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Georgia Democrat Jailed for Stealing Millions from COVID-19 Funds

Georgia Democrat Jailed for Stealing Millions from COVID-19 Funds

Billions of dollars went missing from the federal programs launched during the COVID-19 years to help businesses affected by the health emergency. Now, a well-known Democrat has been sentenced to prison for defrauding millions of federal funds.

Early last year, the Punching Bag Post reported on the findings of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) that revealed $5.4 billion doled out to fraudulent Social Security Numbers (SNNs) between April 2020 and October 2022. More than a year later, a well-known Democrat from Georgia has been jailed for stealing millions of that money.

Shelitha Robertson, a Democrat who is a former Atlanta Assistant City Attorney, was found guilty in December 2023 of fraudulently acquiring over $7 million in loans from the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Robertson is the second defendant in the approximately $15 million PPP fraud conspiracy case; her co-conspirator pleaded guilty before the trial. The DOJ press release wrote:

Robertson used the loan proceeds to purchase luxury items, including a 10-carat diamond ring, and to transfer funds to family members and her co-conspirator.

On Friday (June 7), Robertson was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison followed by three years of supervised release, as reported by The Gateway Pundit. The story cited Kyle A. Myles, Special Agent from the Office of Inspector General, Atlanta Region, as:

“Today the defendant in this case was held accountable for fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars through the Paycheck Protection Program and using those stolen funds to enrich herself, while small businesses were struggling during the pandemic.”

Daily Mail reported that prior to her sentencing, Robertson appealed to the judge that she is broke. She was cited saying in the court:

“I’m dead broke. My business is gone. My (law) license is gone. My assets are gone. The only thing I have left is my family and my faith in God.”

Robertson’s co-conspirator, Chandra McNeil Norton pleaded guilty in November 2020 to wire fraud worth $7.8 million. Norton, also an attorney and friend of Robertson, was disbarred in January 2023 by a Georgia Supreme Court ruling. Regtechtimes reported that Norton is scheduled for sentencing on August 14, 2024.

Reporting on the Democrat’s sentencing, Fox News aired a clip of Robertson from last year wherein she is seen offering pearls of wisdom on a podcast: “Don’t chase the money. Chase your passion. The money will come.”

The story also revealed that Robertson donated $1000 to Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney who is prosecuting President Trump over the alleged attempt to influence the 2020 election officials in Georgia. The case has now been halted indefinitely by an appeals court while a panel of judges decides on whether or not Willis can stay on it as a prosecutor.

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  1. frank stetson

    With great outlays of cash in programs constructed at the speed of light, there will be great theft. It’s America. Same thing for the war in Ukraine, the vax program, you name it. In these 0-60 in five seconds programs, there will be lost funds from theft or error.

    OK, in this one there’s, $5.4B and, I believe, 69,000 fraudulent SSNs. Dempsey indicates pbp told us, but in truth the government organization designated PRAC has been providing security processes and catching fraud since 2021 at least.

    Why it’s great to report on this particular fraud, I just don’t see where Democrat becomes at any way newsworthy. Given $5.4B and a potential of 69,000 individual frauds —- what point is Dempsey making that he found a Democrat? And the Democrat gave a campaign donation to a Democrat.

    Gee, Donald J. Trump is a Republican. He is a felonious sexual abuser too. He used to be a Democrat. Is his party affiliation newsworthy against his felonies or his finger fucking a stranger. Of course not.

    Bad logic. Yellow journalism. Idiot fake journalist.

    • Tracey

      Democrats and money make for theft. The scumbags would steal the crack out of your ass

    • krinov

      Funny biblical fact Frankie. You will burn for eternity in the exact hell Trump goes to and your 45 IQ Delaware Potato pedo gets incinerated in the lowest hottest hell.

