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Fraud! Ballot Box Stuffed With Nelson, Gillum Votes Found at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Fraud!  Ballot Box Stuffed With Nelson, Gillum Votes Found at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

In a story that may remind you of the famous Florida recount of 2000, a ballot box was discovered last weekend inside the Avis car rental center at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

An Avis employee contacted Broward Republican Executive Committee official Richard DeNapoli after discovering a large grey crate marked “provisional ballot box.”

DeNapoli immediately contacted the local sheriff’s office, and a handful of officers were sent to investigate.

Big surprise: the box was full of votes in support of losing candidates like Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum.

See the facebook video here.

What’s really funny is the Fort Lauderdale Airport is located in Broward County – which just so happens to be near the district of Congresswoman and former DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. In 2016, Wasserman-Schultz was kicked out of the DNC for illicitly supporting Hillary Clinton (over Bernie Sanders) before she was confirmed as the party’s presidential nominee.

Broward County, which is heavily Democratic, is the only county in Florida that has failed to submit all ballots during the legal timeframe. In charge of overseeing elections in Broward County is Brenda Snipes, who has a long history of suspicious “mistakes” like finding ballots after elections are over, leaving key measures off ballots, and “accidentally” mixing rejected ballots with valid ballots

“[Brenda Snipes] has a horrible history…and all of a sudden they’re finding votes out of nowhere,” said Trump on Friday.

Republicans have pointed to Snipes’ history to support their accusations of electoral malpractice, while Democrats continue to claim the mistakes are due to “human error.”

But such “mistakes” are unacceptable in a Democracy – especially for a key swing state like Florida. And especially considering the small margin by which GOP candidates Rick Scott (for Senate) and Ron DeSantis (for governor) defeated their Democratic opponents.

“They found 78,000 new votes since Election Day, two days ago, in Broward County, and 15,000 more votes in Palm Beach, we don’t know how many more votes that they are going to come up with, but it sure appears that they are going to find as many votes as they can to win the election,” said outgoing Governor Rick Scott.

“So, I have asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to do an investigation. We filed a lawsuit, we are going to fight this, and we are going to win.”

Editor’s note: As a former intelligence officer, it is often the case in covert operations that feigned incompetence is a cover for sinister action. “Finding” a box of ballots within the middle of purposely generated chaos seems a convenient way to introduce fraudulent ballots into the counting process. They did not need many.

Just sayin.’

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  1. Naughtma Nutzagin

    Alice Green is hot

    • General Bull Krapper

      Don’t need a recount to prove your statement! I


  2. MAC

    You don’t need a good sense of smell to know how fishy this is.

  3. Patrick Neu

    Your question is not a concern if President Trump can be re-elected, but that he Will be re-elected. Thank God himself everyday for such a Great President taking up for us citizens finally.

  4. Hurley Henson

    Shouldn’t surprise anyone, the democrats has been committing big time election fraud since at least the 1960’s.

    • Nicholas Wurster

      that’s for sure

  5. John

    Yes I think he can as he is the only break between complete loss of second amendment and our democracy from socialism. However, with the republicans being so inappropriately gainful to challenge the democats to battle the forces of socialism nazism and communism the democrats will not only cheat and steel the ballot box but kill Americans to have their way. I don’t think Trump has any reason for re-running
    Nor staying in the country. What a shame we have allowed the Dems to destroy us

    • Marc

      This former refugee from a communist hell could nor have said it any better.

  6. Jan Yunik

    Surprise,surprise,surprise! Is it possible that the votes were flown in? The airlines can probably confirm if that is true, how many other votes were flown in at other airports? We need a total recount! If someone hadn’t called the police when they did, these “found” votes would have been delivered and counted as legit.

    • FEDUP365

      Nope absolutely no recount. What needs to be done is it is a SHOW UP AT THE BALLOT CENTERS, ID IN HAND then hand them a ballot to go in the booth and place their votes. NO ILLEGALS would be able to vote and the ballots would already have someone looking after them till the end of voting hours and turned over to the State Police to deliver to the Secretary of States office to be counted. If they aren’t turned in on the chain of possession then they won’t be counted. That way NO ONE has a way to taint the vote and they would stay under lock and key and guarded by the State Patrol till counting is over and confirmed. I personally want to get back to the old way of voting, show up, ID, private booths to vote in and a locked box to drop the ballot in, no worrying about the illegals voting or stuffing of the ballot boxes.

  7. Mary Buckley

    It’s a shame that the democrats are such poor losers. They have to cheat, steal and destroy to get their way. Look what they did to Judge Kavanaugh. That was embarrassing to watch as an legal American in the United States. If these democrats come up with more ballots to beat these republicans I say throw all the Florida ballots out and revote. This is a democracy run by the people not by the ones that want the power I think a lot of democrats and far left have forgotten that.

