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Massive Victory for Republicans – Will It Be Stolen?

Massive Victory for Republicans – Will It Be Stolen?

As I write this at one in the morning, I’m seeing the Virginia Governor’s race declared a win for the Republican Youngkin in a contest that is reasonably close, certainly in the bag for Youngkin. His victory speech was excellent.

This is a major victory for Republicans and many say it indicates a major shift in public opinion and will trigger a change in control of Congress in 2022. I’m hoping this is the case.

The New Jersey governors race appears to be going the Democrat incumbent Murphy as expected, but it is currently Ciattarelli the Republican in the lead with 80% of the vote, much closer than the polls suggested.

The other major development, in my humble opinion, is that the vote in Minneapolis to change the police into a “Department of Public Safety” was defeated. This means that the whole “defund the police” line of thought is done in ground zero of the movement. Another good result.

By all opinions Republicans are “overperforming.”

But as I publish this, I can’t help but fear that during the night, a massive number of votes will appear from the recalcitrant Fairfax County. Apparently the “mail in” votes have not all been counted. This is the richest county in Virginia, but for some reason has been exceedingly slow in reporting its election results. Some other counties have yet to count their mail in votes as well. My sinister suspicions are that the Democrats are just waiting to see how many votes they need to win, then they will “count” that many.

It also seemed the more populated areas of New Jersey are also the last to report their mail in ballots. I can’t help but be suspicious of them as well.

Is my fear justified? I keep thinking of the 2020 election, knowing the numbers never added up, knowing the evidence presented over and over again that was ridiculed by mainstream media and watching while information was brutally censored by the big tech social media companies.

I remember with horror, the massive number of votes that suddenly hit the mainstream media’s voting boards at 3am the night of the election. There seemed to be no reason, indeed no statistical possibility of this happening. And yet it did.

Am I just suffering from a very specific mental illness (along with millions of others)? Or is this a real danger?

I guess I will know when I wake up tomorrow.

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    That is really interesting, You are an overly professional blogger.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Well, there’s your evidence of Russian bots monitoring your website… Nobody would accuse Gilbertson of being overly professional…

  2. frank stetson

    Yes Joe, you are suffering from a severe uncurable mental illness called Trumpism. Some get mild symptoms curable by holding one’s nose.
    Others, like you, are incurable and feel the need to go full Tourette’s as you have above. Symptoms include the overwhelming feeling of being a total loser so that even in victory, you still need to blame someone, anyone, usually a minority you can easily pick on. Unfortunately this illness comes full stream when you reach the pinnacle of success resulting in either really poor planning, bad decisions, terrible implementation or total lack of action at all while mandating that you scream names and blames at others. Luckily, rather than take medicine, a lack of helpful drugs is your best way to get over it.

    As you indicate above, this loser mentality goes ballistic when faced with an actual loss which you can only surmise must be cheating, robbery, or worse.

    Major shift in public opinion? More like Schumer and Pelosi not herding the cats and managing the messaging. Upon Joe’s ascension, most Democrats realized Progressives put them over the top (unless you believe The BIG Lie as I am sure you do, right? Come on, fess up) and they would want their return. Everyone knew they wouldn’t ever get enough. Put that on top of Delta, Inflation, Supply Chain bottleneck, Afghanistan, and you have a recipe for a tough night. Didn’t help that McAuliffe fumbled the ball inside the ten on the parent’s rights in education issue live and in color either. So, Democrats in disarray, plenty of time until midterms, as I said before, gonna be a long cold winter for Joe, hope he’s up to it, he’s got some splainin to do.

    Meanwhile, scratch VA from my retirement list, probably a win-win for the state and myself. Funny, only 5 years ago, I would have never thought state and local politics as a determining factor in my choice of abodes. I have always lived rural, no issues, but now must stifle myself for fear of being forced to defend with more than words and ideas. It has become actively threatening just to walk amongst them in that they seem to feel obligated to force one’s hand. I mean politics used to be unsaid, now it’s in your face seemingly wherever you go. Good thing I have FU money so the hell with them all.

    • Dan Tyree

      The red wave has begun. Let’s go Brandon!!!!!!!

