense preparation comes as tensions around the globe continue to rise in the days coming up to the CCP anniversary.

Last year, battle broke out between the two nations on the border over land and water disputes. It resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers. The two countries had gone to war back in 1962 over the Himalayan territory as well. However, in recent years, India’s main focus has been defending itself from Pakistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration decided to ease tensions with the nation to change focus to the CCP in China. Over the past year, India has shifted gears and brought an estimated 200,000 troops to the disputed borderland. 

It is unclear how many ground troops China has brought to the border to counter these actions from India. India reports that China has brought an increase of troops from the Himalayas, including building bomb shelters, new aircraft runways, buildings and setting up long range artillery, tanks and rocket regiments. 

D.S. Hooda, a lieutenant general and former Northern Army commander in India, recently said, “Having so many soldiers on either side is risky when border management protocols have broken down. Both sides are likely to patrol the disputed border aggressively. A small local incident could spiral out of control with unintended consequences”.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh of India, with other senior military officials, met in Ladakh to review military preparedness over the weekend. This was Singh’s first visit to the border since a disengagement of forces between India and China in February. The Indian Navy has also set up naval forces in key sea lanes in response to the escalation.

Sushant Singh, a senior advisor at the Centre for Policy Research, said, “The crisis over the last year has brought home the reality to India’s decision makers that China presents the biggest strategic challenge in the future, and has led to shifting the attention away from Pakistan… As this plays out fully, it will alter the geopolitics of the region significantly”.

Alongside the newly established Quad alliance between India, Australia, Japan and the United States in defense against the Chinese Communist Party, the nations in allegiance are making strategic maneuvers to prepare to obtain leverage over the CCP. As forces fall into place on both sides, the direction, purpose and intent of the increases still remains unclear. Both sides outwardly speak to normalizing relations, but the increases of force obviously show that uncertainty remains in the days to come. 

No one wants a war, or at least you would hope that that would be the case. But as the tentacles of communism reach out across the globe and influence global markets, the freedom of our countries, and the minds of our people, many across the globe are wondering to themselves as individuals and nations what will have to be done to put a stop to this unwanted foreign influence of power. From Tik Tok to Tencent, Disney to Universal, Nike to Google and endlessly outward, CCP influence of the global mind has had a drastic increase of power over the past few decades of time. What do those who love free market capitalism intend to do to change the tides here back in the direction of the people of Earth? 

A bipartisan resolution was just released in the United States over the atrocities of the CCP’s human rights violations. A co-sponsor of the new bill, Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas, said the CCP has, “used brutal Marxist doctrine to suppress individual liberty and drive unspeakable human rights atrocities… As they use the 100th anniversary to legitimize their malign actions, it is more important than ever to be clear eyed about the true nature of the CCP, which is the greatest threat to the foundation of democracy of our generation”. 

The new resolution concludes with a statement that it, “looks forward to the day that the Chinese Communist Party no longer exists”.

In a sign of hope through strength, a new article from Newsmax reveals that China is at least a decade behind the United States in cyber capability. The International Institute for Strategic Studies reported that China is undermined by poor security and weak intelligence. The IISS report declares China to only be an expert in “content security”, or the ability to censor and influence the flow of information. The U.S. is top tier in cyber capabilities such as security and defense, while China remains second rate and far behind what we are currently able to accomplish. 

Greg Austin, a cyber expert for the IISS, said, “On every measure, the development of skills for cyber security in China is in a worse position than it is in many other countries” adding that perception of China being a cyber power is a mere exaggeration due to media reports that desire China to be the global leader in artificial intelligence and computer technology. To every freedom loving individual on Earth, this should come as wonderful news. China is not the technological global superpower that it claims to be. 

July 1st marks the 100 year anniversary of the CCP. Let us keep this in mind and hope that no drastic action is taken to disrupt world peace. With the actions of the CCP though, one could argue that world peace has already been disrupted and change is long overdue. Yet, looking at the events of recent history, time will only tell if more problems are to come in the days ahead.

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  1. zelmer

    I’m not sure how much of the information the IISS has could be just disinformation from China. I don’t think any intelligent agency really knows what China has or doesn’t have in terms of capability in the cybersecurity arena. We should be ever vigilant and protect from the worst kind of scenario that could occur.