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Conservative Pundit Reactions to Hillary's DNC Speech

Conservative Pundit Reactions to Hillary's DNC Speech

Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the conclusion of the DNC Thursday night was “radically different” than GOP nominee Donald Trump’s speech just a week prior, says former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. 

“He [Trump] is saying we’re in trouble, and here are the things I’m going to do. And she’s [Hillary] saying we’re doing pretty good, and here are a handful of things we’re going to do,” says Gingrich.

RNC Chairman Reince Preibus slammed Hillary’s speech as a “litany of platitudes,” that ultimately failed to address the critical issues America is facing. “Time and again, Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and cronyism have proved she is the wrong person to lead our country as president. The American people have had enough of the corruption, the deceit, and the stonewalling which have been the hallmarks of her entire career. The only sure thing about Hillary,” continued Preibus, “is that she puts her own political interests above the rest of us.” 

Betsy McCaughey, conservative politician and former Lieutenant Governor of New York, says that Hillary’s speech was “unusual” in the amount of time spend attacking rival candidate Donald Trump. “Generally, the candidate does not spend most of the speech cutting down or criticizing the nominee of the other party. That’s generally left to others at the convention, especially the vice presidential nominee,” says McCaughey. 

“Clinton is clearly feeling the heat of Donald Trump because she directed almost all of her speech at criticizing Donald Trump, suggesting that he does not have the character to serve as commander-in-chief.”

Political analyst Brit Hume believes Hillary’s condescending tone may have put off some potential voters. “She has a habit, when speaking, of breaking into kind of a sharp, lecturing tone.” It’s like being “called into the principal’s office to be read the riot act,” says Hume. On top of that, Hillary’s daughter’s speech about maternal compassion is sure to have made some male voters uncomfortable.

Ronald Reagan’s son Michael was quick to point out that Hillary used a Reagan quote in her speech. Although she did not attribute the words to our former president, the phrase “America is great because America is good” comes directly from a speech President Reagan delivered in 1986.

Michael Reagan believes this was an attempt to reach out to the large camp of Republicans still refusing to support Donald Trump. “She was trying to reel them in,” says Reagan, “and she was trying to reel other groups in other parts of her speech during the course of the evening.” 

The speech was all about America. “She was selling herself of the United States,” at least to the Dems who were watching, says Reagan, “but that portion was meant to strictly reach out to disenfranchised Republicans to try to get them to either stay home on Election Day or come and vote for Hillary.” 

Most spectators agree that Hillary looked great Thursday night and did a decent job delivering her unusual acceptance speech. Her focus on attacking Trump and her claims that America is doing well, however, give us more reason to believe that electing Hillary will be just like four more years under Obama. 

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