  8. Etta warner

    Brenda Snipes should already be serving time in prison for her criminal acts. So many democrats should have already been tried and convicted of unlawful practices. Satanic forces are in full swing to destroy our country. If these democrat demonic forces are not stopped we will all loose our freedom. We must enforce the laws and demand rightful consequences according to our laws for these demon possessed democrats.

  9. Jackie

    I want to know how Amy Gutenberg was selected to make decision to delay voter certification. She was appointed by Barack Obama. That doesn’t seem fair. Need a more natural judge than her. I know judges are supposed to be impartial but if she was appointed by Obama I bet she is more in favor of democrats

  10. Robin Hernandez

    Rick Scott is a whiny racist dirt bag just like your miserable commander and cheat. Conservatives and republicans have gone so far wrong they will probably never be right again. Democrats are not perfect but at least they care about there fellow man. This world is huge and everyone can not be the same. Quit trying to mold people into one single image. Live and let live. We do not want something for nothing. Keep your guns. We just want to keep track of what, where, training, mental history and violence history.
    White men, mental illness, Republicans seem to be the go to shooters.
    Trump’s personal history check has all the red flag warnings. He is the worst president EVER. I previously thought it was GWB but now I would love it if he was the president.
    Fox News Entertaiment has a 70% lie and mislead factor and has been sued and discredited the most of any unbalanced news source and is causing the greatest divide in history.
    Trump lies
    White men #1 shooters
    Cops murder and arrest people of color the most
    Russia interfered with 2016 election
    Trump and family use of email and twitter phones have real security issues
    Kim Un Jung is a murderer
    Putin is a murder
    Trump is in love (his words) with KUJ and Putin

    Democrats have not created election fraud and there is no proof they did.
    Republicans have been in charge and we can’t even get our Veterans taken cared of.

    • Dorothy Paul

      You must be one of those illegals who stole across our borders and must be apprehended and returned to the hell hole you came from. What a disgusting individual you are … how dare you invade our country and spout your filthy miserable tirade against our President. I hope the Feds find you and deport you back to your own hell hole.

    • c j wood

      amenadon’t like it, south borders are open, beaner

      southern border is still open and you can swim back across, beaner

    • mspidge

      You are full of shyt!!

    • Jack Blade

      Truth, you’re a lying sphincter, gruber!

    • Roy Zitzman

      It’s people like you that are the problems in this country, believe in the Criminal Democrats. Hers an idea build a Wall along Mexico and California and put all Democrats and Criminals that cross the border illegally into California and let them be a New Country. I doubt if any law abiding citizens would mind

  11. Robin Hernandez

    I bet you don’t post my previous comment.

    • K2l0UpnEUh

      You’re an idiot, but we allow diverse opinions.

  12. Grace

    Robin Hernandez:

    Obviously you have been programmed by the left. You say Republicans
    have been in charge and we can’t get our Vets taken care of. They are
    being taken care of better than they ever were under Obama (the worst
    and most dangerous President we ever had. I always thought Carter was but
    he was only incompetent, not dangerous as was Obama. The Democrats
    will not work with the Republicans on anything. They are hell-bent to
    change this country into a European style socialist Government. There has
    never been a socialist Government that works.

    Keep up your ranting, you are 100% wrong in everything you say..

    • Lanora West

      Democrats not co-operating with the Republicans? History repeats itself except now it the Republicans turn! Turn around IS fair play!

  13. Dorothy Paul

    The DemoRATS di the same thing in the 2018 election. they had trunks full with hundreds ballots with only Hillary’s name on them hiding in empty warehouses long before the election itself. They were planning on using them to ensure the election of Hillary, but they hadn’t counted on the American People or the power from Higher Up.
    Now, they are using the same technique in order to steel the election in Florida. The questions is: How many other states are they doing this in to win an election? The Florida election should be called for the Republicans and the DemoRATS responsible for this fraud should be arrested and jailed for a long, long time. What disgusting inhuman beings these DemoRATS are!

    • Lanora West

      Such a hateful human being (?). Please, get professional help.

  14. Terry Bonnell

    The Democratic Party is so power hungry they have resorted to stealing elections. These people are crazy they do nothing for the American people once they get in office. Russian collusion that is nothing but a scare tactic they are using to divide people and if that doesn’t work they scream racist. These people have no boundaries at all and they walk all over anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

    • Lanora West

      Pray tell, who “found” the ballots? An up right non gerrymandering Republican right?

      • Renegade

        were you born that stupid or did it take years of training?

  15. Joan

    With all the reports and lack of reporting on Democrat( really Communist) voter fraud, I have to wonder just how many Republican House Candidates list but did not lose? Republicans just accept defeat w/o question unless it is so obvious they cannot ignore.

  16. JohnBB

    My sadness—is my belief that at least half of the US Population, legislators, Courts of law, civil and federal law enforcement, investigators and political leaders do not care enough to follow this crime through to indictment, trial, conviction—or acquittal regardless of clear and convincing evidence that clearly demands a verdict. The perpatrators are so powerful—they are exempt from any accountability.

