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Macron Elected French President – Status quo, continued decay?

Macron Elected French President  – Status quo, continued decay?

Sunday’s presidential election in France had the outcome most of the polls expected.

The independent centrist Emmanuel Macron won, but he will be inheriting a country suffering from a sluggish economy, a massive migration problem, radical terrorism, and high unemployment rates.

Again, Macron was predicted to win and his rival presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen even referred to him as the “darling of the system.”

Le Pen pointed out prior to the election that the odds weren’t in her favor due to the “Fake News” campaign in support of Macron.

“The coordinated action of the media, isn’t much different from the United States, against us and in favor of Mr. Macron and his campaign,” said Le Pen to Newsmax. “It has created a false narrative; it has painted a kind of caricature, and it is true that our fight is like David and Goliath. And just like then we must keep a good aim in order to win the fight.” 

Le Pen also pointed out that Macron, who will be the youngest French president in history, is an ally of the Germany Chancellor, Angela Merkel and we all know what a mess her leadership has led too.

“Due to the complete submission of Mr. Macron to the political orders coming from Mrs. Merkel. … Yesterday I said that in any case, whoever will win, a woman will rule France – it’s going to be either me or Angela Merkel,” said Le Pen to Newsmax on Thursday of last week. “We know that Mr. Macron is carried by the whole system – the ruling apparatus – but he is also rejected, refused by a great number of the people of France.”

Evidently, Macron does have many enemies. Thousands of documents were stolen from his campaign two days prior to the election day. These documents appeared on the website Pastebin.

“Intervening in the last hour of the official campaign, this operation is obviously a democratic destabilization, as has already been seen in the United States during the last presidential campaign,” said the Macron campaign on Friday. 

However, two days wasn’t enough time for most publications to investigate.

“If these documents contain revelations, Le Monde will of course publish them after having investigated them, respecting our journalistic and ethical rules and without allowing ourselves to be exploited by the publishing calendar of anonymous actors,” said Le Monde, a prominent French newspaper.

However, this leak did not lose Macron the election. When about 80% of the votes were counted, Macron had received 64% of them. 

Macron appeared at a victory party on Sunday evening outside of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

“A new page in our long history is opening tonight. I want it to be one of hope and renewed confidence,” said Macron, the 39-year-old investment banker.  

“Macron and Le Pen’s polar-opposite visions presented France’s 47 million registered voters with the starkest possible choice. Le Pen’s closed borders faced off against Macron’s open ones; his commitment to free trade ran against her proposals to protect the French from global economic competition and immigration. Her desire to free France from the EU and the shared euro currency contrasted with his argument that both are essential for the future of Europe’s third-largest economy,” writes Fox News.

While Macron’s supporters rejoiced, many feel like Macron won’t be the president they need to pull France out of this pathetic state.

“We’ve had 50 years of rule from the left and the right,” said Francis Morel, a who voted for Le Pen. “Nothing has changed.”  

Le Pen isn’t going to give up, she is instead going to channel her efforts to the upcoming election.

“I call on all patriots to join us,” said Le Pen. “France will need you more than ever in the months ahead.”

Author’s note: The truth is that Macron represents the status quo, just like Clinton did in the U.S. election. While we made the decision to stand up against that, the majority of the French population wanted to stay with the EU and continue to support a crumbling French socialist system. Le Pen as the president would have probably been the radical change the country so desperately needed.

Editor’s note – We’ve made some dire predictions about France, this does nothing to mitigate them.


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