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European Union Restricts Travel from United States 

European Union Restricts Travel from United States 

EU officials this week urged member nations to reinstate restrictions on tourists coming from the United States due to the increasing number of COVID cases there.

The announcement is a full 180 from June, when the bloc recommended that states lift restrictions on nonessential travel from the United States. EU officials have also advised states to restrict travel from Israel, Lebanon, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, though the advice is not binding. 

The EU updates its “safe travel list” every 2 weeks based on infection rates. Any nation that reports more than 75 new COVID cases per 100,000 residents over the past 14 days is removed from the list.

Nonessential travel from the EU to the US has been banned since March 2020.

According to The New York Times, there were 42,158 new cases reported in the US on August 29th with a 7-day average of 156,886. Compare this to mid-June, when daily cases fluctuated between 4,000 and 15,000. 

The sudden increase, driven by the Delta variant, has been most severe in southern states including Texas, California, and Florida. As it stands, there are roughly 85,000 COVID patents in US hospitals. Roughly 52% of American adults are fully vaccinated against the virus.

According to CDC data, unvaccinated individuals are nearly 30x more likely to be admitted to a hospital if infected than individuals who are fully vaccinated. 


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  1. Rat Wrangler

    So, where are the Democrats that should be calling Europe xenophobic and racist because they ban flights? Ms. Pelosi and others screamed at Mr. Trump when he shut down flights from China in January of 2020, but they all seem to be very quiet about the European travel ban.

    • Ben

      The main reason Democratic lawmakers made a stink about trump banning planes from China was because even as he said that, he allowed 400,000 souls to enter the Country arriving from China.
      Now on to the civics lesson… Democratic law makers can voice their opinions and enact laws, advise on policy, declare war and a host of other things.
      American Democratic politicians can NOT dictate policy in other Countries. That’s not how any of this works.

  2. Rat Wrangler

    My last comment on this issue did not get posted, so let’s try it again. I had asked; where are the Democrats that should be accusing Europe of xenophobia and racism, like they did Mr. Trump when he tried to ban flights from China in January of 2020? Ms. Pelosi and other Democrats were very vocal about their opinions of Mr. Trump when he tried to safeguard America, but they don’t seem to be saying anything now that Europe is doing the same thing Mr. Trump did.

    • Dan Tyree

      RW you’re loud and clear. But since most European countries are socialist the commiecrats aren’t going to say much about them The only people who gets hit by their accusations of racism is white Americans

  3. frank stetson

    Too bad they can’t do it by state.

    Thank you Florida, Texas, Oregon, and the Stupid South.

  4. Frank stetson

    Really? What did Ms. Pelosi say since there were two bans that day and a right wing idiot plastered what she said about one ban over the other ban and got 20 million hits by the flock of trump sheep who never fact check anything. .

  5. Joseph S. Bruder

    Wow, Alice, nice job! A “straight” news article with no opinion, and not even your usual “author’s note” containing a last minute hate-statement against Democrats or liberals or Joe Biden. You may still have a future in journalism!

    • Dan Tyree

      Frank, Joseph, Ben and Mike. This is for you 4 stooges. You morons are daily posting about supposed lies by Trump. And perhaps he has told some lies. All presidents do, even though it’s wrong. But daily retard joe trips over his tongue and tells bullshit that his White House has to admit that isn’t true. I know that you guys are embarrassed by the idiot and keep spinning out your own lies and excuses. I find it both funny and pathetic. Face it. The old fool doesn’t stand a chance of being re-elected and neither does his token. My thoughts are that you idiots hate this country so badly that you would rather see us fall into defeat Y’all constantly challenge us to prove that Trump was cheated. I believe that he was and the sad part is that even if you fools believed it you wouldn’t want it proven. So you should go and live in a country that’s more to your liking and stfu. I believe that you are paid trolls but you idiots are losing ground. Sooner or later your handlers will kick your asses to the curb

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Frank, Ben, and Mike, did you get your troll check this week? Mine seems to be late… Maybe DeJoy did something new to slow the Post Office down again…

  6. Joseph S. Bruder

    Frank, Ben, and Mike, did you get your troll paycheck this week? Mine seems to be late. I might have to call the troller’s union and ask them to do something about that. DeJoy probably did something to slow down the mail again…

    I was deeply ashamed of Trump as our President. He lied constantly, put cronies with conflicts of interest or just plain anti-government views in charge of major departments of government, he put government money into his pockets, he boosted dictators on the world stage while railing against our allies, and in general just made the US weaker all around. He bungled the economy (which was already heading for recession before the pandemic), and he bungled the government response to the pandemic, not to mention that he created a whole class of idiots who are against vaccinations, prolonging the pandemic even more.

