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Here Comes JEB!

Here Comes JEB!

Jeb Bush (R-FL) has officially announced his campaign for president before a cheering crowd at Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus. A son and brother of two former presidents, Jeb Bush enters the election season with perhaps the most recognizable name in the field. 

The former Florida Governor has been public about winning this election on his own merit. “Not a one of us deserves the job by right of résumé, party, seniority, family or family narrative,” he told a crowd of 3,000 supporters in a community college’s gymnasium. “It’s nobody’s turn. It’s everybody’s test,” said Jeb Bush.

Recalling his two terms as Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush compared many of his fellow GOP candidates to President Obama – who campaigned with minimal leadership experience, only serving three years in the Senate. “There’s no passing off responsibility when you’re a governor, no blending into the legislative crowd or filing an amendment and calling that success,” Jeb. Bush stated during his announcement speech. 

Jeb Bush has also revealed his presidential campaign logo, which – like it has been for any election Jeb Bush has run for the last two decades – will be “JEB! 2016.” After the unveil and a barrage of campaign promises, Jeb Bush finished his announcement saying, “America deserves better.”

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