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Donald Trump Hopes to Eliminate “Gun-Free Zones”

The recent jihad attack on two military sites in Chattanooga, TN that left four Marines dead leads many to question the effectiveness of gun-free zones. 

Years ago, it was Bill Clinton who instituted the ban creating “gun-free zones” that prevent soldiers from carrying weapons in certain places. 

Bill O’Reilly assured us during a recent episode of The O’Reilly Factor that both military bases in Chattanooga were “gun-free zones.” How much sense does it make to take arms away from our Armed Forces, leaving them sitting ducks for domestic terrorism? Zero. 

Donald Trump shared his opinion of the tragedy in Chattanooga on the O’Reilly Factor, calling the whole thing a “total lack of respect.” 

“These are four great Marines from what everybody tells me…that they are not allowed to carry guns is absolutely ridiculous. So what happens is this guy walks in, he’s got a gun, they’re just sitting there as targets. It’s absolutely disgraceful.” 

I think Trump is right on this one. In a country where even individuals with a criminal record can legally purchase and carry weapons, why are we taking them away from trained soldiers? 

The killer, 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, acted alone and it has yet to discovered whether or not he had a direct connection to ISIS. Trump reminds us that Muhammad’s father was under investigation. The entire situation shows a considerable failing on the part of US intelligence. 

Terrorism will likely be a major campaign issue in the upcoming elections. A recent Fox News poll shows Trump leading the GOP pack with 18% followed closely by Scott Walker.

When asked about the possible backlash against Muslim Americans, Trump replied that unlike Obama he isn’t afraid of using the phrase “Islamic terrorism.”

“It seems so sad that a whole group of people have to be blamed,” says Trump, “but it [Islamic terrorism] does seem to be happening a lot, Bill, and whether it’s here or in other countries it certainly is there and there is a form of Islamic terrorism. President Obama refuses to use the term and nobody can quite understand why.”

Terrorists – Islamic or otherwise – do not respect our country, our military, or our police. Taking power away from those charged with protecting us is not a good idea. 

“We’re not letting them do their job,” says Trump of law enforcement. If elected, he plans to “bring back the word intelligence” and restore power to America’s police. 


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