    Biden, on the other hand, has repaired relations with our allies, put the US back on the world stage, taken the dictators to task, successfully pulled the US out of the war that Trump surrendered but couldn’t end, and has brought the economy back to where it was before Trump destroyed it. Biden has done more in his first 6 month than the last 3 Republican Presidents.

    I don’t hate the US – that’s the go-to insult of all right-winged nationalists everywhere, and means nothing. Even Larry tried to throw that one at us in a different column. If you can’t recognize a problem, then you’re part of the problem. People who are self-aware enough to recognize problems can fix them.

    I’m sure you will always believe that Trump was cheated out of an election, but give it up. All of the evidence is against you. That’s what I’m talking about – a total lack of self-awareness. You can’t step back from your emotional position and actually see what happened. Probably because you have the emotional maturity of a 16 year old. I have to give Trump credit for that – he’s been a psychopathic grifter his whole life, and knows how to exploit rubes like you.

    So, sit back in your compound, somewhere in Indiana or Iowa, hoarding your dried beans and vacuum-packed chipped beef on toast, stockpiling ammo, going to your weekly Oathkeepers meetings… until either you bring COVID home to your family before it kills you or you accidentally blow your fool head off while cleaning your guns. We’ll miss your not-so-subtle hints about your lifestyle of shit and gay sex. Maybe someday you can come out of your closet.

    • Dan Tyree

      Joseph I am not a member of oathkeepers or any other militia. But your answer proves that you are serious about turning America into a socialist communist shithole. So go ahead and knock yourself out. We know the truth and you Marxist bastards will never stop people from embracing freedom. And with my training, I’ll never blow my head off cleaning or firing guns. I have far too much skill and experience with them, having been taught by my father, an ex marine. And also many training classes. And I’ve never been in the military or law enforcement. Before you pounce, I enlisted and a heart murmur turned up in the examination that I didn’t know about. But it’s all good now. And I promise you that I’ll never get Covid. If I’m wrong, I’ll post and tell you so that you and your commie friends can laugh your asses off. And Trump didn’t even take a salary. So can you prove that he pocketed government money? Hell no you can’t. You and your buddies are making fools of yourselves and it’s hilarious. You four should get together and get drunk and cry because most of Americans are seeing retard joe for what he is. A lying senile old fool. Even his own party is turning on him. So give it up and admit that if we were to have a democratic president this guy will drag your party down. I know that I’m probably the most hated one that posts on this site but I’ve been told that before. America is weaker and in more danger with the retard in office, but keep pulling for him. Maybe someday you’ll see what a train wreck that he is

    • Dan Tyree

      Another point Joseph. If I were queer I would say so

  7. frank stetson

    Once again, Mr. Dan, if you can find a lie, point it out. But you don’t. You say: “you idiots are losing ground,” but your post says otherwise, tyvm.

    I always get a chuckle by the “my guy lies, but so does yours, so my guy is OK” theory. And then toss in a hint of racism with the “token” moniker one more time. Again, Kamala Harris would be a token in your Trumpian extremely old white guy administration: the Biden administration is a beautiful rainbow of diversity: gender, races, ethnicity, and religion. You are lying; again.

    “I believe that he was” cheated you say, but after over 50 court cases lost, most for lack of evidence. After a three week AZ recount takes 5 months and then asks for an extension…. After all of Trump’ lawyers sanctioned, financially punished, sent back for retraining, and also returned to the States for possible further sanctions or disbarment. After one lawyer had his license pulled over this. All one can say is Dan is a true believer. Because he sure has no proof, and all the proof offered so far has been totally dismissed.

