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If ever there was a politicized issue that should not be, it is the debate over vaccinations.  Unless you have a legitimate reason for being ineligible to take the Covid-19 vaccine, you have no rational reason to not get inoculated.

I have three reasons — a health reason, a civic reason and a political reason — for urging all unvaccinated folks to roll up their sleeves and get a literal ounce of prevention injected into their arms.

The Health Reason

First, the health reason.  It is about your health, not mine.  Frankly, I have no reason to worry about you because I am inoculated and – according to the overwhelming information and statistics – my chance of getting Covid from you is extremely small.  And even if I do, I will probably have little to no noticeable symptoms.

Looking at those statistics, those dummies who are refusing to get vaccinated are making each other sick – potentially very sick and even dead.  I do not live in that world, fortunately.

As far as I am concerned, the only innocents in the non-vaccinated world are the kids who are still too young to be vaccinated.  Fortunately, the are not as susceptible to Covid-19 – although a little more so with the Delta Variant.  They have no choice, so we all must do whatever to prevent the youngest kids from getting sick.

In Chicago, we used to say it was okay when gangsters knocked off each other.  Not okay when innocent bystanders were injured or killed.  I sort of feel the same way about those not taking the vaccine.  You are knocking off each other.  The vast majority of those who are hospitalized or dying are those refusing to get vaccinated.  Those folks are dying of stupidity.

I think not getting vaccinated is unfair to those who cannot – and, I do care about those dying of stupidity.  I do not like to see anyone die needlessly.  I may actually care about you unvaccinated folks more than you care about yourselves.

And then there is the big health picture.  Universal vaccination – and even herd immunity level vaccination — will put an end to the Pandemic for everyone.

The Civic Reason

As a citizen who has been vaccinated, the scientists tell me that I can go anywhere at any time without a mask or other extreme protective measures.  The Covid-19 Pandemic is in my rearview mirror.

BUT … those not getting vaccinated are limiting my “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Because of you, I still must don a mask to enter certain establishments.  Because of you, I hardly find another subject on the daily news shows – other than Trump bashing, of course.  

Because of you, many of the fun summer gatherings are being cancelled.  I could not go to President Obama’s 60th birthday party.  Okay, so I wasn’t invited.  I would not have gone anyway.  The airfare to Nigeria is too expensive – even for someone who is one percent Nigerian.  (Yes, that is what came back from my DNA test.  Go figure).

Because of you, there are all sorts of consternation among the public about masks, social distancing, and obsessive handwashing.  Fearmongering has vaccinated people wearing masks everywhere – and unvaccinated people wear masks nowhere.

The Political Reason

In their constant pursuit of false narratives with which to attack all things Republican and conservative, Democrats and the left-leaning Fourth Estate are using, spinning, and abusing the issue of the unvaccinated as another hypothetical and hypocritical cudgel.

They claim that you folks are not getting vaccinated because of your loyalty to President Trump.  They sell that snake oil even though Trump and virtually every Republican leader have called on the unvaccinated to get the shot.

They say that despite the fact that in interviews none of the unvaccinated give Trump and Republican discouragement as their reasons.  For some, it is just personal bravado.  They are not afraid of catching the virus or what their outcome might be.  Many others have unfounded fears of the vaccine – acquired from obscure social platform sources.  Some even fear the small cases of real side-effects – even though the risk is less than the symptoms of the virus, itself.

Even though more than 30 percent of the unvaccinated are Democrats, 50 percent Republicans, and the rest “others,” the left uses disinformation campaigns to claim only Republicans are rejecting the virus.  And to what do they attribute that lie?   The basis on the lie that Trump and Republican leaders are discouraging vaccinations.  A lie built upon a lie.

While the political claims regarding the virus are totally and disgustingly dishonest, they do gin up the Democrat’s base to hate Republicans even more.  That attack on the GOP brand is nothing but a callous strategy to influence the outcome of the 2022 midterm election.

But as Joseph Goebbels noted.  Tell a big lie often enough, and more and more people will come to believe it.  Unfortunately, that is what is happening with the Democrats politicizing the issue of the unvaccinated.  Getting vaccinated would take away that bogus political narrative from the Democrats and their media allies.

Perhaps the unvaccinated Democrats do not care if their political party blames it all on Republicans.  Okay.  I understand.  But that should be a further incentive for all the unvaccinated Republicans to get the shots.  If Democrats want to play that game, let THEM get sick and die.  At least they cannot say I did not try.  


Those are my reasons for wanting all you unvaccinated people to get the shot.  But you should have your own reasons.  Don’t you feel a little jealous that I can go around all day without undue fear of getting terribly sick or dying.  I do not worry who is sitting next to me in a restaurant.  I do not worry if I am in the middle of a big crowd. I can give and accept hugs, kisses, and handshakes without rushing to get a Covid test.

Even though I was never overly fearful of the Covid virus, having shots made me feel free again – a feeling I did not fully enjoy for more than a year.  There was almost a sense of euphoria as the subtle concerns vanished and the ever-present warning signs became meaningless to me.  I was reminded of that portion of a lyric …” Free again … lucky, lucky me .. free again.”  I can assure you, it is a far better feeling than being confined to bed with chills and fever.

So, there ‘tis,

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. K Vernon

    No, we are not taking the vaccine. First off, it is not a vaccine. It does not stop infection. the definition of vaccine. Second of all, it has not been thoroughly tested. Thirdly, too many people are dying, having complications from this shot. Many are getting it even though they have already had Covid. That does not make any sense. You that have gotten the shot are of more danger to yourselves and myself than I am to you. “For the good of all” Oh yes, heard that many times. And what kind of blackmail is that, worried about the children, who have a normal immunity! Shame on you!

  2. Lisa

    You are stupid if you think you’re protected by that vaccine. Just read that you’ll need a booster every 5 months now. Exactly how much of that crap are you willing to pump into yourself? How much before that interacts with other meds you may take? Or how much til that kills you? You should rethink who you’re calling stupid, stupid

    • Robert Lanktree

      Correct assessment Lisa. That article was though written by a naive kid.

    • larry Horist

      Vaccines work. The are medical miracles. I grew up when polio was a plague. A vaccine ended it. We still have an occasional outbreak of Bubonic Plague, but thanks to vaccines we do not have pandemics. Small Pox has been obliterated by vaccines. As a school child I had to get vaccinated before I could go to school. I got vaccinated upon entering the military. Periodically I get a Tetnis update shot. I am vaccinated against Shingles — and according to those who got Shingles, I am lucky to about that one. I get an annual flu shot most years, /even though the Corvid vaccine has been given emergency authorization at the onset, it has not been tested on tens of millions of people with great results. The fact that the vast majority of those with serious and fatal Covid are unvaccinated — and those who are rarely get Covid — and if the do it is very mild. As a preventative against death, the vaccine is almost 100 percent effective. I would do recommend people get vaccinated — even thought there are rare cases of various reactions. One should always check out any allergies or multi-med complications. But so far, not much has been found in terms of Covid. I respect your right to not take the vaccine, I just think the benefits are far greater than the risks. I do not thingk that the arguments against getting vaccinated are well founded. I do think it is stupid to relay on misinformation to make a judgment, however.

    • csev

      this author is undoubtedly unfamiliaor just to lazy to do some real research into the thousnads of REAL immunologists, virologists, doctors worldwide and especially docter shari tenpenny and doctor judy mikovitz’s research into this technology and this this shot..the REAL science behind this killer dna changing mrna injection tells us never to even consider it for a so called virus that has a .0005 kill rate….he, his kids and his grandkids can gladly have mine if he loves it that much….

