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FBI Director Says Terrorism Has Evolved, Moves at the Speed of Social Media

FBI Director Says Terrorism Has Evolved, Moves at the Speed of Social Media

On the 17-year anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attack a month ago, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the bureau has been busier than ever fighting terrorist threats. 

Wray said that although “”we’re safer”” than we were back in 2001, terrorism has evolved and it moves much quicker thanks to the digital space and technology. 

“”The online issue is a challenge, right? I mean, terrorism today moves at the speed of social media. The part of it is engaging with social media companies in a way to try to get them to do certain things they can do voluntarily,”” said Wray in an interview with “”CBS This Morning.”” 

Wray has been FBI director for over a year and oversees the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which receives about 15,000 terrorism tips a year. Each of which is reviewed by the large team. 

But as Wray alluded to, the bureau relies on cooperation from tech companies in the digital realm to conduct a lot of these investigations. 

“”We’re getting much better cooperation than we used to. … I think there’s a view that this is a shared threat. … We all have kids. We all have family members. We all have potential victims,”” said Wray. 

Even though the team also focuses on threats from abroad, it’s the threats in the U.S. that the FBI pays special attention to. 

“I think the threat, today’s terrorism threat, still includes sleeper cells, Al Qaeda, all the kind of major terrorist organizations that you would think of,” said Wray to CBS. “”But we’re also very focused now on homegrown violent extremists, which are people who are largely here already, in the United States…Big cities, small towns, coast to coast. And these are people who are largely radicalized online.””

There have been 5,000 terrorism investigations within the last year, 1,000 of which have involved homegrown violent extremists. 

“”The Bureau has thwarted a number of terrorist attacks recently, including one aimed at the San Francisco pier, another at a Miami mall, and two more that targeted Fourth of July celebrations in Cleveland and Minnesota. In all, the FBI has made about 120 terrorism-related arrests in the past year, Wray said,”” writes Fortune.

Author’s note: Virtual terrorism is an increasing problem. It’s impossible to catch all suspicious behavior on the internet, even for the powerful FBI. The odds are that some terrorists will get through and use social to recruit and commit crimes. 

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  1. James Wilson

    Bull Shit! Then clean up your own Bureau starting with Rosenstein, Mueller, and anyone with knowledge of Uranium One. Take out the Trash Wray, unless you’re part of the problem.

  2. James Wilson

    You aren’t going to post my first reply, concerning the Deep State and the FBI with Mueller, Rosenstein and all those with knowledge of Uranium One and the fake Russian Dossier. Is Wray going to clean up these Treasonous agents or is he complicit in the cover up.

    • K2l0UpnEUh

      These are moderated post. I only have two hands….

  3. Bob Fansler

    I have lost respect & faith in FBI. They avoid internal investigations on the Clinton/Comey conspiracy with hope we forget this travesty!

  4. Nancy Campbell

    Yes ,clean up your inside traitor mess. The 45 Goals Of Communism said they were going to dismantle the FBI a Congressional record Jan 1963, I believe. Why do you as well as other alphabet soup agency’s allow it ??

  5. Steve Harr

    My faith in the FBI etc has diminished thru the last 20 years with the Bill Clinton messes and coverups thru the Obama crap he directed and was covered up. The FBI has been the Clinton private agency that has been used and led by Hillary/Bill/DNC groups not dedicated law enforcement officials
    Sad to see this happening..

  6. Steve Harr

    Wrote a re3ply criticizing the FBI and it being led and directed by the treasonous Obama/Bill and Hillary/DNC groups and of course it was not posted……….typical left website

  7. elgavilansegoviano

    As we speak, we Have Terrorist sympathizers working for The Media, Google, Facebook, twitter, and the rest!!,..They have also infiltrated Government in many ways!!,…Hell we Two of them in Congress!!,…

  8. Einar R. Petersen

    “Let the Punishment befit the Crime” Until they start Truly awarding Severe Penalties, nothing will deter the Lust for Money…!

  9. Tina

    I already found out how corrupt our government is including the FBI . I gave them information for them to look into during Obama’s painful presidency. To no avail. They’re all in bed together to bring the United States down…. at all cost . President Trump has an endless task.

  10. David

    I think I have a grasp on the way most people feel when making comments online. For the most part I feel the same way, BUT how many of you really think the FBI Director is going to read these reply’s ??? I kinda doubt he will read any of them but who knows maybe someone will put it in front of his face and he will read it. Then there comes the part that he may have to do something about it. How many of you think that’s going to happen???


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