    And so you fall to that old failed suggestion: “So you should go and live in a country that’s more to your liking and stfu.” Good luck with that one. Not leaving and not being silent. Especially against those telling lies, those casting doubts without facts, and rude, insensitive name callers whose words can not stand the light.

    John F. Kennedy said: “Today the eyes of all people are truly upon us—and our governments, in every branch, at every level, national, state and local, must be as a city upon a hill—constructed and inhabited by men aware of their great trust and their great responsibilities. For we are setting out upon a voyage in 1961 no less hazardous than that undertaken by the Arabella in 1630. We are committing ourselves to tasks of statecraft no less awesome than that of governing the Massachusetts Bay Colony, beset as it was then by terror without and disorder within. History will not judge our endeavors—and a government cannot be selected—merely on the basis of color or creed or even party affiliation. Neither will competence and loyalty and stature, while essential to the utmost, suffice in times such as these. For of those to whom much is given, much is required …”

    We require more from you. Tell the truth. Support what you say. Stop the name calling, yelling, and cursing. Hate speech is not free speech.

    And no, I am not a paid troll. I am an American who can name three famous American Mickey’s —- Mickly Mantle……..uh……Mickey Mouse…..uh…..oh…..Mickey Way….. See !

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Mickey Rourke… Mickey Rooney… Mickey Jones…

    • Dan Tyree

      Frank we aren’t going anywhere either. And there’s no way in hell that we will ever adhere to your retard. He’s too damned stupid to wipe his ass. So about the token. Did retard joe not say during his campaign that he was going to appoint a “woman of color “ for his VP? That’s fine, but he kept pushing that issue. So that makes heels up Harris a token. (Heels up due to her screwing her way up the ladder). But I don’t care about that. And take notice that she’s been pushed to the back of the bus, so to speak. And the was dragged kicking and screaming to go check out the border crisis that retard joe caused. And then she lied about that. Her own party is saying that she couldn’t be elected after the retards term is over. And they know that he’s done. I noticed that the people of color faded quickly in the primaries. Interesting. Token didn’t get past 2% of the vote. By the way, in 2016 I voted for Ted Cruz in our primary. But I knew that whomever got the republicans nomination had my vote. I damned sure wasn’t voting for killery with her witch cackling mouth. Let me shock the hell out of you. I once was a staunch democrat. But, like Reagan, I didn’t leave the party. They left me. So keep beating the drum for joe but if you would tell the truth, you are embarrassed by the old fool.

  8. frank stetson

    “I am not a member of oathkeepers or any other militia.” “If I were queer I would say so” says Mr. Dan. “”The lady doth protest too much, methinks” says Queen Gertrude in Hamlet.

    And what is “a socialist communist shithole?” And not just communist, not just socialist, but “Marxist bastards.” And then you tell us what you’re preparing for with your guns. There is no need for you to be so scared. Socialism is an overarching system that includes many forms such as communism and Marxism. Kind of redundant to be a socialist communist IOW. You just like to be emotional.

    “And Trump didn’t even take a salary. So can you prove that he pocketed government money? Hell no you can’t.” Not that hard for you. First, yes Trump took salary; it’s in the Constitution. After cashing his government paycheck, he wrote checks to charities until the last 6 months of his reign. There is no report on the last six months of his 2020 earnings. He may have kept 12.5% of his total salary as a parting gift.

    Trump is not alone; George Washington was the first, but Congress made him take his $25K. John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover also took salaries and then donated them too.

    But wait, there’s more…. Trump has taken government money by using his businesses for expensing many a federal affair. Hotels, Restaurants, Meeting Rooms, Food, Booze, even Flowers and more. Trump has been spending Federal and Contribution monies on himself by expensing many things he does for government or campaigning to his many businesses. Over $2.5M since 2017:

    Secret Service bills out $17,000 a month at his Bedminster club to watch over the man. Think there’s cheaper hotels in the area than a cottage on the green? Once he spent $8,000 to feed the Chinese staff, that’s a nice profit. Trump even gave himself $3 a bottle for water for him and the Chinese minister. All of this goes to Trump companies, goes into Trump’s pocket. That’s before you add in the hundreds of millions to security harden Trump Tower, Bedminster, Mara Loser, Scotland and other Trump businesses he visits. All of that trickles down to Trump’s pockets as an increase to the asset value, at minimum.