  3. Jersey Prophet

    Add Dumb Totalitarian Useful Idiot to Horist’s CV. I’m now done with your publication and will no longer be a punching bag for idiocy.

    Take your jab, Horist, your virtue-signaling, and leave us alone, unpoisoned by your rantings about health, political, and civic ‘reasons’ for suiciding ourselves. Then realize you are supposed to be immunized from us mouth-breathers about whom you seem so worried!

    We will NOT subject ourselves to genocide down the road months and years hence to placate your unjustified fears. Nor will we pad the bank accounts of medical despots who stand to profit from making you take a jab every 6 months in the future to keep you from getting sick from a virus they originally promised would be history after one or two jabs!

    You chose the jab. You’ve been HAD, but you are clueless, sucker! Now, have a happy life…what’s left of it!

    • Robert Lanktree

      Jersey Prophet, you took the words right out of my mouth. Unsubscribing due to this article alone…..

    • larry Horist

      Actually, I do not live in fear — specifically in this case because I am vaccinated. I never have been into mask wearing because I study the statistics and the risks. And … to be honest. I do not give a rat’s but whether you get vaccinated or not. That is you choice, I have only shared my opinion about Covid vaccinations — just as you are sharing your. I do have a very happy life — and since I have already exceeded the the life expectancy of an American male, I am operating on overtime. I took the vaccine to extend that. Now, you are not likely to ever get Covid. By the time this thing is over, more than 80 percent of American will never have gotten the virus. I was actually considering not getting the shot, but considering that the downsides are so few, I got it.

  4. Marilyn

    bullshit I totally disagree. More and more information is coming about COVID 19. skewed data is totally wrong. there are more deaths and problems from the jab thank actual COVID. I suggest you do some serious research.

  5. Ben

    Don’t listen to Larry, get you a tube of horse dewormer and feel as confident as Larry does with his big pharma money making micro chipped vaccine.
    This is just like when trump urged his cult crowd to get vaccinated and they all booed him. Just another sellout to big pharma.
    Do your own research! Don’t be sheep !

    • Martin

      If you really believe they can microchip a vaccine, then why would they? They could just put it in your mail and have it absorb through your skin when you touch it or anything else they pass along to you, like money. Or is that where the technology isn’t quite there yet? They can microchip a vaccine but they can’t quite microchip people yet without creating a pandemic? Seriously, if you think the government is subversively microchipping its population, they you may as well have a drink and just sit back and watch the fireworks because if that’s really the case, I have news for you, the war is already over and we lost.

      • Ben

        I’m sorry, I thought the post was so over the top that any reasonable person would recognize the sarcasm.

        • Martin

          Based on some of the other posts here, Ben, I thought you were serious. Honestly, I’m glad I was mistaken.

          • Ben

            I’m sorry. I am as liberal as they come. I received an unsolicited email from Larry a while ago, and I found his commentaries relatively nuanced so I commented. Then his readers counteracted everything he said about conservatism so I stayed around to illustrate the hypocrisy.
            My go to is sarcasm, most readers here know where I stand on the folly of conservatism, so I’m comfortable in using the tactic.
            Vaxxed and masked!
            Stay safe and healthy.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Hmmm… a chip that has the capability to actively track someone at a distance would actually need a printed circuit board, say 2 x 2 inches. You’d need a microcontroller, power chips, a GPS chip, and a transmitter to send out the location. With tons of money, you might be able to reduce that to about 1/2 inch square, but it would be an expensive chip even then. And to work for an extended period of time, you’d need a battery that’s probably the same size, maybe 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. In fact, except for speaker and display, it would have just about the same capabilities as a cell phone.

        But guess what – all you idiots who are worried about the gubmint tracking you via a chip tiny enough to fit through a hole in a needle that’s 1/200th of an inch in diameter are already carrying a cellphone. Not only that, you post selfies of yourself with captions like, “Hey Mom, we just breached the Capital! I’m making history. We’ll show those government clowns who’s in charge! We’re gonna hang Pelosi!”

  6. marilyn

    Bullshit I totally disagree. Perhaps you should get caught up on recent data. I have been on a study for 21 weeks through the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre in Seattle WA. I do a nasal test very week, don’t wear a mask live life as I want. There a 100 people in my group in Blaine County ID. We are now in red zone but 100 of have no issues nor have we quit the study. All 100 of are negative.
    You might want to bring up V secrets. Very good information there I suggest you take some time to listen if you are what you say you are.

    Marilyn Hoffman

    • Joseph S. Bruder


      Sorry to say, you are what scientists doing studies call a “control”… They can’t do statistical analysis without something to compare to. You’re in the part of the study group that doesn’t get the vaccine, and get watched to see how quick they catch the virus and die from it. Personally, I’d rather be in the other half of the study – the half that doesn’t risk death.

  7. Maxine Gridi

    As a very old lady about to turn 80, I am considerd one of the most vulnerable for contracting covid.
    Yet, I have been taking Vitamins C, D, and Zinc … three main components of Hydroxychloroquine (or HCQ) … on a daily basis for a very long time now … and which is proven to be approximately 99% effective in the early treatment of covid.
    And now, more recently, I pretty much always make my normal daily rounds around my neighborhood … without a mandatory face-diaper either. And I run into all kinds of people … some with the government-mandated face diapers; but most (like me) rejecting them altogether.
    And even so, I can honestly testify that, by God’s grace (1 Corinthians 3:16-17) … covid has not even touched me at all.
    But if it ever does, then the natural vitamins and minerals … including Vitamins C & D plus Zinc … that I take daily … will cause it to rapidly dissipate … which will simultaneously (naturally) immunize me as well.
    That is my own personal experience!
    But as for those who choose to take the word of a lifelong pathological prevaricator, p-I Joe (i.e., ‘presidential-impostor Joe’) … and are thus willing to get jabbed with an unproven experimental drug, that is their business; and their own personal decision.

    • Joseph S. Bruder


      You look like a very happy old lady of 80, and I wish you another 20 years, at least… but vitamins C, D, and zinc won’t even protect you from the common cold, much less COVID. Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t prevent COVID, it’s supposedly a cure, but it also has been proven ineffective. You’ve been lucky so far, but the Delta strain of COVID is way more contagious. It’s much better to not get COVID in the first place. Please, get the booster. They’ve already given out 6 BILLION vaccinations with very few problems.

      COVID has so far shown no “natural immunity” – there is no immunity from the original strain to Delta, and even from the original to original it didn’t show much protection. And if you die, well, there’s no such thing as natural immunity to that either. Just get the shot – your kids and grandkids and maybe even great grandkids would miss you.

  8. Bob M

    Larry: Learn some math. Run the numbers on this “pandemic.” Google “Covid Deaths” and the associated populations. Take the deaths, divide them by population, and multiply by 100. That’s the population mortality rate. Take that number and subtract it from 100. That’s the population survival rate.

    They’re all in the high 98-99s.

    Indeed, CBS News had a graphic a while back that looked HORRIBLE, but if you know math, what the reality is that it showed NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between vaccinated or unvaccinated across infections, hospitalizations and, yes, death. (CBS Evening news, 07/30/2021 at 00:07:14 into the broadcast. I can send it to you AND the mathematical analysis if you’d like.)

    The issue is the LACK of hospital beds. Which are NOT all full of COVID patients.

    The issue is the improper treatment of the disease: it is NOT a respiratory illness, it IS an inflammatory disease. You don’t treat the latter like the former or you kill people.

