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GOP Calls out Joe Biden’s “Insane” Plan to Pay $450,000 to Illegals

GOP Calls out Joe Biden’s “Insane” Plan to Pay $450,000 to Illegals

The GOP is slamming President Joe Biden for reports that he intends to reward illegal immigrants with payouts amounting to nearly $500,000!

Republican lawmakers are blasting reports that the Biden administration is discussing paying almost half a million dollars per person to illegal immigrants who were separated from their families at the southern border during the Trump administration — calling it “insanity,” “unacceptable,” and a “slap in the face.”

First reported by the Wall Street Journal, the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering the payments in order to settle lawsuits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and others on behalf of families who crossed into the US from Mexico illegally to seek asylum. The families were separated under former President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy in 2018. 

While the average demand in each lawsuit amounts to around $3.4 million per family, the Biden administration is considering $450,000 per person — around $1 million per family.

Republicans — many of whom supported Trump’s immigration policies — took to Twitter to lambaste the potential payouts. 

“Insanity. Rewarding illegal immigrants with hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars is the ULTIMATE insult to law-abiding citizens,” Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) wrote.

“President Biden wants to send the IRS to surveil your bank account while cutting checks—with your money—to people who’ve broken our laws.”

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) echoed Womack’s sentiments, calling it a “slap in the face.” 

“Pure insanity. The Biden administration is reportedly looking to pay $450,000 to illegal immigrants who knowingly broke the law,” he tweeted. “It’s a slap in the face to our law-abiding citizens who wake up, go to work, and pay their taxes.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence — who stood by Trump’s policy while the two were in office and after — called the potential payments “unacceptable.”

“Of course, their whole policy of the southern border has been a disaster from day one,” he said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “It’s remarkable to think that under our administration, we built 400 miles of border wall, and literally by implementing what was known as the Remain in Mexico policy, we reduced illegal immigration by 90%.” 

“But the reality is that they’ve unleashed the worst border crisis in more than 30 years,” he added of the current administration. “And it’s all been because of dismantling policies that were working, but also sending a message south of the border — that America’s borders are open to people coming, coming north and entering our country illegally or abusing our asylum system.”

“It’s unthinkable to pay a burglar who broke into your home for the ‘psychological trauma’ they endured during the crime,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) tweeted. “Yet the Biden admin wants to reward migrants who illegally entered our country with up to $450,000 each for just that reason. Insanity.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) also slammed the reported payments, comparing them to payments sent to families after a relative is killed in action. 

“Biden wants to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 for their hardship while breaking our laws,” he tweeted. “For perspective, if a service member is killed in action, their next of kin gets an insurance payment of $400,000. Let that sink in.”

Others hope the Journal’s report was “in error.” 

“I just about fell out of my chair when I read this,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said. “For the sake of our country, I hope this reporting is in error. This would be an OUTRAGE.”

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) noted the extreme difference in the $450,000 payments compared to the $1,300 stimulus checks sent to Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, slamming Biden’s priorities. 

“Joe Biden gave Americans a $1300 check but wants to give illegal immigrants $450,000, which is more than the 9/11 victims compensation fund. Amidst rising inflation, this is how he wants to spend your money. Priorities,” he wrote.

Wisconsin Rep. Bryan Steil blasted the move as it comes when the border is “wide open.”

“Our border is wide open, and now Biden is in talks to pay illegal immigrants $450,000. This is unbelievable,” he wrote.

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  1. Dan Tyree

    How can anyone say that the damned moron is good for America? That so called president is trying to bring our country down. So go ahead Frank and Joseph. Put your two cents in. You both are as stupid as joe and ho

  2. Joseph S. Bruder

    Yes, it’s a completely insane plan, and completely invented by Republicans. Biden himself says no such plan exists. It’s a scarecrow – a big scary straw man argument to outrage stupid Republican constituents.

    And of course, PBP and Bill buy into it completely, and managed to scare the bejezus out of poor Danny Boy.

    My god, it’s unbelievable, the crap being spewed out of the Republican Party. The only thing worse is all the stupid people who automatically believe it without as much as a single google search to see if it’s true.

    Did I mention all the STUPID Republicans out there?

  3. Frankstetson

    Book em Dano…..

    Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

    Well, he got his two cents.

    • Dan Tyree

      It’s confirmed that the idea of giving money to the illegal wetbacks is being discussed. It probably won’t happen but the discussion is there. Socialism has no common sense. And retard joe is stupid enough to go for it.

  4. Frank Stetson

    Actually, it’s a discussion of potential reparations for Republican mandated child separations considered cruel and unusual punishments for alleged illegal entry into the US. Your racist words aside, you are correct that the discussions are an attempt to settle out of court for money for some pretty evil deeds like ripping a baby from a mothers arms just to send a message that we’re bullies and we can do this. Especially heinous if we determine asylum should have been granted to separated families that we haven’t been able to put back together again in one of the darkest decisions Republicans have ever made. A mandate from Hell. And yes, it was cooked up by Jeff Sessions, a Southerner like Dan, and approved by Trump, another Southerner, albeit a more recent transplant, albeit as a tax dodge..

    I stand corrected, you were right Dan, the DOJ is attempting to settle out of court with the ACLU, perhaps legally the less expensive way to go if one believes in the rule of law and that cruel and unusual punishment against another human is wrong. Perhaps Dan thinks they are less than human given the nasty names he uses. Racist actually. But it’s just discussions, I doubt anything firm in numbers are there yet.

    Child separation; now that’s a mandate too far IMO. Especially when you do it just to send a message. Just because you like it.

