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Democrat LGBTQ Leader Busted for Sexting Minor Visited Biden’s White House

Democrat LGBTQ Leader Busted for Sexting Minor Visited Biden’s White House

The LGBTQ movement, spearheaded in America by the Democratic Party, has been busted many times for attempting to sexualize children and unofficially normalizing pedophilia. A recent video shows a Democrat LGBTQ leader in Maryland getting busted in a child predator sting.

The news broke on June 22 when Alex Rosen of the Houston-based vigilante organization Predator Poachers caught Michael Knaapen sexting and trying to meet up with a 14-year-old boy. Until the release of the said video, Knaapen worked as the head of Maryland Democratic Party’s LGBTQ+ Diversity Leadership Council (DLC).

Alex Rosen posted the full video, filmed on June 21 in Maryland’s Montgomery County, to X (Twitter).

Predictably, the leftist mainstream media chose to ignore the story. But many conservative news sites reported it. The Western Journal, for example, reported the story but chose not to include the video due to the sexual nature of Knaapen’s videotaped conversation referring to a minor.

News sites also followed up with the information that after seeing Knaapen busted on video by Rosen’s team, Maryland’s Democratic Party rushed to remove him from his role in the party. The Baltimore Banner reported on Tuesday (June 25):

The Maryland Democratic Party said it removed Knaapen from his volunteer leadership role with the party after learning about the video and accusations.

The story added that the matter was brought to the notice of the Montgomery County Police and they were working with external law enforcement agencies to look into it.

Most revealing, however, is Knaapen’s connection to Biden’s White House. The Gateway Pundit cited the White House visitor log to report that Knaapen visited the White House three times in 2023. The story wrote:

In one of those meetings, Knaapen had a special meeting with Special Assistant to Biden, Jessica Schubel.

Anthony Scott included a screenshot of the White House visitor showing the dates of Knaapen’s visit and the names of the people he met with at the White House.

Scott’s post noted:Unless there’s another
Michael Knaapen running around in politics, the Biden admin literally allowed a
predator into the White House THREE Different Times.
The post added that Knaapen also visited Vice President
Kamala Harris, a point mentioned by Rosen on X (Twitter):

As The Western Journal wrote, Rosen predicted that “efforts would be made to ensure that the story was not covered.”

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  1. Harold blankenship

    No surprise there

  2. frank stetson

    “The LGBTQ movement, spearheaded in America by the Democratic Party, has been busted many times for attempting to sexualize children and unofficially normalizing pedophilia” and they have been dehumanized, beaten, and tortured by the Republican Party — two equally STUPID statements.

    First, LGBTQ-ers don’t need Democrats to spearhead their movement, never did. And if you think LGBTQ leads the way in pedophilia, look to the mirror Republicans. Can you say Jim Jordan? Can you say Republican. Can you say Dempsey — check out the pic.

    A trip down Republican sex abuse city:

    “Former Texas GOP Leader Gets Over 400 Years in Prison for Child Sex Abuse” which Dempsey ignores.

    2006: Florida Rep. Mark Foley resigns for sexually explicit messages as he propositioned teenage congressional pages via email and text right in front of his Republican buddies. Dempsey no mention..

    2015: Rep. Dennis Hastert, longest-ever serving Republican speaker of the House, pleads guilty for illegal hush-money payments to cover up his history of sexually abusing high school wrestlers he had coached decades before. Jordan is accused of this too. Either that or complete stupidity of the situation, not sure which is worse.

    2016: Dozens of women accuse president Donald Trump of being a sexual predator including several contestants in the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant, who said he barged into dressing rooms full of 15 year olds were changing. Trump allegedly told them, “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.” There’s a 2005 Howard Stern interview with Trump bragging about walking into dressing rooms.

    2018: Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was accused of preying on girls as young as 14 and 16; the New Yorker reported that his habit of trying to pick up high schoolers was so notorious that it actually got him banned from a local mall.

    2018: Jim Jordan, one of Trump’s allies, co-founder of the hardline conservative Freedom Caucus, is in a scandal over his time as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University, where a team doctor Richard Strauss sexually abused more than 177 male student athletes. It’s gross, many said Jordan knew, but the guy strangely commits suicide before talking about it.

    Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida got off, but come on man, would you leave him alone with your teen?

    Dempsey lies when he insinuates this is a Democrat problem for being a Democrat. Clearly the issue, like most of what morons like Dempsey ascribe to Democrats, crosses the aisle.

  3. Darren

    What is the Majority of the LGBTQ assembly?
    Democrat or Republican?
    Enough said!

  4. frank stetson

    Yes, Darren, most LGBTQ-ers are Democratic. However, you missed the point. This douche-bag mouths off: “The LGBTQ movement, spearheaded in America by the Democratic Party, has been busted many times for attempting to sexualize children and unofficially normalizing pedophilia” making it sound like perversion is the province of LGBTQ=ers who are the province are Democrats.

    I was pointing out that perversion knows no party ——— lots of Repub pervs. Even a felonious twice-impeached rapist ex-President loves to grab em by the pussy, finger fuck them in dressing rooms against their will or get a good fashioned spanky from a porn star is your top Republican.

    But since you brought up the topic, fun fact: in the LGBTQ community — 80% democrat and 20% republican according to Horist-acceptable Pew Research.. And Republlicans tend to groome towards men, the lesbo’s more likely lean our way. FYI: tom —- I am guess indy’s are included….. or they are totally spockian and don’t recognize gender :>)

    Yes, Daren, you got’s one out of five of them and, worse yet, a number are in office and oh my —- have come out proudly.

    Enough said indeed. .


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