    The issue is that this was a “problem” designed to kill an economy in order to impact an election. The problem is they scared the crap too much out of too many idiots, yourself included, to now be able to dial it back.

    You get the vaccine, good. That’s YOUR decision.
    Someone else doesn’t get the vaccine, and accepts the incredibly high odds that NOTHING will happen to them, that’s THEIR decision.

    And even Fauci has said herd immunity is NOT going to happen. Plans are already in work to combine the COVID boosters with the annual flu vaxxes.

    You should be less concerned about putting words on “paper” than getting the truth.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Here is some math for you: there are approximately 350 million people in the US. 2% of that is 7 million people. 650,000 have already died from the disease in a year. Normally, about 3 million people die every year FROM ALL CAUSES, including old age, disease, accidents, etc. Roughly half of US residents have been vaccinated. With the speed that Delta variant is progressing, do you want to see the death rate double for the next year or two?

      And worse, is not taking the vaccine worth the lives of several million more people? Think of the disruptions to families, the disruptions to all the businesses that depended on those people, the businesses that can’t find experienced people because they’re out of the job market, the loss to the economy and weakening of the country, and just the general waste of those lives?

      OK, you have your “free-dumb” to choose, but when you die, is it going to affect anyone else? Or will nobody care when you’re gone?

  9. Mikeyparks

    Larry, you’re an uneducated chump.

  10. Research it

    Supposedly you are a bright guy. Read ALL the research and not just that that the Biden administration and shot pushers put out.
    Natural immunity lasts longer than the shot and does not decrease as fast as the shot. The shot makes you 27% MORE likely to get the Delta. To determine what strain you have takes a week to a month to culture the virus to see what it is. Amazing how it was the Delta in thousands just days after it started to appear. ALL the shots contain Graphene oxide which causes inflammation in the brain, heart and lungs. Then there are the treatments. Anything that works, even if it has numerous studies to prove its worth is decried by the CDC, WHO and the FDA because it is something they cannot control. So, no, thank you. You can take my shot.

  11. John

    I have a legitimate reason. I do not trust a dishonest government that makes up stories about boogiemen as an excuse to take away my liberty. I am not afraid of global warming, global cooling, climate change, the millennial bug, the Aztec calendar, or the end of oil. I survived them all. Why should I now be afraid of a biological weapon our country paid China to create?

    • Ben

      John, why would trump make up a boogie man, to take away your liberty ? After all trump has repeatedly taken credit for developing the vaccine through his operation warp speed.

    • larry Horist

      John … I share your sentiments about all those things except where you see the vaccine as a biological weapon. Where is the evidence of that?

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      John, that is not a “legitimate” reason, it’s a selfish reason. People are dying of COVID. People are dying because of climate change, and it could get a lot worse. Just because you haven’t personally died (yet), is not a reason to take any of those things seriously. Do you care about your kids, your family, the future of humanity? I’ve asked this before – isn’t there anyone who would miss you if you were gone? Is there nobody among your friends and family and neighbors that you don’t want to infect if you do get COVID? Or are you like the Republican governors trying to get the COVID virus to spread among as many people as possible, and weed out all your “weak” friends?

      Global cooling, millenial bug, and the Aztec calendar were never real things, just hype by a press anxious to sell more advertising. If you want to compare them to real issues, fine, but at least think about the consequences…

  12. fr

    INCOMING !!! Relax Larry, I say a big salute is due to you for being a brave Republican.

    Yes, the scientific community says it, Yes, the medical community says it. Frankly, as the philosopher Mickey, in Rocky II, said: “What are we waiting for? Take this!”

    Earlier, he explains to Rock: “Hey Rock. It’s three in the morning. I went up to your house there and they told me you was here. It’s a 3:00am kid. You know that Adrian, she’s a good girl. Me, you know I’m sorry for both of ya. There’s nothing I can do about it. Except uh I wanna tell you this once and then uh I ain’t gonna say it again. Well, Rocky, you got another shot. It’s a second shot” a the biggest pandemic in our lifetimes.

    And for science:

    think about. What other product, medicine or other, has been tested on so many people, in so many countries, so quickly, without any severe problems.

    think about. If you look at the history of vaccines, since the 1950’s, long term issue have generally popped within six months of offer. We are way past that.

    think about. Yeah, this was fast and it’s new technology, but it’s really not that new. Pharma’s have been playing with it, testing it, for decades.

    Hey, I’m just a liberal, centrist maybe, but liberal. Don’t trust me but if you are concerned, look it up. Tis true.

    Meanwhile —- did you know George Washington mandated small pox inoculations for his troops? 1777. And yes, he worried about the incredible backlash (and whether the British would take advantage of the moment).

  13. phxgeo

    It does not take a rocket scientist nor a nuclear physicists for a person to not accept the vaccination. After all the vaccination has not been tested per the standard testing before reaching EXPERIMENTAL rating. Are you as the mental wizard you are ready to sign up for any or all medical experiments. I doubt it. Also, in highly vaccinated Countries 75 % of those hospitalized with Wuhan virus today have been vaccinated. So are you telling me this is the solution to bring us back to normalcy? BS! Go ahead and follow the non-thinkers over the cliff, however, do not think for 1 second that thinking people are going to follow you. Also, why have our experts been unwilling to convene an investigative committee of experts in viral disease to arrive other suggestions of treatment at least worthy of testing? It is because the big pharma industry OWN those response “experts” that will not listen to treatments used across the world successfully. Real science is collaborative that is how the USA led in atomic bomb development, to be the first Country to solve the complex problems to land a man on the moon, walk there and return safely to earth. Our “experts” on the Wuhan virus is run by a dictator.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Phxgeo, you just pulled that number out of your ass. Less than 10% of the people who are vaccinated have caught COVID, and only a few percent of them have had to be hospitalized.

      Vaccines have been around for hundreds of years – George Washington had his soldiers vaccinated for smallpox. The science has continually improved, and it is hardly experimental, and certainly not a medical experiment. The procedures to make vaccines are pretty standard, and a new flu vaccine, adjusted to match the expected winter flu variants, is created every year. The technique used by J&J is exactly the same. The mRNA vaccine has been in development for over 10 years, and is mature technology. It has proven to be superior to the standard vaccine. There have been over 5.4 BILLION doses of the two types of vaccines administered over the last 8 months with almost no problems. Side effects are usually similar to having the flu for a day or two, except it’s just the body recognizing and preparing for the actual COVID flu. That is FAR beyond an experimental therapy – it’s proven technology.

      It’s too bad that you don’t recognize “big pharma” as being real science – they really came through for the world with this vaccine. Use a few brain cells and think about it – the death rate from COVID is about 2%. Without the vaccine, eventually 140M people would die around the world. 2% of the US population is over 7 million people! We lost about 500,000 before the vaccine came out, but only about 170,000 since then. Anyone dying of COVID now is dying needlessly. The vaccines stopped it in it’s tracks. It is now a disease of the unvaccinated.

      The CDC and the World Health Organization are EXACTLY committees of experts. There is no dictator – Dr. Fauci is head of the CDC, and acts as its spokesman, but he is only one person in a large organization. He was not afraid to call out Trump for pushing false cures, and has been demonized by the right-wing media because of it, but he is still one of the foremost experts in epidemiology. The virus and the CDC’s response have both changed over time, but that doesn’t mean the advice given was incorrect. They have ALWAYS called for people to wear masks as a first protection, but Trump fought that for no other reason than stupidity (and brought many of his followers along). The CDC recommends vaccination because it’s cheap, available, and proven to work. Other therapies were expensive, and helped a little in severe cases, but people were still dying. Not getting COVID in the first place is ALWAYS the best therapy, and that’s why masks were important before the vaccine was ready.