    • LMB

      FRANK! I’ll say this so even a brain-dead, Marxist Kool-aid drinker will understand!! There are many corrupt congress/judicial/executive branch scum buckets that also need to be in jail!! The felonious sex abuser was accused by a known nut case, supported and funded by another one like you but with money to burn!! You continue to excerpt known issues with the accusers and witnesses as if they are the most righteous beings next to God!!! With this said, go back to your mother’s basement, turn on CNN, and wack your carrot!!!

      • frank stetson

        LMB — Don’t make Horist a liar by admitting you have read my stuff. He hates that.

        I think your knickers are so knotted you are loosing oxygen to your brain…. First, I am not brain dead, never a Marxist be, matter of fact you will find few Marxists in all of America. I have said many time lock up all crooks and cads exclusive of party,

        But I think in your fear and loathing, you miss the point I was attempting, apparently poorly, to get across.
        1. large $$$$ programs constructed quickly have more fraud than usual.
        2.prac has been finding and indicting for fraud for years.
        3. dempsy’s focus on democrats is just poor, yellow, journalism. it means and adds nothing. this person has brown eyes, does that add value to the story
        4. trump is adjudicated as proven by a jury of many crimes; the fact he is a Republican, the fact he is the leader of all Republicans, is irrelevant to his performing those crimes.

        FYI — you have no proof that the VICTIM (she’s not an accuser, she’s the victim, he’s the criminal — court of law — jury of peers — adjudicated, fact, not alleged – fact) is a nutcase any more than I have proof that Mr. Shark Attack, Trump, is nuttier than Aunt Tilde’s fruitcake.

        My mother is dead. I sold her basement. I rarely watch CNN and I am not sure what whacking a carrot even means. But may your kind thoughts be returned to you with ten fold the blessings.

  2. jefz

    Why merely a 7 year sentence? A lifetime sentence with hard labor to supplement her years of room and board in prison with residual earnings returned to the government.

    • krinov

      Funny biblical fact Frankie. You will burn for eternity in the exact same hell Trump goes to and your 45 IQ Delaware Potato pedo gets incinerated in the lowest hottest hell.

    • krink

      I prefer my lefty satanic swine dead and burning in hell for eternity. I’ll get what I want because Jesus will cast pure evil satanic baby killing freaks like Joe Biden into the lowest hottest spot in hell.

      • Archie

        A Democrat stole money???? No shit.

        • Frank stetson

          Archie, you fall right into the trap Demsey created leveraging your irrational fear and loathing of liberals as the banes if your existence and cause of all of your frustrations.

          Think about how much money and how fast it flowed. There’s a lot of fraud. Do you really think only democrats ripped us off? No Republicans? I bet Tom thinks Indys did.some. Cuz they did no doubt.

          WAPO even covers Republican misuse at a systemic government level. As in diverting covid funds to pet projects. I bet there’s Democratic systemic ripping off too.

          It happens on every large project. More so on emergency projects. U betcha that defense contractors are ripping us on Ukraine and Israel. It’s called life in the big city.

          Instead of doing a professional job. Dempsey chooses to stroke your hate by making this a Democratic story instead of a ripoff story. You can hate dems, but don’t be led around by these Pakistani asshats trying to make a buck from your emotions.



    • frank stetson

      except she’s an ex judicial personnel, not personal ever. Judicial Personal is what Clarence Thomas calls a vacation, private jet, mom’s house or kid’s fancy private school perks from rich benefactors. Matter of fact, Trump’s SCOTUS has so many SCAMS going that they changed the acronym to better reflect who they are: SCROTUM.

      I am not even sure she still has a legal license, and she was a cop for over a decade, so maybe it’s “DISHONEST LAW AND ORDER” personnel (personal) to be more accurate. I hear there’s a lot of that going on in the law and order crowd. Yup, everyone around Trump went or is still in jail.

      I will say it’s weird that no one is pinning down when and how long she served as a City Assistant Prosecutor. Or whether she can even practice law anymore. The scam all came from her private businesses. And as we all know, even the best and biggest businessmen can be crooks, sexual abusers, and worse.


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