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Bay Area Mayor to Residents: Fix Homeless Problem Yourselves 

Bay Area Mayor to Residents: Fix Homeless Problem Yourselves 

As California’s homelessness problem continues to worsen, politicians and nonprofits are asking local residents to open up spare rooms in their homes.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt (D) recently announced a new program that will pay landlords to house homeless individuals. The program is funded entirely through private donations. “There are a lot of people out there who want to do something meaningful to try to alleviate the homelessness problem,” said Butt.

Recruiting landlords was easier during the height of the pandemic when there were more vacancies, he continued. Now, as restrictions are eased, landlords are hesitant to provide aid to someone who may have poor credit or a criminal record. What Butt is really asking people to do here is to put their health and safety – and that of their families – at risk to help address a problem the state has failed to solve.

Not surprisingly, most locals aren’t interested in the program.

“I don’t know how they are gonna fix the homeless problem, but I just think that asking the residents to step up is not a good idea,” says Nichole, a resident of the Bay Area. “I have a family…I just don’t think that it’s safe.”

“This is one of the richest cities in the world because of companies and everything and they cannot find a solution to deal with homeless people? That is unacceptable,” adds Caio, another local. “I have lived here for almost four years and the homeless situation is still the same. So, they are not doing anything.”

Many residents interviewed by Fox News said they simply don’t have enough room for another person. Others said the real problem is drug use, not housing.

“Would I open up a spare room for a homeless person? Probably not,” says Milo, a San Francisco resident. “Let’s face it – you can’t be parents to drug addicts…This is a federal emergency situation. This is a FEMA situation. It’s a government situation. It’s a government problem.”

There are roughly 35,000 homeless currently living in the Bay Area. There have been 1,300 overdose deaths reported in San Francisco alone since 2020.

Author’s Note: 

This is a classic example of the phrase “your urgency is not my emergency,” which means that someone else’s problem due to lack of preparation or planning does not mean that someone else is obliged to spring into action to help. In this case, years of poor policymaking by California Democrats has created a crisis. Residents should not be asked to risk their safety to help fix the problem. 


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  1. R. Hamilton

    How about an Arpaio style solution? Tent cities in the desert where they can’t walk out and survive; cheap clothing dyed pink and boring food. But with a twist: demonstrate the will to be substance-free and the ability to either do something that would pay or learn to, and assistance would be offered to get them to a place of self-sufficiency so long as they continue to meet those requirements. Those for whom that wouldn’t work belong in a mental hospital, but not too cushy; something like the fictional Arkham Asylum, maybe.

  2. Joanne

    Tom Butt should set an example and be the first to open his doors and invite a couple to live in his house!!


      So, what are these career politicians for?!!! Taxpayers’ are paying them to serve protect it’s own citizens.!!! I guess, people voted them
      to be sitting in their office all day for decorations only or they are just twirling their thumbs waiting for their paychecks and their
      special wonderful retirements.!!!!

  3. Good Luck

    Calif. needs to stop voting people like the Mayor, The Gov, in office. Time to revote.

    • Ben

      Not gonna happen. You can’t fix stupid

  4. Ben

    It’s a freaking voluntary program based on support from voluntary donations.

    Get over it dumbshits.

    • Ben

      Stfu Frank.

  1. The story of Tyre Nickol’s and his tragic death at the hands of Memphis police officer is impossible for understanding.…