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All Aboard the Germany Socialist Train! Next Stop, a DNC Primary Near You.

All Aboard the Germany Socialist Train! Next Stop, a DNC Primary Near You.

It appeared to be a small news story that hardly made a blip on the German media radar, but it’s a hell of a lot bigger than that. It represents, in a nutshell, the idiocy of Socialist thought and policy. Wrong thinking, horrible planning, and disastrous ideology.

Bernd Riexenger (say that three times fast after a few shots of tequila), co-leader of the leftist party Die Linke, wanted rail operator Deutsche Bahn to eliminate First Class cars so they could be converted to standard coach seats, which could accommodate more passengers and alleviate overall crowding throughout the train. (And in case your German is as bad as mine, “Die” means “The” and “Linke” means “Left,” so let’s leave no doubt as to where these guys are coming from.)

At first glance, one would think this was a sincere effort to alleviate train overcrowding, which would be considered a good thing, but it’s not about that at all. It’s about the left’s hatred for those who can afford to travel in better comfort than everyone else. Doesn’t matter if you worked 80 hours a week to afford that, or inherited millions from a rich uncle, it’s all the same, To them, it’s a disgrace that you get to “live better” than others.

To further bolster his argument, he claimed this would make rail service more accessible to everyone, and increase energy efficiency. The higher energy efficiency claim isn’t simply suspicious, it’s outright ridiculous, and more on that below.

In response to Riexeneger’s request, the head of the German passenger association Bahn said, “Nein.” The association for the Berlin-Bradenburg rail region VBB said, “Very nein!” And they both agreed it was “Indecent nonsense and an obscene attempt at ‘Socialistic Leveling.’ ”

They said, and I’m paraphrasing:

“If there’s a problem with overcrowding in coach service, we simply add an additional car or two, at no additional energy cost or any other additional expenses. We run electric. This is [possibly] a train configuration problem which is easily fixed, adding cars, much preferable to eliminating First Class service which all of our history shows the vast majority of our riders want as a travel option. Plus, as said, eliminating First Class accomplishes nothing.”

In other words, the request to eliminate First Class service was just stupid,  based not on facts and reality, but driven by leftist ideology.

I urge you to remember this story as you watch the Democrats stump through to 2020, and please tell your friends. It’s like an Aesop’s Fable that rings true throughout all time, and you will be reminded of this foolish train tale when you hear the Dems talk about doing this and doing that for a better, more equal world, the facts be damned. And your freedom of choice be damned.

To make it even more obscene, there’s a large movement in Germany to minimize air travel throughout Europe, in favor of rail. So what if you want to fly? They want to make it more difficult and more expensive to do so (higher taxes, more regulation, fewer routes), and ultimately, if they get their way, they’ll make it completely impossible.

What’s the next step backwards, horse and buggy? What about all of those farts destroying the Ozone? I’m sure that in this instance, they’ll claim that cow and horse methane isn’t the deadly global threat that they’ve been crying about for years.

So as Germany goes, so goes the entire European Union. Heil E.U.! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, deal or no deal, U.K. get out!

The bright side of all this is that us Yanks don’t have to look at history to learn from. We can learn plenty just from the direction these ridiculous German and E.U. policies want to steer the rest of the world towards right now.

So I’m pulling the emergency brake cord to stop this runaway train before we reach the washed out bridge ahead, and disastrously plummet off the cliff of no return.

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  1. db

    Democratic Socialism already lives in California and is spreading like the arms of an octopus across our nation. Get ready for a life that really sucks if their leaders get their way while living in walled compounds, with armed guards, sucking down wine and booze, eating the best, squandering our resources, and taking from us to make themselves more and more powerful. You think Asad in Syria is bad, you need to look at what the 8 ruling families of California have done to that state in the last 80 years. They need the cheap Mexican labor force to do the work in their wine producing farms, industries, and welfare armies all for illegal Mexican and other illegal noncitizen votes. READ THE CONSTITUTION!

