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How to Steal an Election – Part 2, The Insider

How to Steal an Election –  Part 2, The Insider

This is Part 2 of a four part series, this time focused on the damage that an insider can do.  Any intelligence officer will tell you there is no defense against an inside traitor. But when the traitors are running the whole show, not only are you screwed, but the traitors can fix it so there is no investigation.

Insider  Plays

The “insider” methods specifically require that a voting official or elected official or both are involved in the conspiracy.   You might think it takes a lot of guts to do this, but if you think about it, when they win (by cheating) they can control any investigation that happens afterward.

Insiders have a huge advantage. They can literally plan for months to rig an election, make sure all bases are covered and there is little possibility of being caught.

Also remember that once a person votes, the relationship between the person and the vote is severed. This means that in one pile you have the record that people voted, and in the other pile you have the anonymous votes. For auditing, you may be able to match the number of voters with the number of votes, but if you find a bunch of fraud in the voter’s pile, you have no way of knowing from which candidate to deduct the votes. And as we saw in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, a court will not necessarily throw votes out of an election even in the face of massive fraud.

Out of Date Voter Registration – Public officials control the voter registration data. They can purposefully leave inaccurate information on the rolls (e.g., dead people) or even add people to the rolls who have not actually registered to vote.  (I have not seen a case where fictitious voters were added, this may be too easy to catch. But then again, who is checking?).  This in itself does not change the vote count it merely allows many of the Outsider methods to work.  Effectiveness – high, enables everything else. Risk – zero, this is done in the open.

Adding or Destroying ballots in the counting process – If you control who counts the votes, then you control the election. This is the philosophy in such pseudo-democracies as Russia, Venezuela and China. But it applies in the U.S. as well. In the last presidential election we saw evidence that boxes of unaccounted for ballots were trucked in and counted, and even an episode where all of the workers were cleared out because of a “water pipe break” with allegations that boxes of votes were brought in while everyone else was outside.  In a previous election, in Broward County, boxes of ballots were found in an airport locker. Did anyone go to jail for this? No.  Effectiveness – High for local and Congress, these methods are designed to ensure a win. Risk – low. To do this one requires a high level conspiracy, planned for months, no audit trail. Professionals would never get caught.

Gaming the Voting Machines/Running Votes Multiple times – One method for cheating that was discovered (and no one knows if or how much it was used), was that by physically manipulating the ballot insertion you could count a vote multiple times.   A corrupt vote counter who knows the voting machines well will have all kinds of techniques for this, especially if they were able to have conversations with technicians from the company that build the machine.  Remember the votes become anonymous, so even if the totals are off, no one knows who to subtract votes from.  Effectiveness – Medium, the volume can be relatively high for local elections. Statewide and National, no.  Risk – medium,  it takes a bit of tradecraft to not be noticed if you are counting in a room with others.

Making your own ballots with dead people – This is great for large scale cheating. Since voter registrations are public, and they almost always are not purged of dead people or people who have moved out of the area, it is easy enough to get a list of people who are dead but still eligible to vote. In fact, you will be safe if you get the people who have not voted for 10 years or more, they are not likely to vote this election. And if a few of them do happen to vote, the rules say they get to vote anyway. Nothing is auditable. A good data operation can easily get enough to swing an election in a moderately close race.  Then you print up your own ballots that are exactly like the ones sent out (no special security on those) you fill them out, sign them and send them in. Effectiveness – High in any election. Risk – low. Without an audit trail almost impossible to trace.

The variations on these methods are endless.  Without bi-partisan supervision of the complete chain of custody of the vote and proper security on absentee ballots, these methods are bulletproof for the corrupt insider. In the next installment, Part 3, we will talk about attacks on the vulnerabilities of the voting machines themselves. Which come to find out, are plentiful, and some of them on purpose.

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  1. Joe

    Hidenbiden stole the last election,he WAS installed by the deep state, to make sure trump was not re-elected. the American people aren’t stupid and know the truth. It won’t happen in 2022. Even though the dumbocraps are masters of cheating,lying,stealing and fraud, we’ll make sure they can’t get away with this again.

    • Larry kuhn

      Better not happen again

      • Frank stetson

        It hasn’t happened yet so again would be superfluous.

  2. Ac

    Oh, no Joe, you think so.
    You are giving Donald and the Trumpets ideas.
    Republicans are changing voting laws, why? It’s not broke. After the Publicans are finally satisfied they can surely win, then the fix is in. Then they really are Re-Publicans.
    ‘Ol 45 is on a tour of his red hot spots pushing his 2020 snake oil. And making promises he is about to prove he won, hugely and more bigly than that next time. His propaganda train is the most cynical confidence scam yet, He is grifting cash from poor old ladies and seniors have only a pittance in social security for income. The blue haired crowd think he’s cute, it’s sick and gross.

    • frank stetson

      As the faithful finance their farcical fantasy, Trump turns traitor on the truth spreading The Big Lie like the next vicious virus variant. Unmasked un-vaxed Arizonians turn up by the thousands, crammed together, unmasked, at Trump’s super spreader festival to hear The Big Lie and more, donate, buy a few memento’s, all of which line Trump’s pockets so he can continue to wage war in the courts and Congress. He has finally found the perfect storm to monetarize his stories. Whatever he says is believed. Rude and crude is appreciated.

      He’s not a racist as he lies and tells them Biden won’t give White America the vaccine or therapeutics which apparently is now suddenly important. A lie. The truth is more Blacks and Hispanic’s die so they obviously need the therapeutics more. But we need to demonize science and medicine if we are to weaponize it. And we need the hate to generate the revenues. He brings an Oath Keep on stage to wip up the crowd, no White Supremacy here, another lie. Then he wheels to lie about how he sent troops to the Capitol and Pelosi denied them. Pelosi is always greater financial fodder for the faithful. Neither of these Trumpisms are true as the crowd screams for more lies, more lies. Then he tells them how he won in Arizona…. They want more.

      Some truths. Since the beginning of December, AZ has seen 60-70 deaths per day on a weekly average basis. It’s hospitals are over 80% full. The AZ per capita covid case rate is the highest in the world. In the last week, AZ has topped the world per capita death rate as well. They are a relatively young state with a median age in the middle of all States. Their omicron surge is expanding and this rally will help that. Saturday was an AZ covid case record. Trump’s surge ER wait times last hour upon hour, Urgent Care’s are turning away patients. Schools are about to lose funding for lack of following covid protocols. It’s a shitstorm and no time for a super spreader, much less a lie-filed festival of fools.

      The un-masked in the pics are almost too funny for words. Did I see Djokovic?

      Yes, one way to steal an election is to lie, lie, and then lie again. No, the unnecessary deaths caused by Trump’s super spreader death rally won’t change the 2022 or 2024 elections. And the faithful won’t notice, won’t care. But the AZ death toll, the highest per capita in the world and it’s world-record case count will continue for awhile. Trump’s super spreader does not help anyone but Trump to line his pockets. He takes their money, funds his legal battles, takes expenses, and moves forward, like a lifeless-eyed, soulless shark of a man happy that he is building his warchest with hundreds of millions of their hard-earned money.

      The rally covid cases should be coming in about now……