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Big Surprise: Voters Don't Trust Hillary

Big Surprise: Voters Don't Trust Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook made a fool of himself yesterday on CBS during an episode of “Face the Nation” when he said “no poll shows that voters don’t trust Hillary.”

According to CBS host John Dickerson, Hillary’s biggest challenge is that voters – even those who want her to become president – don’t trust her. Laughing, Mook immediately replied with the statement “no poll shows that voters don’t trust Hillary.”

When Dickerson attempted to press the subject, Mook interrupted him and started to talk about middle class rights.  “Hillary Clinton will be a tenacious fighter for everyday Americans,” says Mook.” However, recent polls show many voters do not trust her to be that fighter. 

Every major poll has revealed the fact that voters simply don’t trust Clinton. According to a recent poll conducted by CNN, up to 57% of voters consider her dishonest – and that’s including her supporters. Why anyone would vote for a politician they don’t trust is beyond me. 

So is Mook delusional? Not in the least. I have to hand it to him for his skillful dissembling on the air without an ounce of surprise evident on his face. He knows, we all know, even Hillary knows that she isn’t trusted. Only time will tell if this fact will keep democrats from voting her into office.


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