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Secret Service Allegedly Targets Congressman for Embarrassment

Secret Service Allegedly Targets Congressman for Embarrassment

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) recently took the lead in investigating a scandal-plagued Secret Service, however allegedly some high level officials in the Secret Service have sought revenge and my have broken federal laws in the attempt.  

Many years ago, Congressman Chaffetz applied unsuccessfully to the Secret Service.  His resume was allegedly shared with at least 45 employees of the Secret Service to try to find material that might embarrass or hurt Chaffetz in some way. Such an act is a violation of the Privacy Act and further may be a violation of laws regarding federally protected documents, a crime with potentially a 10-year prison sentence.

Assistant Director Ed Lowry wrote in an email: “Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out.”

Press commentary contains accusations that 18 officials of the Secret Service knew about this and were culpable.  Speculation is they were searching for blackmail material to force Chaffetz to back away from his investigations of the Secret Service, an even more serious violation of the law.

Author’s note:  While we realize the press very often gets these situations wrong, and the details have not really come out, for the Secret Service to be in this situation is a devastating blow.  If there is any truth to the allegations it is truly disturbing and may spell the demise of the organization in its current form.

But let’s be clear, the Secret Service has historically been an organization of the highest integrity.  While this story needs to be out there and followed through, at this point, we trust the Secret Service more than the press.


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