    • Bruce E Devido

      Like a little more socialism would be any worse than more of our hard earned money going to the likes of Trump

      • Knock Knock

        Is this supposed to make sense? Cobwebs dude, a head full of air and cobwebs. Go ahead and show me I’m wrong – bring a real argument and show us some common sense while you do it.

      • Joanne Long

        Hows what money is going to trump[?

      • LDC

        Trump gave up his salary. What did you give up your well fare check. Don’t think so!!! Oh that’s why you didn’t get a tax break like the rest of us.

  2. Mandy Bennett

    This article is ridiculous. They want to make sure that more people get a seat on an overcrowded train! City commuters can relate. This is nothing to do with socialism or ‘money envy’ it’s just common sense. Obviously the people that wrote this article have never had to squeeze into a train during rush hour!!!!

    • A/A (Actually Aware)

      You are unbelievably ignorant and short-sighted. Either solution gets more room on a train if that is all you want. Keeping the First Class section is the incentive to work hard, plan well and understand how money (and life) works. Do you not have any goals in life beyond breathing air? I, for one, would like to make it to the good life and will deserve it when I do. Not on the backs of others, but on my own hard and smart work, intelligent planning and respect for myself and others. Take away first class and I have no reason to try to achieve more. I will not be a nameless icon on an endless line of look-alikes. Is that what you are?

  3. C. P. G.

    “We Yanks…” not “Us Yanks.” Learn your own language.

    • Stanley Steamer

      Seriously, dude. Is that all you can contribute?

      Do you also have a problem with people starting a sentence with “But” and “And?”

    • Rick Johnson

      Good on yah!

  4. beth gold

    the real reason for usa’s fall got nothing to do with china russia but world. it’s because of the people – people make a country – usa is usa no more it’s africa & latinamerica – africans & latinamericans are known loser harmful races so usa is one loser harmful country – a cess pool
    wars are not popular any more – if we keep making weapons to sell or use we’ll find no market – use that money to deafrica & delatinamerica – we brought africanns over we owe it to them to ship them back – there is liberia in africa by returnee slaves already – what they learn will benefit their own kind there – make latinos walk back to mexican side of the border – they came via mexico they go via mexico – dont’ want to pay for their bus plane … usa is whiten again good old usa again – we can blacken & brown we can whiten – it’s our country

  5. Who's There?

    Really Mandy, really… you don’t see the plain sense of this article… you don’t get the concept of a train. A train has an engine and then you add cars to accommodate as many passengers as you want. You don’t have to make all the cars the same. Are all liberals this devoid of common sense?? No wonder they’re so easily deceived. Seriously – take a course on how to tell when someone is lying to you.

  6. checkflight

    Crowded commuter trains, like all inadequate “public” transport are sure signs of incompetent administrators and administrations. Even the infamous “NE” corridor trains got new (noise reduced!) and more voluminous cars over time, with “speed” based fare choices and increased frequency. Nearly unbelievable that over only 20 years NJ had to finally cough up some of their big, fat (from punitive taxes) budget money to “spend” on the “people”… rather than?

    • Stanley Steamer

      What are speed based fare choices? Number of stops, like local versus express?

  7. Bud Grounds

    I know this is an article about seating on a train but the underlying intent was mentioned and nobody paid attention to it.
    The European Economic Union is the experiment for the New World Order, one currency and based on Socialism. Merkel is all in on this and in concert with George Soros who is leading the way. So, how has it gone so far? They forced immigrants on some countries and Germany’s Merkle welcomed them with open arms and likely regretting it now. England is the only country to resist this and one of the reasons for Brexit and believe it is just a matter of time before other countries follow because it comes down to a supreme leader telling countries what they must do whether they like it or not. It is a stupid idea to think such a concept would work.

  8. LDC

    Trump gave up his salary. What did you give up your well fare check. Don’t think so!!! Oh that’s why you didn’t get a tax break like the rest of us.