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Oh, c’mon Frank! I wanted to tell Gilbertson that he was a crazy Trumpist, and you stole my thunder…

      This is typical PBP scarecrow journalism… repeating Trump’s Big Lie, when there has never been any evidence or even hint of anything wrong with the 2020 elections. Just trying to scare the stupid and gullible people who listen to them.

      My father told me he was up late listening to the returns, and he doesn’t live in any of the contested states. However, FOX News told him there were 3 important races, and he was hooked. He told me the country could get back to normal because all three of the important races were won by Republicans… Besides the fact that those were early returns and at least one has been reversed (and I’m not even sure what the third one was, and he couldn’t tell me), it’s disgusting that FOX News is out there scaring senior citizens into believing that these are do-or-die for the whole country.

      And of course, they managed to keep his eyeballs glued to the screen until after midnight. Scaring people to gain advertising share is big business. FOX News and Newsmax are pioneers at scaring seniors. Along with the fearmongering to keep their attention, they also run constant ads to donate to candidates or send money for one cause or another. PBP should be ashamed for following along with that model.

  3. Frank stetson

    Think the wave hit the beach in NJ.

    I am not sure whether Dems have ever won the Gov after a Dem elected President. Ever.

    Good call Danno.


  4. Frank stetson

    Bro, Think Dan said he was from the South too, maybe near the Black Sea :-).

    All cable “news” is about fear. Divorced myself from msnbc early in the pandemic, was just terrifying with the repeated reasons to be afraid.

    A main part of my job was to make new markets for new things. Sure, we sold the benefits and value. Used to laugh when we could find the “fear factor,” if we could touch a nerve, we had a winner. Even could use the ole “ if you don’t at least look at this, I know your boss my fire you…“. Yes, fear sells for sure.

    As I said, we knew that the progressives put Biden and others over the top, many of them Independents, and that ultimately they would be disappointed. The only question would be, how disappointed. Put on top of that all of the recent Biden missteps, miscommunications, etc. as well as life in the pandemic, and you have the recipe for a pretty tough 2021 election cycle. The fact that we pulled out New Jersey is frankly, unusual, at least according to all of the voting records in the past . Not to mention that Murphy was taking hits from both sides, conservatives for the obvious reasons and liberals because Murphy was obviously pandering during the election year. Otherwise, we would’ve had stronger measures taken in the second and Delta surges.

    Only fools would see a wave or a voter mandate in this; The Virginia Republican candidate ran at arms length from Trump, as did the New Jersey Republican candidate. Trump sucks, Trumpism not so much was the message. The Democrats need to take notice to make sure progressives and moderates both pull together on the oars in the same direction. IMO that’s the major messages here. Trump sucks in purple states and dems need to stroke those progressives, they are a major constituency, can’t just expect them to turn up without cause.

    Now the question for Virginia will be, is this guy truly a Trumper or is he really a pragmatic businessman. If the former, I would love to be the Democratic candidate for the next term… Because I don’t think Virginia’s gonna take that for that for very long..

    • Dan Tyree

      Southern and proud of it. Ok. Let’s get started with the bigotry of southern people being racist. We aren’t anti black. Just anti blue. So don’t get drowned in the red wave.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Youngkin managed to keep Trump at bay… but most of the Republicans in the House are committed to Trump. Look for a lot of them to lose their primaries – either they associate with Trump and get killed by Republican voters who hate Trump, or they go against him and the Trumpissts will vote the other way. There are just enough Trump cultists to swing the primary, but not much else.

      • Dan Tyree

        The steal is underway in NJ.

  5. Frank Stetson

    Yup, when you win, it’s glorious democracy and the red wave. When you lose, it’s The Big Lie.

    Like NRA illegally funding candidates at like $25M of your dues and probably some Russian funding. That’ll how Josh Hawley cheated last time and stole his election Think they being caught in around eight states now. Cheaters all.

    Of course, the big news is the steele dossier and the ties to the Clinton campaign. I have to imagine they’re duking it out at PBP to see who gets to write this one up.

    • Harold

      Judgement is coming. And poor killery won’t be allowed to use her strap on in jail