      It’s ironic that the very people who complained about not opening business back up soon enough, are the same ones who are keeping the economy from recovering now. If 80 or 90% of people in the US had gotten the vaccination as soon as it was available, we wouldn’t even be talking about wearing masks, much less seeing the spikes in hospitalizations and deaths that we are.

      And YOU are part of the problem.

  14. Richard King

    Sheep- lemmings look at the data and the Nuremberg war crime you just committed. Vaccines are failing at everything except making vaxed sick, cdc vaers data says the vaccines are shut down immediately
    Vaxed carry 600x more viral load than unvaccinated- so they need to quarantine base on having the jab guess that’s why India and other countries shut the vaccine down

  15. Martin

    I’ve certainly disagreed with you on a number of issues, Mr. Horst but this is one of the simplest and best essays on the topic. Thank you! I just wish it would convince even a few of the unvaccinated. Unfortunately I don’t think it will.

    • Hopiter

      Look numbers up then complain. Our most vulnerable in US, ages 50-99 have 95% full vaccination. Any ages under that have minimal vulnerability especially under the age of 20. Do better research. Every article preaching that any unvaccinated person is a terrible person and putting you, such a superior vaccinated person, at risk is politically motivated and not based in the actual science. There have been 1,630,656 people recovered from Covid since 1/1/20. That group of people have NTURAL IMMUNITY, which most research indicates it MAY confer life long immunity and certainly last longer and is more robust than what you get from the jab. The science is still,out, the DO NOT KNOW if that group really needs to have the jab. Not including those numbers in the conversation, making them also unworthy in your eyes and main news is ignorant and arrogant and has nothing to do with the SCIENCE.

      frankly I’m tired of all this whining how, anyone unvaccinated is putting you, the HOLIES of people now vaccinated, at risk. If that is truly the case then why get vaccinated at all by your insipid logic? Comments like your is technically a form of BULLYING,

      When scientist, researchers and others are no longer blocked, from presenting research and opinions that are not held by little bod Fauci, then perhaps medical practice will return to sanity. Until then this recovered person will not for any reason get this jab , wear a useless mask and stop interacting with my friends. I’m 70, healthy and have NATURAL IMMUNITY. There are millions of us.

      • larry Horist

        Hopiter …. As a vaccinated person, I have no fear of the unvaccinated. In the EXTREMELY unlikeness that I should now get Covid, I will only get a very mild has the would not require any hospitalization or intensive care treatment — and almost aero chance of death. I fee perfect free to go around with out a mask — indoors and outdoors — and crowds. For me the pandemic is over. I have often used my commentaries to criticize the fearmongering. My son contracted Covid at the age of 26 — before the vaccine. He is not about the get the shot because he has natural immunity — which MAY be stronger and longer lasting than the vaccine.

        I do the research. FYI … as of today, there have been 40.3 millions cases of Covid in America (and that figure can be debated) … with 30.2 million recovered (natural immunity). There are currently 8.5 million active cases and only 25,000 deemed to be serious. Even if I did not get the vaccine, the chances are, I would never get Covid. Based on the trends, more than 80 percent of the American public will never get Covid. But I see the risk from the vaccine as being so small that I saw no reaons not to take my chances of getting Covid closer to zero.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          Larry, I’m on your side about getting vaccinated, but I have to argue some of your numbers… It’s been a few weeks since you posted this, but I’ll update where I can anyway. My go-to source is It says that total cases is closer to 43M now (almost 700K deaths now), and it’s now almost 10 million active cases. Where I argue your number is the “25,000 deemed to be serious”. People are still dying at almost 2%, so your “serious” number is way to low – since 175,000 will be serious enough to die from COVID (statistically), then you’re off by a factor of 10.

          And the other misinformation is that there really is no “natural immunity”. Getting COVID from the original strain barely gave you immunity against more of the same, but it has been shown that there is NO natural immunity from the original strain to the Delta variant. And Delta variant has already spread to be well over 90% of the active COVID virus in the US.

          God love you for trying to save the yokels from themselves, but you helped create them in the first place, and now they’re turning against you. Republicans, supposedly the party of “personal responsibility” are now the party of “do whatever we want even if it kills us”.

    • Karen K.

      Hey Larry, forget you man! I refuse to put that poison into my body! You can follow the dumb liberals and that idotic president if you want about taking the vaccine but not me!! You said if you should happen to get the virus you would show no symptoms but think about this stupid! You would still be able to infect another person! I’m not taking a vaccine for something that is nothing more than the severe flu. That is what my family doctor told me. Besides I’m not taking something that can cause severe symptoms like: Myocarditis, Pericarditis, blood clots, Uveitis, or Thrombotic thrombocytopenia. Those who are refusing, like myself and my hubby, to take the vaccine are smart considering all these symptoms I have just posted. Majority of the people get the flu shot every year and it hasn’t stopped the flu from showing up every single year so I know it’s gonna be the very same way with this poison. Other vaccines are only gotten one time and that’s it. This one you have to keep going back for boosters! You talk about fearmongering; well idiots like you and the media keep pushing this crap everyday so naturally people are fearmongering about it!! You said “Looking at those statistics, those dummies who are refusing to get vaccinated are making each other sick – potentially very sick and even dead.” I am unvaccinated and I haven’t made anybody sick. You will only make another person sick if you are you flippin jerk!! You mention that since you got that poison, you feel free to be in crowds, hug and kiss people, etc. Well guess what? So do I!! I ain’t letting the media or the libturds scare me!! I do what I want go where I want with no worries. I am not scared of something that has a 99.98% recovery rate.
      The common flu symptoms are:
      Fever, Chills, Coughing, Sore Throat, Runny or Stuffy Nose, Muscle or Body Aches, Headaches, Fatigue, Vomiting Diarrhea.
      The Covid-19 symptoms are all of the above including sometimes the loss of taste and or smell.
      So what’s the freakin difference? NONE!! You need ot quit smoking snorting popping or injecting what ever is causing you to be so freakin delusional about the vaccine and the virus!

  16. Marjorie Cooney

    here in Canada they are now saying the number of positive tests / hospitalization is mostly unvaccinated and the rest as unknow..what the heck is unknown..the government knows exactly who has or has not had the vaccine…are they using unknown because they don’t want people to know that the unknown are vaccinated people???

  17. MIke

    Larry, you’re really full of it today. Plus, you’re not even funny. Or interesting.

    Go ahead and take the experimental shots. It’s your right to decide.

    I’m not doing it. I don’t trust Fauci, the CDC, or the DNC. But you do it, Larry.

    My doc hasn’t had it, and he says 40% of the physicians in the US won’t either. What’s that tell you?

    Go ahead and do what the Deep State tells you to do, Larry. you know, the same Deep State that spent 20 years in Afghanistan for NOTHING. Uh huh.