  17. william greene

    Facts: 1. The Republicans Hid the votes so that would not be counted.

    2. Our DEMOCRACY is Under Attack and Our President is POLARIZING the
    American People ; by his DECEPTIVE REATORICK, and his OUT RIGHT
    LYING, he is DIVIDING the country, and as we all know a COUNTRY DIVIDED

    3. Donald Trump should therefore be IMPEACHED, LOCKED UP ,STRIPPED

    • David Barron

      Grow up and stop drinking the Democratic line of Cool-Aid. Start thing for yourself for once in your life. Just exactly what has Trump done to be impeached for? Under what law should he be charged with, and by what authority should his wealth be taken away (remember he does not take his POTUS salary as it is donated to charity). He is not the refine politician and what you consider is lie may be politically correct. Also, please use spell check, as you look like the typical Democratic Lemming willing to do and follow what ever nonsince the losers want you to do.

  18. Michael

    What do you expect the DEMOCRATS have been lying to the people throughout history, pretending to care when all they give a crap about is how to use their positions to get richer! Just like when they provide FACTS on Gun Violence, Voter ID LAWS or anything actually is all a bunch of Lies, misrepresented FACTS, they believe it them for.they never tell the truth so lies is all they KNOW! Ever see these Politicians making.themselves readily available to the people to answer questions??? NO, if they do it may be under a minute so they can sprew some BULL and then have to run off to a !meeting! Yeah if they actually spent the time they claim to be working for the people, NOT working on deals that pad their pockets! Wouldn’t you just like to have the opportunity to.spend one.week with them and witness first hand just how hard they are make our lives better? Wouldn’t it be great to ask a question and have the.time to ask FOLLOW UP questions until you get an actual answer to the question that you just spent the last 5 hours on trying to get it answered? Wouldn’t you just Love to be able to look them in the eyes and call them out on the misinformation they tried to get by you! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit there with an.airhorn and every time they went to change.the subject, avoid the question, provide an answer that your 3 year old would know was WRONG and just be able to push that button releasing an extreme high decibel that may be close to the frustration you are experiencing? Wouldn’t you Love to be ab?e to Discuss HISTORY and the Constitution with THEM???? But they are always so busy doing something, it would be fun just to find out exactly.what for they surely DON’T ever get what.should be accomplished with the time maybe working profitable.side deals for themselves! Maybe you could see how a day goes: Arrive at 09:00 jea d immediately to the for Starbucks, waffles, bacon, eggs, and some wheat toast! 10:15 run down hallway to stick head in door to say present, than discuss what lunch.should be and so on until 15:30 cause you stayed late today it’s time to take a nap than get ready for dinner!

  19. Michael

    The Magical appearing Ballots within the Donkeys PARTY Don t be surprised if their candiate to run against.President Trump ends up being Jimmy Carter!

  20. H. Jay Kirchheimer

    Donald Trump will be impeached and arrested for his actions.

  21. Wayne Morris

    People ,especially those in the Anti-President Trump crowd, Impeachment is out of the question , a sitting President cannot be charged while in office, the Senate is the only body with the power to impeach, that will never happen !!! So you can rant and rave on like a luny bird all you want !!! Hillary lost ,get use to it !!!!

  22. Djea3

    It seems to me that regardless of the State’s right to hand elections and have state rules regarding them, IF a federal election is involved then the Feds have the right to oversight and should step in.

    At the very least there is CRIMINAL incompetence by the responsible elected officials, at the most criminal collusion to steal an election. If there are no federal laws then we need some. If there are federal laws then we need some federal investigations, arrests and convictions.

  23. Nellie

    CA voting fraud was very bad. Pasteboard boxes in the library, no Lock or security. The police found boxes of ballots in trucks of cars. Garbage dumpsters. Los Angeles county had 1.5 million fraud votes. Pelosi gave Illegals drivers license and DMV signed them up to vote.
    Sancutary State isn’t working. I wanted the cement wall. Security and solar.
    God Bless Our Country
    Trump 2020. God Bless Trump and family.

  24. Renegade

    This does not surprise me one bit. If anyone would care to look It up in history ( I know, this involves a little work.) they will find that Chicago and New York ( both raving Democrat ) have a long history of hundreds if not thousands of votes coming from people that have been dead for years. Why should they change their stripes now when they have such a nice long history of lying and cheating to get their way? It just keeps repeating itself over and over unfortunately.

  25. Wumingren

    “Found” ballots should be destroyed, not counted. The chain of custody is lost. Mishandled evidence in a criminal trial cannot be used at all, because it is no longer credible and may be tainted or planted. Mishandled ballots likewise may be tainted and planted to steal elections. They must not be counted!

  26. David Barron

    Wasserman-Schultz and Brenda Snipes both belong in jail for their illegal actions.

  27. bill

    Dad was a Conservative republican until the day he died, then it looks like he started voting Democrap.