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Jeb Bush Struggles to Save a Flagging Campaign

Jeb Bush Struggles to Save a Flagging Campaign

Jeb Bush is running out of money. And it looks like even his big bro won’t be able to save him this time. In a dramatic effort to cut spending, he announced Friday morning during a conference call that he would be cutting the salaries of all his employees. 

Will Jeb Bush be the next candidate to follow in the footsteps of Scott Walker? 

According to RedState, Bush spent $1.1 million more than the $13.4 million he raised during the first quarter. His campaign officials thought things were fine until they took a look at the other candidates’ finance reports. 

But Jeb Bush has plenty of big donors, so what’s the problem? According to National Review, “no candidate in either party who was not, at this point in the election cycle, in the top two in grassroots fundraising has won the nomination, nor has any candidate outside the top three in major-donor funding,” since the year 2000. And according to Politico, “Jeb Bush on Friday ordered a wholesale restructuring of his struggling campaign after suffering miserably in the polls despite massive spending and a deep donor network.” 

National Review pointed out that winning candidates are those who can excite the public and win the hearts of big donors. Bush might look great on paper, but that means nothing if nobody wants to vote for him. In other words, even if Bush secures more money from big donors, his inability to attract his party’s rank-and-file donors make his chances of winning the primary virtually impossible. 

Many suggest that the best way for him to support the moderate GOP cause would be to drop out of the race and endorse his biggest threat, Marco Rubio. 


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