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A New, Cruel Phase of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Begins – My Predictions

A New, Cruel Phase of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Begins – My Predictions

Let’s go through this step by step.

You have seen in the mainstream media that Russia has started to surround and attack cities in western Ukraine. This will be a new level of damage, making the hardships of the Ukrainian people much worse. Putin already has the major cities surrounded. This phase will be designed to cause pain and suffering, but still abide by the principle that civilians are to be left alone where possible – just not has carefully as before.

This is a measured increase. We already know Putin’s strategy and his goals, they have been laid out neatly.

Note that this increase in pressure is happening, just as talks between Russia and Ukraine taking place in Turkey have failed. Putin expected the failure, and that was the trigger for the new phase.

It is very simple. Ukraine did not agree to Putin’s demands. Putin has ramped up, applying his chokehold a little tighter, knowing that the suffering he is causing in Ukraine will reach the ears of Zelenskyy.

The mainstream media keeps talking about how brave the Ukrainians are and how surprised the Russians were at the resistance of the Ukrainian army. That is complete BS. The Russians are in complete control.

It has only been two weeks since the offensive started. One commentator pointed out that the Russian military is actually moving faster than the famous German Blitzkrieg in World War II. Mainstream media claims that Russia is having a hard time and has yet to take a major city. In reality, Russia has them surrounded, they can do whatever they want. What else do they need?

I believe Putin has at least three more levels of pain that he can inflict.

My predictions:

1. This will be a new phase designed to cause suffering in Ukraine.

2. Civilians will still not be the primary targets, but the Russians will be less careful.

3. Russia and Ukraine will be back a the negotiating table within a week.

4. That will also fail. Putin will again raise the level of suffering in Ukraine. Civilians will “accidentally” be in the line of fire. All utilities will be cut off, escape corridors will slow to a trickle, people will start to starve, the noose will tighten more.

5. U.S. and E.U. will attempt to send in aid, but none of the weapons will be there in time, any food sent will be intercepted or stolen, it will be too little too late.

6. Zelenskyy will acquiesce to Putin’s demands by the end of March.

Sorry folks, I hope that I am wrong. But I don’t see the creativity, urgency and guts in the U.S. and E.U. responses that leads me to believe the responses will not affect Putin’s plan. The sanctions will not be effective quickly enough to pressure Russia. Once Ukraine surrenders, the world will response to the emotional pleas of Zelenskyy to settle quickly.

I just wish America had better leadership.

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  1. Larry kuhn

    The people in Ukraine should fight to the finish. But remember. This shit wouldn’t have happened on Trump’s watch

    • Tommie


  2. Tommie

    Sounds about right.

    • Albert

      My prediction is that Frank and Ben will go join the Russians

      • Joe Gilbertson

        And the average IQ of both sides will rise.

  3. Micala

    Again, the 2020 Election was rigged so DJT would loose.
    This has been an opportunity for Putin/China all along — with the help of a very ignorant democrat party!

    Firstly, events keeping DJT from a 2nd term in the White House, then WEAKENING THE WORLD COUNTRIES BY SPREADING A BIOWEAPON CREATED IN THE WUHAN VIROLOGY LAB IN CHINA! Two major actions that made Putin emboldened to invade the Ukraine…which he did!

    My guess is that China is waiting to see how our World Nations react to Putin’s invasion. If Putin’s actions are ignored and he conquers the Ukraine, China WILL INVADE TAIWAN, that’s a given!

    This is a STRATEGY created by both Russia and China together. Without a Strong Powerful INTELLIGENT PRESIDENT in the U.S., there is no opposition to Russia/China’s plan! The U.S. has always been the Nation to step up and talk down a situation like this.. But with biddyboy Biden, there are none of those qualities and he prefers his basement and video games to reality!

    My suggestion is to gather those idiot democrats responsible for this imbecilic stealing of our election, and dump them in the chaos in the Ukraine so the Ukrainians can use them for shields. At least they are good for something!

    If Putin plans on slowly strangling the breath out of the Ukrainian people until they give in. pray God strangles the breath from Putin’s own lungs and ends this nightmare for the Ukraine, China, and the World!

    THERE HAVE BEEN ENOUGH TYRANTS IN OUR WORLD! It’s time PEACE and RESPECT flows from Country to Country…again! The first step is removing that slug in our White House — and replacing that administration with the Trump Administration — so America can once again help stop aggression from both Russia and China, bringing Peace back to the forefront!