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China Crackdown: ‘Hunt Down’ All Religious Books

China Crackdown: ‘Hunt Down’ All Religious Books

During the recent crackdown on Chinese citizens by the CCP in preparation for the 100 year anniversary of the communist party, China has added more fuel to the fire by calling for its people to ‘hunt down’ all religious and foreign state books. A new assault on global religious freedom is underway. The people of China are getting a first hand look into what a new world without the concept of God might look like. 

In reporting from the CBN (Christian Broadcast News) today, Chinese American Pastor Bob Fu of the group China Aid released several tweets sharing insights into the new attacks on the people of China. 

Fu said, “New Cultural Revolution starts in CCP China – this notice to students in a 1st Grade class demanding all parents and teachers to hunt all ‘religious books, antagonistic books and overseas books including books and videos that are copied, duplicated and translated’. Everyone is mandated”. With the post, he shares a picture of the new rules set demanding that the people of China censor themselves from global information. They are targeting children. The suppression of information here shuts down the free thought of youth within the country and to scare the adults out of keeping any information around in any format. Sounds a bit like the premise of the movie Equilibrium, right? Only this is happening in real life, in the real world, to real humans, today.

In another post, Bob Fu shares a video of what it is like in a state mandated church. He posted a video with the text saying, “CCP controlled “three self church” sings “Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China”. The choir waves Communist Party flags on the pulpit. #Fakechurch”. In the state Church of China, they sing songs in praise of the government rather than God. 

To see more insights from Bob Fu, follow @BobFu4China on Twitter. 

CBN News Senior International Correspondent Gary Lane continues in the article with analysis on the recent revelation. Aside from the 100 year anniversary, the 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing next February. Gary Lane concludes, “We’ve got an Olympics coming up and the Chinese communist government does not want any disruptions for the Olympics. They really fear there could be protests, a pro-democracy movement going, and so forth, leading up to the Olympics and during the Olympics. So this sends a message to the parents. ‘Look, no outside influence. We don’t want any collusion with foreigners here’ because they know that foreigners are pro-democracy. And so they are indoctrinating students, but they are also targeting not only the youth of China, but also sending a message to the adults”.

China has proven itself to be anti- religion in every aspect.

The news today just further solidifies that stance on the world stage. So, it is up to every human of every religious belief, and the believers of God and creation all around to stand together against the Chinese Communist Party. Rather than a global war, my personal hope here is that the people of China use their voices, faith and independence as individual humans together to stand up against this crackdown on personal freedom within the adversary nation.

In my opinion, China is overplaying its hand out of fear for itself. And the people of China are beginning to see what is happening to them. People around the world on all sides of thought are also beginning to see what is happening. This is good news. And to all believers of God, we must keep faith and continue to move forward with what we know in our hearts to be right here. But for now, the best thing we can do is continue to communicate and share the truths that we see together.

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  1. Dale brown

    Won’t work! To late now. Ban all you want. Your actions will all be accounted for. Those in charge not the people.

  1. If they found nothing, then why doesn’t Trump release the inventory list of the documents. He is within his rights…