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China Threatens to Bomb Australia

China Threatens to Bomb Australia

According to Chinese newspaper The Global Times, China has threatened to attack military bases in Australia if Canberra supports US action to protect Taiwan from a Chinese takeover. 

“Given that Australian hawks keep hyping or hinting that Australia will assist the US military and participate in war once a military conflict breaks out in the Taiwan Straits…I suggest China make a plan to impose retaliatory punishment against Australia once it militarily interferes in the cross-Straits situation,” writes Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Times. “The plan should include long-range strikes on the military facilities and relevant key facilities on Australian soil if it really sends its troops to China’s offshore areas and combats against the PLA (People’s Liberation Army).” 

Hu’s article featured an image of an H-6K nuclear-capable bomber in formation with two Su-35 fighter jets. It was also published hours after Prime Minister Scott Morrison expressed support for Taiwan by saying Australia had ‘always stood for freedom.’ 

“China should also reveal this plan through non-official channels to deter the extreme forces of Australia and prevent them from taking the risk and committing irresponsible actions,” continues Hu.

The Times is a state-sponsored publication, so we can assume the Chinese Communist Party approved Hu’s article.

Chinese aggression near Taiwan has increased dramatically since President Joe Biden took office. Troops are on “invasion readiness” and there are frequent military exercises near the island. In January, Chinese President Xi Jinping made it clear he would do anything to achieve what he refers to as “unification” (read more here).

In the event the US steps in to defend Taiwan from China, it will likely rely on northern Australia as a launch pad. Already, the Pentagon has invested $200 million to build military infrastructure in the sparely-population and largely defenseless region. 

“The threat is incredibly unpredictable right now,” says Dr. John Coyne of Australia’s Strategic Policy Institute think tank. “We don’t have a Cold War but we do have aggressive non-state actors, a resurgent Russia, and an assertive China.”

Analysts say Australia has less than 10 years to go nuclear before China’s growing regional dominance makes such a future impossible and have urged NATO to welcome Australia as a full member. 

Author’s Note: China has just threatened to bomb Australia, one of our closest allies – why is nobody talking about this? Trump would have responded.


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  1. MikeyParks

    Anybody else seeing a correlation between a feeble old man being installed in the Whitehouse and the onset of global chaos?

  2. Bunky

    Click bait. The Editor of a Chinese newspaper has “suggested” bombing Australia. That is a thrust in a fencing match of words by a “journalist”. It has no relation to a proclamation, or even a threat by China. I’m not sure if you don’t understand the difference, or if you choose to ignore it for the sake of acquiring readers. Not a good look in either case. There is enough “real” scary news- no need to make any up.

  3. Bill

    “We don’t have a Cold War but we do have aggressive non-state actors, a resurgent Russia, and an assertive China.”

    And we have a Communist Regime in place that acts like the Chinese Communist Party.

  4. Allen

    I believe China use$ the virus for a bio weapon. Notice none of their military or political figures got it. They than threatened the rest of the world. Well time for the world to say to China, do this and you will cease to exist. If you look at Chinese history they don’t care about life , they have so many people , a few million is expendable. Wake up world!

  5. John J

    Alzheimer’s boy is causing the world problems, he must be removed

  6. Hatman1793

    The time to recognize the threat the Chicoms pose is over. While President-for-Life XI is only holding a “full house,” the Kings & Queens reside with the Japanese & Australians. The Jacks are in Taiwan.
    Even if the Japanese & the Australians don’t want to play the nuclear card, American superiority can easily arrive quickly & deal the Chicoms a hand of threes.