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Jared Kushner Facilitates First-Ever Saudi Investment in Israel

Jared Kushner Facilitates First-Ever Saudi Investment in Israel

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign-wealth fund this week invested $2 billion with Affinity Partners, a private-equity firm established by Jared Kushner that will assist Israeli startups. The pledge is being celebrated as the kingdom’s first investment in Israel and marks a softening of relations between nations that have long disputed over the issue of Palestinian independence. 

Kushner, a son-in-law of former President Donald Trump who acted as a key White House advisor during his presidency, has worked for years to improve relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Kushner played a major role in negotiating the Abraham Accords, a 2020 deal that normalized relations between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco. The treaty was the first public normalization of relations between Israel and any Arab nation since that of Jordan in 1994.

Kushner has also been celebrated for establishing a strong relationship with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia and chairman of the $600 billion sovereign wealth fund. Prince Mohammed met with then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2020 and may have joined the Abraham Accords if not for the inconvenience of administration changes in the US and Israel.

“If we can get Israelis and Muslims in the region to do business together it will focus people on shared interests and shared values,” said Kushner. “We kicked off historic regional change which needs to be reinforced and nurtured to achieve its potential.”

In March, Kushner traveled to Israel and met with dozens of companies from a variety of sectors seeking financial support from Affinity. Kushner did not provide specifics regarding the Israeli companies selected to receive Saudi funds nor how much money they would be getting, but Prince Mohammed has hinted at Israel’s participation in the development of Neom (a futuristic city-state being built in the Tabuk Province).

Affinity is also seeking to improve relations between Israel and Indonesia, another nation that has long refused to establish diplomatic ties with Jerusalem.

“The more that we can create business ties and introduce the innovators from the region to each other the more we strengthen people who want to take this new path while weakening those stuck in the old paradigm,” said Kushner. 

Earlier this year, Kushner announced plans to open an office in Israel to promote financial relationships with India, Gulf states, and North Africa. 


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  1. Tom

    So basically Jerod has become an off the balance sheet ambassador for Israel. That’s one way to keep your business going! The myth of shared prosperity being able to bring people together for a safer world is just that, a myth. It will not happen.

    • Saul adler

      Whomever is better to do business with than Jews. As long as they don’t jew you

    • Ben

      More like a bag man for the Saudi Prince.

  2. Chipper

    I think this is a good thing but because he is connected to President Trump he will be demonized.

    • frank stetson

      Chipper, as it should be :>) But ask yourself this: if the guy was Hunter Biden, and the Ukrainians gave him money before the election, or after Joe leaves office, would you feel the same?

      Jared did the Abrams Accord and a year later, it seems a very good thing, a very positive thing that continues to blossom and grow.

      Now he got the Saudi Prince, against the desire of his financial advisors, to pony up $2,000,000,000 to a new investment firm Jared, a new investment fund manager, just started after he got the boot as CEO, from Kushner Co in Oct. of 2021. That slot went to the current President, and the President’s slot went to Jared’s sister. Quality matters less than nepotism at Kushner Co since, obviously, Charles the jailbird, runs the company and just needs clean family figureheads. Charles got 2 years for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. Of course, Don pardoned him in 2020, a week before Don blew town with all those boxes of top secret documents that he couldn’t flush quickly. Jared recently moved to Miami to be close to FIL. Nicole has a masters degree in Urban Design and Architecture which she used to land her job as Senior Director of Creative Services at Ralph Lauren; she must have been OK< she was there for a decade. Then, as Jared did his government nepotism duty, Nicole became a "principal" at Kushner, no doubt a star-fucker training opportunity to become President. Nicole is very private, no wiki page, internet scrubbed to the point you can't even find her age. Nice, I like that.

      Nice to be rich too.

      Meanwhile, Jared talks the Saudi prince into coughing up $2B for an untried investment firm, who cares that it's Israel. Jared looking for $7B but not many other takers for the untried and untested firm. Plus, Jared's firm just has the money, Israel is a possibility, in writing, but NO commitment that all the money goes there. NONE.

      So what we have is Jared, the untested, untried, brandy new with no track record investment firm, a Saudi Prince who Jared helped a lot while in office, and $2B that, frankly, can be invested anywhere, but Israel is a target. Seems like some quid pro quo, there's no track record for Jared in an investment firm except his family, and there's no guarantee the entire $2B gets invested in Israel.

      However, the Abrams Accord worked well, so we hope for the best for all concerned, except the Saudi Prince who can rot in Hell, IMO. File it under: preliminary-not verified, news at 11…….