  18. RJ O'Guillory

    Larry…is a lying propagandist. One wonders how much Big-Pharma Stock Larry owns, how big the checks from Big-Pharma are, or what The Deep State Elite has on him. Who knows, perhaps he’s just a sociopath. Let’s look at some of what Larry thinks…” you have no rational reason to not get inoculated” Really? I would think knowing that millions have been killed and maimed by the experimental shots is a perfectly rational reason to refuse the lie they call a vaccine.
    Larry’s next little propagandist-oil-slick is this empathetic piece of tripe…” First, the health reason. It is about your health, not mine”. As if Larry cares about anyone’s health, as he’s trying to convince people to take an experimental medical treatment in violation of The Nuremberg Codes. Sure Larry…it’s about my health. He claims his chances of getting “Covid”… (an alleged virus that no one has any purified lab samples of)…are “small”? Funny, Larry must not be paying attention to the increased deaths, and the death curve in “Vaccinated” areas, as opposed to “nonvaccinated”. Funny how The Japanese Government just stopped all shots, as they found “contamination”…(in the form of Graphene Oxide” and other garbage) in different doses of the same alleged “vaccine”.
    Those of us refusing the shots know they are designed to kill us, depopulate the planet and make women barren, while killing men’s sperm. But hey, Larry wants us to think he is concerned for our “health”. But we are not the ones getting ADE and dying from blood clots, heart attacks, seizures, neurological damage, spike protein damage and the myriad of other well-known side effects that The CDC knew would happen. Sure…Larry. Then Larry comes up with this nugget of a lie…” Universal vaccination – and even herd immunity level vaccination — will put an end to the Pandemic for everyone”.
    Really? Just two weeks to flatten the curve…eh? The shots are killing, and maiming millions as is evidenced in the underreported data bases in just The UK, The US and half of Europe…and that is after millions have taken the death-shot. But they will “stop the pandemic”. Sure…Larry.
    Now…on to Larry’s “Civics” lesson…” those not getting vaccinated are limiting my “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Because of you, I still must don a mask to enter certain establishments. Because of you, I hardly find another subject on the daily news shows”. Hogwash. If your precious shots worked, you wouldn’t need to worry about others. The CDC just admitted that they have nothing but computer models of the alleged virus, so there is really nothing to compare any alleged “variant” to. And last I checked, I see no civic responsibility in taking a non-effective, experimental killing shot…just so the idiots who took the shot can feel superior as they and their loved ones pass away around them. That’s suicide and not Civic Responsibility. But according to Larry…his allegedly vaxxed body is at risk when he wants to exercise his rights? Sure… Larry.
    Larry’s final piece of his fascist, totalitarian puzzle is in the political area. Larry thinks we should take the death jab to remove a political opponents leverage. Sure…Larry.
    Summary – Larry is a Globalist supporter who oozes propaganda. As a former US DoD low-level executive, who beat US DoD in a Federal Whistle Blower Case, and knows a lot about government corruption…Larry sounds just like Frank Burns trying to convince the group to like him, and do as he says.

  19. Lee

    Good for you! If you trust the vaccine & feel safe!
    Not everyone does! I don’t hangout in bars, crowded restaurants or large concerts!
    I have never been one to get in anyone else’s personal space, even before covid! I’ve always washed my hands frequently & wiped down shopping carts! The world needs to get back to people taking responsibility for their own health without interference from government or people like you! Thanks!

  20. Robert Lanktree

    The political reason is ree tarded, we’re not refusing the “investigative vaccine” (their words used in the emergency authorization act) through political reasons and only a misinformed fundamentalist invertebrate sissy (lib) would suggest such a thing. Larry has just numbered his days, most likely since a great many doctors and scientists taking risks to speak out think your clot shot will damage your immune system for life. It does not prevent transmission, you putz. So how is it doing any good at all? Years and years it took to develop previously successful vaccines and this one done in less than 2yrs without the correct procedure being followed. By the way, there was a 4-5 month period where 50% of the clot shots given were placebo’s. So the good news is that those placebo folks might live long lives.

  21. Anonymous

    You gonna die no matter what …..vaccinated or not and there’s no rule about it as no one knows exactly when.
    Vaccination only plays role in your mind and In reality it poises your immune system. As Goebels vaccinated imprisoned victims in camps and tested how long they could live afterwards that’s what’s happening now. No one cares about vaccinations in underpopulated areas but only in crowded dense cities. Beware….Don’t let them play with your mind……don’t give them your freedom

  22. Joseph S. Bruder

    Well, Larry, there’s your answer… your loyal readers all think you’re crazy for advocating getting the vaccine. Now YOU are part of the scary Deep State that Trump created and railed against.

    This is not “Democrats destroying the Republican brand” – Republicans are doing fine without our help. You can’t say that Republicans aren’t at fault for the current COVID spike – Republican governors are doing their best to keep schools and businesses from mandating masks or vaccines, in effect putting children and other workers in danger. The worst hit states are the ones that voted for Trump.

    As per usual, you’re attributing things to Democrats that just aren’t true. We don’t hate Republicans – otherwise I’d hate half my neighbors. I’m pissed off that Trump advocated false remedies and discouraged mask wearing – many of his followers took that to heart, even if Trump changed his tune later on. In fact, Trump got boo’ed by his own followers at a recent rally for telling people to get vaccinated. It’s a monster he can’t un-create.

    And you’re also shaving your numbers (or using old data) about party split – the most recent survey is from Kaiser Family Foundation. In the 18-49 age group, 78% of Dems are vaxxed, compared to 34% of Reps. In the 50-64 range, it’s 85% for Dems, 63% for Reps. and in the 65+ range, it’s 96% for Dems, and 72% for Reps. Overall, 51% of Dems are vaxxed, compared to 23% of Reps, more than 2 to 1 by percentage.

    My company today announced that all employees must show their proof of vaccination, and are “expected” to get the vax. New hires will need vaccinations before starting work. I think it’s just a matter of time before they say “vax or you’re fired”. It’s unfortunate, but the very people who were saying “don’t close the economy down” are the ones that are prolonging the pandemic and keeping the economy from rebounding completely. And the economic recovery correlates all the way down to the county level – Trump-voting counties are doing economically worse than Biden-voting counties.

    For a change, you’re on the right side of the issue. You’re wrong to blame Democrats, though – the anti-vax movement is completely a Republican invention.

  23. Jan

    What a bunch of crap LOL First of all let us tell the TRUTH The vaccinated are spreading the virus! Secondly People have DIED from the experimental jab! Thirdly vaccinated people have caught covid after the jab and died! Fourth I know so many doctors who refuse and my own doctor regrets getting the first shot and refuses to get the second! Take your experimental jab and shove it!

  24. Mike

    Larry, I must commend you for attempting to make a public service announcement on the worthiness of being vaccinated against Covid. Not sure I quite agree that Trump has been an avid supporter of vaccines (though he does want to take credit for getting them developed). I heard what he said about he himself being vaccinated in his last rally, but then he backtracked and said “it’s your choice”. He has also said in the past that a reason for “vaccine hesitancy” was because of the current administration, which, while possibly true, is not exactly robust encouragement to get vaccinated. You tiptoed around the real problem with “anti-vaxxers” which is pure selfishness. They would prefer to trust an unproven treatment for Covid rather than a vaccine that has been safely provided to millions of people in the US and worldwide. Yes, there are breakthrough cases, but far fewer than the cases in unvaccinated people, and the vast majority of hospitalizations and death occur among the unvaccinated. Few of the talking heads at Faux, Newsmax or OAN are talking about these statistics, instead they focus on the relatively few people that have had problems with the vaccine. You were wise to point out that there are a few people who due to pre-existing conditions should not take the vaccine, plus, of course the very young that cannot be vaccinated yet due to lack of testing. We as a country need to pull together to defeat Covid, and the only way we are going to do that is to get practically everyone vaccinated. Until that happens, new variants are going to continue forming, running the risk that eventually a variant may form that the vaccine is not effective against. It is the civic duty of every Patriotic American to do everything they can to reduce the spread of Covid, so that we wipe this disease out of the country. And just to add another piece to this discussion, your idiotic governor needs to stop telling businesses what they should be doing to make their operations safe, which includes fighting the Cruise Industry when they want every person on their ship to be vaccinated. That may not be perfect prevention, but at this time, it is the best thing we have….

