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DNC Convention Day 4 – Hillary Accepts the Nomination

DNC Convention Day 4 – Hillary Accepts the Nomination

As was the whole point of the Convention, Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. 

I watched as much as I could, but as a good Republican and pasty white guy, its difficult to watch when many of the speakers are accusing me outright of racism, sexism and bigotry of every kind, all the while planning to raise my taxes and make it more expensivve to run my business. 

I saw Jennifer Granholm former governor of Michigan speak, what a train wreck she is. No wonder Detroit is falling apart. Was she drunk?

The entertainment included a parade of politicians I’d never heard of, some military, some folks with stories and some celebrities, including Kareen Abdul Jabbar. Messages were pretty much what you would expect, Donald is evil, Hillary is a saint.

Just before the main speech from Hillary, Katy Perry performed, but unfortunately the acoustics were very bad (she should have brought her sound guy). The echo made her singing tough to understand.

Chelsea Clinton talked about daughter who apparently facetimes with grandma and her son. She told some charming stories, but she looked tired. Her speech was underpowered and underwhelming, and sometimes when she was speaking, I wondered if she was going to slow to a stop. She had none of the energy, purpose or preparation of Trump’s kids.

Hillary’s introuction film was very well done, perhaps the highlight of the night (Katy Perry would have been the highlight if her acoustics were on point…) and the best part was it was narrated by Morgan Freeman.

She began with an odd sprinkling of historical references, with sketchy relevance to the Donald Trump. More gloom and doom than I’ve seen her do before. Covered a lot of issues without a lot of flow, was disjointed and hard to follow. A great many were better speakers, like Michelle, Barack, Biden, Bill and Tim Kaine.

However she did generate a lot of energy with the crowd and across the nation of Democrats. Hillary’s speech was, of course, the most consequential of the Convention, and certainly the most important of her campaign. It lays out her campaign until the election, and possibly the course of America’s future if she happens to win.

Overall it was a good convention for Hillary, the first day took care of Bernie and put his revolution to bed and the “lock her up” chants were never heard again. The speakers generated energy, and it built properly to highlight the Hillary candidacy. She will likely get a boost in the polls, perhaps enough to match the increase earned by the Trump campaign. 

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