    Trump has also spent millions of campaigns donating dollars in the same fashion basically fleecing his supporters to support both his lifestyle and businesses. So, for example, Trump holds a rally for which he stays at Bedminster before going. Cha-ching – expenses his weekend of golf before he goes to the rally to fleece some more into buying Trump merch. Around $6M spent since 2017. Trump essentially bills his donors for expenses to stay at his own business. Using donors to fund his day to day expenses whenever he can. That’s a main reason for him to keep the recount cash machine ringing. It’s the real reason for The Big Lie. As long as the sheep donate, he can keep maintaining his lifestyle by funding his businesses. It’s the circle of Trump Fraud Life.

    During his reign, Trump spent 25% of his total time spending government or donor dollars at his businesses. Over 370 days on Trump properties. One out of every four days of him being on the job you paid his businesses for his keep and his keep went right into his pockets.

    Illegal, doubtful especially given the Supremes’ 2021 emolument decision. But don’t be fooled by the Big Fraud; he donated most of his $1.6M in salary, for which he gets his first charity tax donation, at least legal one 😉

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Not to mention that Trump’s properties are losing money hand over fist. In fact, one of the few tenants still paying the rent is the Trump Pac, which pays rent in the Trump Tower. That’s money supposedly for Trump’s re-election which goes directly into his own pockets. And he uses it to pay his own expenses and legal bills too. Trump supporters are such chumps!

      Now that he’s no longer in office, and bribing him doesn’t help foreign governments, his Washington hotel is also losing money. It’s up for sale, and he’ll probably lose his shirt on that one too. Whoever said that Trump is a good businessman?

      • Dan Tyree

        Whomever said that retard joe is a good president? Sure, Trump took losses because of the smear campaign against him by the commiecrats. He gave up a lot to make America great again. And he would have if not for cheating crooked assholes. But you libturds should have chosen a candidate that could possibly win a second term or at least his Vice perpetrator

  9. frank stetson

    Dan, you provide the most amount of rumor with the least amount of factual support of anyone here. Just potty mouth because you got nothing but name calling. Your latest fantasy:

    “Frank we aren’t going anywhere either.” I agree. You are going nowhere.

    “And there’s no way in hell that we will ever adhere to your retard.” Who is asking you to stick to anyone, that’s just yech, just more of your homophobia no doubt.

    “He’s too damned stupid to wipe his ass.” Gotta admit, you be fixated on male body parts, planning to adhere?

    “due to her screwing her way up the ladder” Your Momma… Come on, prove this one. Prove something. Quit living in your fantasy world dreaming about male body parts.

    “And take notice that she’s been pushed to the back of the bus, so to speak.” Wait, wait, oh, oh, I can use a “but whatta bout your guy, he was worse.” Last I heard, Pence was asked to come to the scaffolding to be lynched. Trump said: “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done..” Man, Trump hires well. Such loyalty and support. Like you, he’s never met a man he didn’t try to screw later. I bet you could adhere to that :>)

    “I noticed that the people of color faded” Well, if YOU noticed, then it must be true.

    “I once was a staunch democrat.” Like Byrd you were. Dixiecrat. Without the apology.

    “But, like Reagan…” Even Republicans gonna puke on that comparison, whatever it is….

    “but if you would tell the truth, you are embarrassed by the old fool.” Once again, back to fantasy world.
    No facts, just spew. And really, if you’re gonna name call, some creativity, not just the same old tropes.

    • Dan Tyree

      Prove me wrong without the lies and propaganda. All you have is commie hearsay

  10. frank stetson

    Wait, if Donald OZ Trump is so great, so wonderful, so magical, then why did he take losses? If so great and so powerful, how did he get cheated?

    And what did he give up to be President?

    Not his tax returns
    Not his businesses
    Not his free time
    Not his golf time
    Not his salary, he just took 10 times that much in expenses paid for with taxpayer dollars to Trump himself via his various businesses.

    So, what did he give up because it looks like he took a four year vacation funded by the taxpayer dollar to spend most of his time tweeting how he is great and how he made America great again too.