  25. CMWRF

    I use to think this author made posts that were pro-American/pro-freedom…I guess I was wrong. He is brainwashed TRASH like the many others. He COMPLETELY MISSES the point-GOVERNMENT SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO FORCE PEOPLE INTO SUBMITTING TO THEM OR OTHERS BELIEFS. I won’t get into the VAST amount of scientific PROOF that this virus is no more to be feared than the common flu and that the so-called vaccine IS NOT A TRUE VACCINE, or that ANY scientist or virologist that disagrees with what is spewed is SILENCED. If this idiot wants to get his covid shot, fine-Just do not expect others to be brainwashed like you into getting one-AND STOP THE VILE GOVERNMENT FROM SHUTTING DOWN OR MANDATING THESE COMMUNIST MEASURES!!! IF PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF CONTRACTING THIS DISEASE, MAKE THEM THE ONES WHO STAY HOME AND COWER-NOT THE REST OF AMERICA!!!! DO NOT THINK THAT OTHERS SHOULD GET WHAT THEY CONSIDER THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!!

    • larry Horist

      You first impression was correct. But you missed an important point in this commentary. I think people should get the vaccine base on my assessment of benefit and risk. BUT. I totally oppose government FORCING anyone to take the shot. As I have often written. I avoided masks except where I was forced to wear them — which if resented because I thought it was unnecessary. After being vaccinated (my choice) I wrote that the Pandemic was over for me. I could go anywhere without a mask. When authorities started saying that even the vaccinated should wear masks, I criticized that thinking. I still never wear a mask unless I must … to enter a doctor’s office, etc. I think it is unnecessary even then, but I will go along — respecting the doctor’s opinion for his office — and I do understand that he faces different liability issues thanks to the lawyers. I may advise people to get the vaccine based on my research, but NEVER to force it. I fully respect you decision and right not to get vaccinated — even if I disagree with your analysis.

  26. fr

    Good for you Larry.

    Many of the negative responses typify exactly what is wrong with the blogosphere and those who profit by it. I applaud PBP for attempting to air all opinions, open discourse, and freed of speech. However……they do moderate, and that is good too. But this post shows an example of perhaps when free speech crosses the line. There are numerous lies here, blatant lies, and I believe lies made by conscious people that can harm others. The results of this “opinion” can be death. IMO that crosses the line of free speech rights, these sights have the obligation to monitor and control their asset, and the PBP moderators should be trained, given the tools, to identity and delete lies that could harm others.

    Free Speech is not the right to tell others how to hurt themselves. I used to think caveat emptor, let free speech rule and let the chips fall where they may. But people have been drinking bleach, taking horse wormers, shining uv lights, you name it, often with zero benefit, some times with ER visits or worse based on lies told by liars, some of whom just want to harm. I think a discussion platform needs to do better than just a sniff test and let the lies fly. I think PBP needs to step up and quash the obvious ones.

    I will not waste my time refuting these liars, it is all to easy for anyone to do so. Either they are malicious, or severely misinformed even though accurate information is readily available. Now, if they don’t believe medical, scientific, media, government, —-> just their off-beat sources, not much we can do to fix that. But they are liars. Lisa, Jersey Prophet, John, phxgeo, Mike, all liars. Not one can actually provide any proof of their false statements. Lee……oh darn, guess that’s kinda OK….damn. These others are spreading filthy lies that can hurt people who listen.

    Instead, think about:

    – the vaccine has been now tested on more people, in more countries, than almost any other new product in the world. Over 5,400,000,000 doses given with rarely a bad effect. That’s 5.4 billion test shots.

    – the vaccine, pfizer that is, is fully tested and approved by the CDC, FDA, etc. It is expected that Moderna will do the same given it’s the same pharmaceutical technology. J&J still passes at the Emergency Usage level, but is expected to pass given it uses a traditional technology. So, if full approval is needed, get pfizer.

    – historically, in all vaccines since the 1950’s, long term problems have cropped up in the first six months of usage, and I will add, at far less usage rates than these vaccines. It’s been well over six months.

    – historically, one of the first vaccine mandates was issued by George Washington, the father of our country, and vaccine mandates, for inoculating all his troops in 1777 against smallpox. He feared pushback on this decision, but feared the British learning about it and capitalizing on it more. One might say, if it weren’t for vaccines, you would have no country, no Bill of Rights, no free speech except that which comes from England.

    These are facts. These are truths. Anyone can research them, find the truth and discard this horseshit you are believing that not one of you can support with actual evidence. Let’s get Mike’s Doctor’s name and have him stand the line and tell us what he told Mike. Let phxgeo show us one country, hell, even a region where 75 % of those hospitalized have been vaccinated. And so on for each of these dreadful, harmful lies.

    Otherwise, hear the truth. This is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Most of the unvaccinated are following a political agenda hidden by a foundation of personal choice, freedom, and responsibility. It’s time to smell the coffee and take responsibility for your family, community, and country. The truth is out there. And so are the lies. But they are not really too hard to differentiate.

    Meanwhile, PBP should not be the petri dish that grows the misinformation virus that can sicken and kill others. Especially when, many times, it is so easily determined. At some point, there is even a risk to PBP for not doing so I would imagine.

    Good job Larry, good job PBP for airing this fact-based op ed. Brave both of youse, as we say in vaccinated NJ where the Delta virus is being levelled off, hopefully pushed back, as we type…. Next few days will be telling, but vaccinated states seem to be weathering this storm, and not without some extra efforts due to breakthroughs.

  27. Tony Bell

    Seems this author either did not edit for contradictions, doesn’t care or is incompetent.
    You decide: first quote – “Frankly, I have no reason to worry about you because I am inoculated and – according to the overwhelming information and statistics – my chance of getting Covid from you is extremely small”.
    Second quote: “As a citizen who has been vaccinated, the scientists tell me that I can go anywhere at any time without a mask or other extreme protective measures”.

    Fearmongering has vaccinated people wearing masks everywhere – and unvaccinated people wear masks nowhere. WTH

    • larry Horist

      Tony Bell …. I have twice read you comment and still do not see a contradiction. Both the quotes you cite indicate my feeling of safety after having gotten the vaccine. I say “I can go anywhere at any time without a mask” because “my chance of getting Covid for you (or anyone) is extremely small.” For the record, I do not wear masks unless i must. I had the same feeling during the height of the Pandemic. I was not much of a social distancer and I did not avoid crowds. What I do is study the research and stats — and then determine the risk. I never felt fear over Covid no matter how much the establishment and the media fearmongered.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Those two quotes perfectly represent the anti-vaxxer attitude – “I’m safe, so screw the rest of you”. In reality, NOBODY is safe until we’re all protected.

      As long there’s a medium (unvaxxed people) where the virus (COVID) can grow, it’s going to continue to change and spread. EVERYONE is at risk from new variants coming along. And as long as it’s a contagious disease and people are at risk of dying (no matter how much the crazies deny it), the economy is going to limp along at less-than-full capacity – either because some people want to protect themselves and others, or if nothing else, because 2% of the population are dying early deaths and that takes a toll on business too.