    • Dan Tyree

      Allegedly entering illegally? Are you blind or stupid? And no, they don’t deserve reparations and neither do blacks unless any that experienced slavery can be produced that’s still living. If the wetbacks try to come in illegally they should be separated from their kids. By the way, it was bathhouse Barry obozo and retard joe that first separated families and they were the ones who put kids in cages. Trump’s housing of them were much more humane. It’s a proven fact. If they want to come to our country, what’s wrong with applying for a visi and coming in legally? Nobody is saying that they can’t do that. I’m sick of the commiecrats using illegal wet backs to bully us. If they want to be with their kids, then come in legally or keep their asses home They come here and become burdens for the tax payers. They need to have 30 days after coming here LEGALLY to find a job and be self sufficient or get the hell out of here. And if they stay, LEARN ENGLISH

  5. frank stetson

    “Are you blind or stupid?” Neither Dan. Please stop with the ad hominem attacks, or at least use some creativity. Like, and I would never do this, but…since it’s Friday fun day: “how do you know the richest guy in Dan’s neighborhood? Count the refrigerators on the front porch.” Whst did Dan do on Halloween? Pump Kin. What do you call a good looking woman in Dan’s house? Visitor. How does Dan practice safe sex? Puts warning signs on animals that kick. See Dan, now that’s got a little more zip to it. Have a great week end, say high to your lover and your sister, only takes you one call :>)

    In America, we follow the rule of law; and even those caught at the border are not quite adjudicated as a citizen would be, but there is a process that, I believe, starts with a rapid-test for asylum, if requested. i realize you favor the lynch mob, but that’s just anonymous keyboard fake bravery. It’s been awhile so I will le you discover what you not only don’t know, are too lazy to discover yourself, and somehow feel obligated to insult anyone who does. It’s USA Today and they have pictures!

    As you whether they deserve reparations, either the DOJ or the court will decide, your opinion notwithstanding.

    I don’t know what you are talking about re: those funny names, cages, and, of course the one name you never slander, Trump.

    Gee, I didn’t notice anyone here saying illegal border crossings are good; decent God loving people just know we should treat them as humans, according to our rule of law. And, in this case, international law that has been achieved over decades, only recently forgotten during the Time Of Trump (and Sessions who freakin probably never even saw an illegal immigrant in any of his travels in Alabama; matter of fact, I think they are advertising to import some for the farm labor……)

    And you still are a racist, at least in words. I am pretty sure you are a pussycat if you meet anyone with an accent, different skin tone, or eye shape. You got a lot of stuff in your closet and really should just quit the crap, the overt racism, and the potty mouth. It’s just too easy hiding in you Mom’s basement, drinking your jolt cola, and banging away at the keys. At least you could be creative versus some racist 70’s throwback. It’s like Archie Bunker all over again.

    Try keeping it clean, keeping it civil. You’ll lose nothing but the racist moniker and perhaps gains some actual insight.

    • Dan Tyree

      I love your jokes. Lol. Here’s one for you. A guy went to Hollywood to try to get into show business. His name was penis van lesbian. The producers told him that he was very talented, funny, good acting ability, good singing voice. But the name was a problem. So he changed his name. Today he’s known as Dick Van Dyke. Seriously, I’ve interacted with plenty of people with different skin color and eye shape in my years. But racism doesn’t fit this conversation. I feel the same way about Canadian people if they illegally entered our country. But racist allegations are the main weapon of the left, but the recent elections show that people are having none of it anymore. By the way, I am darkskinned. 40% Monacan Indian. But I still shout “Let’s Go Brandon “

  6. Dan Tyree

    You mentioned my sister. She had to quit wearing panty hose. Every time that she farted she blew her shoes off

  7. Frank stetson

    Well Dan, if it talks a racist, if it squawks like a racist, you sure go a long way out of your way to pretend to be racist. Note to self: you can be part anything and still be a racist. Once again you miss the point that the color of a person’s skin is not the measure of a man. It’s what you say, what you do that determines. And you are one determined racist; you even target certain groups. Sure, like a child, you like the shock value, you think it’s funny, you love to rile em up.

    But the bottom line is you are a racist.

    • Dan Tyree

      And I don’t give a rat’s ass. I’ll never get woke. That’s for fools and people too stupid to take a stand. I refuse to be dictated to by leftist fools trying to define me. If calling out the senile old fool in the White House over his breaking his oath of office and committing treason by not enforcing our immigration laws makes me a racist then I’ll wear the racist label with pride. Let’s go Brandon!!!!!!! Your kind will never tell me how to roll.

  8. Frank stetson

    Did I tell you how to roll? I gave up on trying to change racists long ago. I was glad for Trump to empower them so we can see you for what you are and how many more of you there are than we presumed.. From Charlotte to your house, Mostly scared, uneducated, lower income disenfranchised.

    No wonder you have to call people names, it’s probably all you got in this life

    • Dan Tyree

      I suppose that your ass wipe party doesn’t call republicans names. And yes, I’m educated. Graduated from college. But I’m so proud to be called racist by morons like you that I smile every day knowing that I stand for something while you commiecrats fall for anything. Someone had a mind fart and said “ that’s how we win. Divide and conquer. Shame people into falling in line “. But Americans are being woken. And your crowd is losing ground. And you try to deny that Barry obozo didn’t put kids in cages? You need to do your homework. And I know what’s racist and what isn’t. So thanks but no thanks for the input.

    • Charles ward

      What are you, a damned profiler? Dan Tyree shows courage and l like his post. Why swear an oath to uphold the laws and pick and choose what you want to uphold? You people are hypocrites from the get go