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A Brewing Civil War

A Brewing Civil War

The state of California is a well-known bastion of progressive liberalism and is the lynchpin in the Democrat Party tapestry. It is a place known for its coastal elites and its neo-Marxist youth. To be a Republican in this state is just shy of being a crime. There are very few Republican Congressmen from the state and any conservative—defined as “anything right of ‘Lenin’”– is shunned and silenced. 

It is the state of Berkeley, once the heart of the free speech movement, but now the cornerstone of the leftist thuggery we have come to expect in the Trump Era. (Remember Professor Bike Lock Beat-Down?) The system of election used for the Governorship and the Senate is the “jungle primary” where the top two contenders go to the general election regardless of the political party. This, of course, was passed to make sure that no Republican even made it to the general election. In short, the state is dominated by Democrats, ruled by Democrats, perpetuated by Democrats, and follows the Democrat ideology to the extreme. 

Being a Democrat running for office should be a shoe-in. However, in such an ironclad system, one will inevitably find political opposition and debate. Even among Democrats ideals and values vary and in the state of California, this diversity of thought is turning into a political civil war. This civil war could, in theory, actually serve to divide the Democrat majority enough to allow a Republican to sneak a win on something like the governorship.

There are two types of Democrats in the state of California. 

The first is colloquially referred to as the Establishment Democrat. This type of Democrat normally is a little older and bit less extreme in their political agenda. They are the wealthy of the state that includes Silicon Valley and Hollywood production centers as well as the suburbanite middle-class. These Democrats tend to have a more moderate view on things and represents a sizable portion of the Democrat electorate outside of the major cities. These folks range from Blue-Dog-ish to “voted for Gary Johnson.”  

Then, there’s the other type of Democrat, now sometimes referred to as a “Bernie-crat.” This is the Progressive Wing, and it’s made up of the younger, more extreme version of Democrat. They basically want Soviet-style government in California, which appeals of course to irresponsible youths who want someone else to take care of the needs in their life so they can focus on the wants of art, music, and frivolity. These two forces are at loggerheads lately over the state’s attempt to install a single-payer health care system which turned out to be—shockingly– too expensive to implement effectively. When the Bernie-nuts heard they weren’t getting free health care from rich people taxes, they began attacking their own Democrats in the State Assembly.

Let’s look at the progress of things. First, the state of California decides it wants to lead the way on proving that a single-payer health care system can work in America. The State Assembly begins drafting a proposal to implement such a scheme. When the number-crunchers came back with the tab on such a proposal, the Democrats in the Assembly nearly fainted. The health-care plan would have cost $400 billion (that’s with a b) just to operate. 

To put that in perspective, the current budget of the California state expenditures on health care is $179 billion. This means that Californians would have to come up with over $200 billion in additional revenue (that means more taxes in one of the highest taxed states in the land) annually. The California Chamber of Commerce obviously came back saying that this would be a disaster for businesses as it would be the business sector and the wealthy (you know the business-makers and owners) to come up with this kind of cash for the masses.

Even Democrats have some semblance of knowledge regarding budgets and decided not to push forward the bill. This set off the Bernie-crats who began amassing the same vitriol mostly reserved for Republicans or anything that smacks of conservatism against their own kind.

The Bernie-crats painted the Democrats who didn’t want to destroy what remains of California’s economy as traitors to the cause. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon spoke out against this violence (funny how he and his kind never spoke out against violence towards Republicans but that’s a different matter) after receiving death threats and having to put the Statehouse under increased security. How does it feel, Tony? 

The Bernie-crats were even more incensed by the vote for a new Democrat State Party Chair, a powerful position in the greater Democrat structure, where the position was given to a well-known establishment Democrat Eric Bauman. The Bernie-crats wanted one of their own and demanded a recount on the party vote but this was not allowed under Party rules. 

(Though on a side-note, it should be noted that you very much have to show an ID to vote in the Democrat Party apparatus AND you have to SIGN the ballot! Imagine that, you have to show ID and sign your ballot to vote for a party boss but not an elected representative to the federal government? Shows you where their priorities lie, I suppose.)

The Bernie-crats continue to call for massive spending and government expansion which has even some Democrats worried about going too far. They are demanding an end to all hydraulic-fracturing in the state, even though it is a sizable bit of income to the state of California and a job producer. They also want free college, free health care, free housing, free food, and (seriously) free tampons and menstrual pads. They do not care how much money it would take to get it as long as it comes from those filthy fat cats who employ their parents. 

That’ll teach ‘em. 

I can’t help but not take these people seriously because it is the bemoaning of college kids who have no idea how anything works and instead of learning to take care of themselves, decide someone else needs to do that for them. This attitude, however, is not popular among the vast middle class of the Democrats in the state and their rhetoric may, in fact, be hurting their chances at maintaining a party majority in California.

This on-going war between the Establishment and Progressive wings of the party has allowed for opportunities to arise for Republicans and Independents to sneak through and possibly pose a risk to the Democrat fire-wall. With their votes divided a third candidate could feasibly win allowing for Republicans to make a comeback in a state where they are, for all intents and purposes, more illegal than illegal aliens.


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