      In fact, Larry’s quotes would be a good representation of all the right-wingers out there – “I got mine, nobody else allowed”. That’s the difference between a liberal and a conservative.

      • larry Horist

        Bruder … I ignore most of your screeds. If I would to fact check you claims, I would hardly have time to write my commentaries. I really see you as a low information propagandists. But i really had to draw attention to your Adam Schiff moment. In your last graph, you refer to my “quotes” and as an example you attribute a “quote” to me the YOU invented. You can search my commentaries until you go blind and will never see “I got mine, nobody else allowed.” You lack of integrity matches your lack of knowledge. But that comes as no surprise.

      • judy

        Truth is as long as we have Fauci and tek Lis in charge it will never go away ahe French Doctor who has the same title as Fauci said it is the vaccinated who are the spreaders not the unvaccinated

      • larry Horist

        Bruder. In addition to be ill-informed and rather sophomoric in you opining, you are AGAIN showing yourself to be a liar. You refer to my “quotes” and then — in the tradition of another left-wing quote-creating liar, Adam Schiff — you invent the quote you attribute to me. If you search my public writings for the past 50 years, you ill not find “I got mine, nobody else is allowed.” It is not even a sentiment that I embrace. You are showing yourself to be an obsessed and pitiful person. Get help.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          Apparently, you can’t understand what a “representation” means… it wasn’t meant to be an exact quote, it was meant to be a characterization or paraphrase of your writing. But, you don’t have the capacity for self-awareness or introspection (but neither do most Republicans, so you’re not alone). Larry, it’s long past time for you to pull your pen out of the inkwell and retire.

          And I would presume that you have two almost identical posts because of this website’s habit of delaying posts for hours, or sometimes up to a day. That seems to have (finally) stopped. Did they stop sending posts to some overworked editor for approval, or what? Does that mean that your own posts were getting delayed for approval too?

  28. Tom

    Larry, I agree with most of your points and do not wish to quibble over minor differences in our opinions. Sorry and disgusted to see that you are taking such a beating on this one. As a military veteran I answered my countries call during the Vietnam / Cold War era. I did it because I was convinced this is a great country and that we needed to make sure we secured our liberties and freedoms. Never did I envision that those freedoms we veterans trained and worked so hard to secure would be used in a manner so as to harm the public that I served. Very sad. But thankyou for your post.

    • Ben

      As a veteran you were pumped full of vaccines and shots… most you had no idea what they were for or why you needed them.
      Now the science is pretty clear and the need is overwhelming and you want to make a stand? GTFO.
      Just plain ignorant.

  29. frank stetson

    Great post Larry, you get a lot of credit for daring to piss off your base. Best luck with the blow back.

    I am all for freedom-of-speech, I think PBP is great to air all views, even surprised that I am not censored. Yet, even without moderation, IMO, PBP at some point needs to take responsibility for servicing disinformation at the peril of American citizens. When people tell lies, that’s one thing. When the lies can harm, that’s another. I believe at some point PBP moderation, or any posting site, is responsible to removing, or labeling, blatant harmful lies, and liars.

    I will not detail or refute the lies, but the liars, so far, are Lisa, Jersey Prophet, Ben (although this might be sarcasm), John, phxgeo, Mike, and Lee. Some of these lies could harm others if they listen. Not one of these folks can prove, with sources, any of these lies. Some simple truths:

    – This vaccine is one of the most tested introductions ever offered in the world. Over 5,400,000,000 doses have been given in almost every country across the globe. That’s 5.4 billion shots without a major problem.

    – The Pfizer is fully approved by FDA, CDC, etc. Since the Moderna is built on the same platform, most see little issue with approval. The J&J uses a traditional platform and most likely will be fully approved. Don’t matter, if full approval scares you, just get the Pfizer.

    – Historically speaking, since the 1950’s, most long term problems have popped up within 6 months of vaccine introduction, most with product deliveries far smaller than this vaccine. It’s been well over six months, no huge issues.

    – One of the first vaccine mandates was ordered by George Washington, the Father of our County, and the vaccine mandate was called for stopping smallpox. The date was in 1777. He did fear blowback and that the British would capitalize on the process downtime, but did it for the sake of the Nation. Perhaps we would still be under England’s rule if it weren’t for vaccines. Like George, you can save the Nation.

    Hey, I am just a liberal so I am not going to source these truths, but suggest, if you are fence sitting, research these facts. Easy to find the truth. IMO, on these truths, pretty easy to believe.

    It is also pretty easy to see the current difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, especially on a state-by-state basis. FL, TX, the deep South and other unvaccinated states are suffering mightily right now; the vaccinated states, not so much so. Again, the truth is easily available.

    Now, one can say they don’t believe Fauci, CDC, medical community, scientific community, etc. and, most certainly, there have been spins, positioning, and real changes in facts and direction due to changing facts on the field. Same happens in any war. But if you don’t believe in any of these folks, when you see is lies within what they are saying, you have to ask yourself —- why do you believe the sources that you do? I mean if no one is telling the truth, then no one is telling the truth.

    My bottom line: vaccine seems safe, sure seems better to be vaccinated than not. And if we can get to 85% or more, sure seems that we can put this thing in its place. Perhaps not eradicate, but at least control to the point of living normal lives.

    Or we can keep doing this.
    Thank you Larry for saying what shouldn’t, but has to, be said.

    • larry Horist

      Frank … first of all I never understood or liked all the bs about “the base” There is not such thing. Folks have different opinions on different issues. Conservatives and liberals have a GENERAL philosophy of governance — it inessentially breaks down as less government or more government. But conservatives and liberals often disagree among themselves on specific issues. Most of the folks who pounced on my vaccination commentary seem to be on the conservative side … and we probably agree on many other issues.

      Secondly, you identified you self as a liberal. To me … the fact that you had to make that point suggests you opinions may be driven by politics. Yes, I ID myself as a conservative, but not on every issue. I like to make my case as objectively as I can. There are no list of conservative issues and liberal issues … but issues. I once ran a conservative NGO that dealt with a lot of issues, but I hade a lot of liberals that support some of the specific issues … and other others. i have had a litmus test on conservative issues. Liberals supported me on school choice but not on tax cuts. Political philosophy is important, but issues are far too complex to create a broad philosophic standard.

  30. Tony Bell

    Frankly trust in government has been broken for a very long time. As we all know thru experience, once trust is broken, it rarely if ever is restored. That being said, I would not believe anything the government says without doing my due diligence and verifying it’s true or false. On the matter of taking the vaccine, I choose to allow my body, which is designed by an infinitely more intelligent source, to make what it needs for me to combat come what may to my body. If I die then that is the plan. You see I do not fear death like the secular folks do. I am assured of a future.

  31. frank stetson

    ” If I die then that is the plan.”

    What if the “infinitely more intelligent source” designed the concept of vaccines as part of the great plan? I mean it designed viruses, disease, all sorts of things — what IF vaccines were just part of it, we are, by his design, supposed to take them, live longer, combined with freewill for those who choose not to follow his plan of longer life through modern medicine?

    Or in scientific terms, hey Tony, thanks for doing your part to further evolution by promoting higher intelligencer by faster thinning of the herd of the stupid ones. Keep up the good work, see you in Hell. Shoulda followed God’s plan and taken the shot.

    FYI — the preceding was just a possibility, I do not believe I, or Tony, said, to be the actual case. I think God has a miraculous sense of humor and Tony is just one of his many jokes.

