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Brexit Update: PM May Promises Clean Break from EU

Brexit Update: PM May Promises Clean Break from EU

In Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech Tuesday, she made it clear that Britain will be fully exiting the EU and will not remain as “half-in, half-out” of the union. 

She is preparing an extensive 12-point plan for the Brexit, where the country will be leaving the single market and customer union.

May remains confident that Britain will be more than self-sufficient, specifically she said that the country will be a “great, global trading nation” that is “respected around the world and strong, confident and united at home.”

A spokeswoman for May also addressed the speculation that a common vote will impact the EU exit.

“It will be a vote in parliament and then we will proceed on the basis of leaving the EU. We want that to be with a strategic new partnership with the European Union. I’m not going to get into a whole load of hypotheticals about a situation at the end of a negotiation that is likely to take two years when there is a lot more detail in there,” said the Prime Minister’s official spokeswoman, reports the BBC. “The point is now we have provided more clarity today and we are now focused on how do we get that right deal for Britain. Either way we will be leaving the EU.”

May’s speech was the most extensive she has ever given on this topic and it gave some insight into her Brexit plan. She pointed out some of the priorities that will be addressed in her plan.

“The 12 objectives are understood to include gaining control of Britain’s borders, taking the UK out of the jurisdiction of the European courts, preserving the Union, maintaining workers’ rights and signing major free trade deals,” writes The Telegraph UK.  

Ultimately, the goal is to make a clear break from the EU and to lead a “brighter future” for Britain citizens.

“We seek a new and equal partnership, between an independent, self-governing, global Britain and our friends and allies in the EU,” said May. “Not partial membership of the European Union, associate membership of the European Union, or anything that leaves us half-in, half-out. We do not seek to adopt a model already enjoyed by other countries. We do not seek to hold on to bits of membership as we leave.” 

But, the road ahead is a rocky one and May is not oblivious to this fact.  

“A little over six months ago the British people voted for change. They voted to shape a brighter future for our country. They voted to leave the European Union and embrace the world,” said May.

“And they did so with their eyes open: accepting that the road ahead will be uncertain at times, but believing that it leads towards a brighter future for their children – and their grandchildren too.”

She has pledged to trigger Article 50 by the end of March, which will be the start of the Brexit negotiations with Brussels.

May also said Britain will remain supportive of the EU, even when they are no longer part of the union.

“We will continue to be reliable partners, willing allies and close friends. We want to buy your goods, sell you ours, trade with you as freely as possible, and work with one another to make sure we are all safer, more secure and more prosperous through continued friendship,” said May.

The PM hopes to complete the Brexit by May 2019 and has set March 31,2019 as the date to wrap up negotiations.  

U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump recently said that he will negotiate with Britain and implement a new trade deal that will be “done quickly and done properly.” This is quite the opposite of Obama’s remarks, where he implied Britain would be punished for the Brexit and would be moved to “the back of the line.” 

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