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Hillary Diagnosed with Pneumonia; Faints after 9/11 Ceremony

Hillary Diagnosed with Pneumonia; Faints after 9/11 Ceremony

Concerns about Clinton’s health escalated this weekend after the Democratic candidate stumbled and fell while leaving a 9/11 memorial event at Ground Zero. She was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

The media has had an undercurrent of coverage of Hillary’s health, rumors and tabloid style stories that she may be suffering from something more serious. None of this has been verified.

“It’s a totally treatable thing, no question about it,” says CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “But it is a serious thing, and should not be taken lightly.” 

Clinton’s symptoms forced her to leave the event early, and the “fainting spell” has been blamed on heat and dehydration. 

Donald Trump did not further comment, he wished her well and said campaigns can be “grueling.” He may have suspected a trap.

Clinton has a busy week ahead of her, with plans to attend fundraisers in California on Monday and Tuesday followed by an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” a speech on the economy, and a visit to Las Vegas. 

Doctors worry that her grueling schedule may be affecting her health, but it is not clear whether Sunday’s episode has convinced the candidate to cancel or postpone upcoming events. 

“They say pneumonia – on Friday but she was coughing very, very badly, a week ago and even before that if you remember,” said Donald Trump. “It’s very interesting to see what’s going on.” 

The 68-year-old’s health came into question earlier this month when the FBI released documents stating that Clinton suffered a concussion during her time as secretary of state that caused her to “forget” some of her most important briefings. We poked fun at Clinton for the outlandish claim, but Sunday’s episode further emphasizes concerns regarding Hillary’s health. 

In response to the FBI report, radio host and TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky expressed concern that the “sort of 1950’s level care” she has been receiving, coupled with her demanding career, could lead to a pumonary embolism.

The stress of running a nation is sure to take a toll on the next president, and it doesn’t look like Clinton’s body can take it.

Editor’s note: If you are as cynical as I am, you might think her illness, whether overblown or opportunistic has blown up to change the news cycle away from her comment to donors that a least Trump’s followers were part of the “basket of deplorables.”  Trump has said that comment was the worst mistake of her campaign, and his people are attempting to make a meme out of this. It may work, this was a horrible gaff on her part. I’ve always been deplorable, but now I’m proud of it!

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