  32. Joseph S. Bruder

    I’m reposting this because it’s stuck in “your post is awaiting moderation” hell. Sorry if it pops up twice. Despite calls for everyone to respect “free speech”, they still put people on the censor list…

    Anyway… Well, Larry, there’s your answer… your loyal readers all think you’re crazy for advocating getting the vaccine. Now YOU are part of the scary Deep State that Trump created and railed against.

    This is not “Democrats destroying the Republican brand” – Republicans are doing fine without our help. You can’t say that Republicans aren’t at fault for the current COVID spike – Republican governors are doing their best to keep schools and businesses from mandating masks or vaccines, in effect putting children and other workers in danger. The worst hit states are the ones that voted for Trump.

    As per usual, you’re attributing things to Democrats that just aren’t true. We don’t hate Republicans – otherwise I’d hate half my neighbors. I’m pissed off that Trump advocated false remedies and discouraged mask wearing – many of his followers took that to heart, even if Trump changed his tune later on. In fact, Trump got boo’ed by his own followers at a recent rally for telling people to get vaccinated. It’s a monster he can’t un-create.

    And you’re also shaving your numbers (or using old data) about party split – the most recent survey is from Kaiser Family Foundation. In the 18-49 age group, 78% of Dems are vaxxed, compared to 34% of Reps. In the 50-64 range, it’s 85% for Dems, 63% for Reps. and in the 65+ range, it’s 96% for Dems, and 72% for Reps. Overall, 51% of Dems are vaxxed, compared to 23% of Reps, more than 2 to 1 by percentage.

    My company today announced that all employees must show their proof of vaccination, and are “expected” to get the vax. New hires will need vaccinations before starting work. I think it’s just a matter of time before they say “vax or you’re fired”. It’s unfortunate, but the very people who were saying “don’t close the economy down” are the ones who are prolonging the pandemic and keeping the economy from rebounding completely. And the economic recovery correlates all the way down to the county level – Trump-voting counties are doing economically worse than Biden-voting counties. (Add www if you want to follow the links)

    For a change, you’re on the right side of the issue. You’re wrong to blame Democrats, though – the anti-vax movement is completely a Republican invention.

    • Ed

      Some people have religious reasons for not taking the vaccine. What then? And the precious unions that democrats support will be put to the test

    • Ben

      I tried turning my adult son onto this page. He is a defense contractor, so he has plenty of time to try to convince random internet people that their thoughts are misguided.
      But he said the web site is so poorly set up that he couldn’t be bothered.
      So welcome to “waiting moderators approval” hell

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        The Party that constantly complains about censorship (or being “cancelled”) doesn’t seem to mind putting people on lists to have their posts blessed by the powers-that-be. And I was banned for a year or two, for pissing off the editor… I think I called the website and his readers stupid or something, and he was in a bad mood that day. I still post stuff and don’t see it for a day or so, and wonder, “Is this it? Did I get banned again?”, but usually the post will show up eventually. Usually.

        I’m in the tech business myself, and have worked for defense contractors too… but just comparing to other sites that I frequent, yeah, this one is probably the worst. And guess what, it was a LOT worse a year or so ago, until they got rid of the captcha’s. But they still don’t have a search engine, so you can’t go back and reference previous columns or find information, or look up Larry’s previous pronouncements on a topic. And it still loses posts. There’s another site I frequent, and if you try to move off the page with an unfinished reply (on purpose or by accident), it will ask “Are you sure you want to abandon your reply?” before erasing it.

  33. Anonymous

    Want true information about the vaccine or should I say gene altering jab. Go to Thrivetime show with Clay Clark. They will tell you what is in them. AND don’t take it. Most vaccines stay in the deltoid but these move throughout your body and find a home on your heart brain and other organs. DONT

  34. Marmo43

    Want true information about the vaccine or should I say gene altering jab. Go to Thrivetime show with Clay Clark. They will tell you what is in them. AND don’t take it. Most vaccines stay in the deltoid but these move throughout your body and find a home on your heart brain and other organs. DONT

  35. Elizabeth Blane

    If I get Covid, AND have 2.5 co-morbidities, AND receive no therapeutics, there is a 99.5% chance I will survive it. (If I believe their numbers, which I don’t, as I’ve seen with my own eyes that they lie). But there ARE therapeutics (information of which is suppressed by the CDC). If it is so survivable, why on earth would I need to take new “vaccine” that has no long-term proven safety record? That makes no sense. Sorry, but no. You go right ahead; I support your right to take it, but stop pressuring those of us who have the right to say no.

  36. RK

    this author is an idiot..fully vaxed people are spreading covid to other fully vaxed people. the data doesnt back up his claims
    and neither does the real science.

  37. JoeyP

    Not only no but H&#% NO! Natural IMMUNITY is better . . . WAY better. One Enlightened Patriot.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Natural immunity is not effective against the COVID Delta variant, which comprises over 90% of current cases. The vaccine is still over 90% effective. The definition of “enlightened” is “freed from ignorance and misinformation” – you are apparently neither.

      The definition of “patriot” is “a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests.” Sorry, you don’t qualify there either. As long as you and other so-called patriots don’t get the vaccine for your own selfish and stupid reasons, the virus remains active and the economy (and the country as a whole) is crippled. A true patriot could at least inconvenience himself for the sake of the country. Just because you’re a gun hoarder who thinks he’s defending liberty by acting against the government doesn’t actually make you a patriot.

      What you actually ARE is a liar. Time to rethink your position, or at least your sign-off.

  38. Frank Stetson

    JoeyP seems misinformed as to the facts. Because, factually, as JB describes, his natural immunity may not work at all as in your immunity came from Alpha, we’re on Delta. Or due to waning antibodies which fade faster than the vaccines.

    And yes, if you are into patriotism, into defending the nation, you get the vaccine just like our entire armed forces.

    There is zero evidence that what JOeyP says is true, and mountains of evidence that it’s false. Ask Florida, Alabama, Texas….. wherever the vaccination rate is low, and you can see the answer in mobile morgues set up to hold the overflow of dead bodies. In pediatric wards that are oversubscribed with younger victims of JoeyP’s recommended patriotic path.

  39. Gerald Dove

    I took the vaccine and got it anyway. We have been lied to about it’s prevention.

  40. frank stetson

    “I took the vaccine and got it anyway.” Gee, how could that have happened. We are guessing you didn’t die, you didn’t go to the hospital, and you didn’t thank your lucky flippin stars for that vaccine benefit either.

    The 62-year-old Enyart was a controversial and often inflammatory pastor of the Denver Bible Church and co-host of a show called “Real Science Radio,” which features what it calls scientific statements in the Bible.

    Anti-vaccine radio host from NJ died. His wife is on the block too.

    Marc Bernier, of Daytona, Mr. Anti-Vax, he got it and died three weeks later.

    Dick Farrel, antivaxer from Newsmax got it, he died.

    Anti-masker Caleb Wallace, died of COVID-19 in August post a month in the hospital. He was 30. His wife trying GoFundMe.

    Conservative bigman Pressley Stutts, South Carolina, lasted two weeks in the hospital with double pneumonia. He’s mask free now forever.

    This list is growing by leaps and bounds and it is very much tilted to one side of the political spectrum as if covid is targeting conservatives. Perhaps it is the Lord. Or might it be something else?

    Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Covid is real. Take the vaccine, wear a mask in public, distance, hand wash, common sense, common sense. Live long and prosper.

  41. frank stetson

    Wow, insurers to end waivers for covid medical costs. That’ll frost your cupcakes if you don’t have the vax, get covid, and head to ER.