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Former President of Ukraine on the Front Lines, Shooting at Russians

Former President of Ukraine on the Front Lines, Shooting at Russians

At the time of this writing, Russian forces have reached the outskirts of the capital city Kyiv.

It seems that former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is a patriot. He is on the front lines, talking about rifles, which one he will be using and their lack of enough rifles for the number of volunteers who wish to battle the Russians as they march on Kyiv. He will soon have to start shooting.

Considering that he, nor any of his compatriots

No artillary, no tanks, no armed personnel carriers, he sits with 300 of the territorial defense. Ukraine gave its nuclear weapons back to Russia long ago with the assurances that the U.S. and Europe would see to their defense.

It looks bleack for Kyiv. The city will likely fall.

The Ukrainian military has not fought since World War II, and internally against insurgents in the 1950’s as part of the Soviet Bloc. Certainly none of its military units contain seasoned veterans who can take on batte hardened Spetnaz, which likely see combat regularly.

Citizens have been fleeing Kyiv for days. It is likely that commerce to the city will stop and people remaining will be at risk of starving. Certainly Russia will not help, since Biden’s sanctions will make it tough for the Russian people as well, which will be Putin’s first priority.

On the other hand, Latvia and Lithuania just sent Ukraine some Stinger missiles (we don’t know how many…). If someone in NATO or the Biden Administration was smart (oh god…), then Stingers and TOW anti-tank missiles are in the hands of soldiers trained in guerilla tactics. Perhaps these 300 are only a small part of the 100,000 strong Ukrainian military positioned around the city.

With good tactics, Ukraine may be able to keep things unstable for many days. Then, if they have good leadership, they will scattered across the country and become the guerilla force, which is the only way to eventually win against the Russians.

Current President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is between a rock and a hard place. Russia needs to capture him, and if they do, they will put him on trial for a great many fabricated crimes, for which he will be found guilty. If he leaves the city before it falls, he will lose face as a leader, his troops will lose morale, and he will be a President in exile. The Russians will appoint a new President, and he will be trial and convicted of crimes anyway.

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  1. Ben

    If the Ukrainians cannot fight, then why did Trump spend all our money to give them all the weapons? Was that like giving a Maserati to a two-year-old? How stupid can Trump be to spend all our money for nothing. How stupid can you be To support that crap.

    • Larry kuhn

      How can you be that stupid? You ignorant prick. Our so called president would be hiding in his basement

      • Ben

        Wow.. And your prick is smart? Doubtful something so small could be that big a brain. What a pencil-necked tweet geek.

        • Theodore Sueck

          At least he has one. You sound like a neutered sheep.

          • Ben

            And Teddy Bear knows sheep. Intimately. At least that’s what I heard. He’s baaaaaad. His wife appreciates it though, keeps him out of the house. Who the hell even think of the concept of neutered sheep, much less what they sound like. Such a weird dude.

    • Micala

      DJT was helping the Ukraine to become INDEPENDENT AND SECURE FROM RUSSIA! That was a generous move for our President not a stupid move!
      Where is your brain Ben because it is no longer between your ears with ignorant comments like that! Shame shame on you! Next time put your brain “in gear” before making a ridiculous comment like that! You sound like a clueless, desperate and dumb democrat! Are you?

      • Ben

        Did you everything en read Joe’s story you freaking idiot. He was the one who said Ukraine can’t fight. So if they can’t fight, why would you give them weapons? Wasn’t that just like half a loaf, one brick shy of a wall. We can blame Biden all we want, but Trump dropped the ball and all they did was give them weapons and forgot the training. Not that he was alone, the previous administration didn’t help either. Nor did Biden is one year in office. But Donald J Trump had for years and he only delivered half a loaf. That’s all I was saying. No need to get your panties in a bunch a freaking idiot.

    • harm Good

      Hey HasBen how about you killing commies? Right here in America? Entire Democrat Party falls into that catagoria!

      • Ben

        Why would I want to kill people in my own party? That’s just such a weird concept. Can you actually put it in writing. What a strange little monkey.

        • Jacob

          Ben you’re losing it. I can tell that the failures of your party of communism is failing. So go turn yourself in for mental evaluation. You seem to be losing your mind.

          • Ben

            Yeah, we on the presidency, we have an advantage in the Senate and we rule in the house. Lots of failure there. Your winner is in Florida claiming he’s president still.

            Good chance we will have a hard time in the midterms, but thus far, for now, we win and you lose. Oddly, you really seem to like that position. Bend over

            Let me know if you ever wanna have a real discussion or we can continue this schoolyard chat. What’s next, you writing graffiti about me in the bathroom stall?

    • Micala

      Ben IS A WEBTROLL! DON’T WASTE YOUR COMMENTS ON HIM! He just wants to get you off Topic or Angry!!
      THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT A WEBTROLL DOES — just act nasty and ARROGANT and derogatory to other commentors!

      • Ben

        Ez for you since you’re in a constant state of pms

  2. Ben

    Better yet, where can we find the punching bag post list of moderation rules and guidelines for posting. I’m sure you have them. Not. I think you’re only rules how can you make the most money. But prove me wrong, I would like to be wrong.

    • ClifforD mckinney

      Have you ever heard of free speech? But communists make the rules as they go

      • Ben

        It’s a private commercial website moron.

        • Brad

          So stay off of it you ignorant bastard

          • Ben

            You all talk big. You hate Democrats. You hate communists. You think Democrats are communists and you want to kill them all. Kill. Kill. Kill.

            You couldn’t put a cogent argument supported by fax together for love nor money. All you got is your name calling, your pretty little nicknames, and talk talk talk.

            Let me know when you actually want to debate of the merits of facts rather than your stupid little name-calling contest..

            Or continue to vent your spleen in front of your screen trying to demean. But come up with some good ones please. These are boring.

  3. Martin

    Ben quit trying to get sympathy. It’s found between shit and suicide in the dictionary

    • Ben

      And we’ve got our first vote from Martin who would rather vent spleen thanhave a decent discussion. Good job Martin. Don’t quit your day job.