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“2000 Mules” is the Smoking Gun for 2020 Voter Fraud

“2000 Mules” is the Smoking Gun for 2020 Voter Fraud

I watched the Dinesh D’Souza today “2000 Mules” today which talks about election fraud in the 2020 election.  I expect to get banned from Facebook for posting this – but screw them.

It is horrifying.

Based on this movie, I’m convinced that the 2020 elections were stolen –  a fraud conceived, funded, organized and implemented by the Democrats and liberal non-profits.

The organization that did this investigation,, has gathered location data from cell phones around the vote drop boxes in the key swing states.  They collected 10 petabytes of this information and then sorted for phones that had visited more than 10 ballot boxes in the time leading up to the election.

They compiled the data looking for fraud patterns and found 2000 “mules” (people who go from box to box depositing fraudulent votes) who averaged visits to 38 ballot boxes. They were careful about this analysis, excluding any possibility of coincidental visits. And these are just the mules who are obviously and notoriously doing this. If they lower the criteria to 5 ballot boxes, the number goes up to 54,000 mules.   

This is not just anecdotal data, this is a comprehensive measurement of vote fraud that, I am convinced, won this election for Joe Biden.

In the diagram below, we see an example pattern of an individual who visited 28 ballot boxes (some of which were well off the beaten path, and 5 different liberal organizations  – ALL IN A SINGLE DAY

This is a 24 hour path, the orange dots are ballot boxes, the large blue dots are liberal organizations visited.

In one case, in a given period of time between vote collections, they found about 200 phone signatures around a dropbox. The records show that over 1900 votes were collected from this box at the end of this period. 

They also gathered over 4 million minutes of ballot box video surveillance and showed some mules clearly depositing multiple ballots in a box (mules, who visited other ballot boxes on the same day).  In every state, it is illegal to gather or deposit ballots into a ballot box except for yourself and your family members.

Philadelphia had over 1100 mules, averaging visits to more than 50 dropboxes, many of them coming over from New Jersey.

2000 mules x 38 poll places visited x 5 votes each total to  380,000 illegal votes in the swing states.

Their analysis is as follows:

  • Michigan  – 500 mules identified x50 locations on average x5 votes per visit –  125,000 total illegal votes which is less than the 154,000 difference (Biden still wins)
  • Wisconsin – 100x28x5 = 14,000 votes short of 20,000 vote difference (Biden still wins)
  • Georgia – 250 x24 x5 = 30,000 votes – more than the 12000 difference. (Switch to Trump)
  • Arizona – 200x20x5 = 20,000 votes – more than 10,000 margin (Switch to Trump)
  • Philly – 1100x50x5 = 275.000 votes  more than 80,000 margin (Switch to Trump)

With just these figures, Trump would have won the election 279 to 259. But remember these are the cases where the statistics are obvious, where the signal-to-noise ratios are very high.  If you loosen the criteria, Trump would have taken all of these states, and won 305 to 233.

During one of the debates before the election, Donald Trump said that mail-in voting was a disaster and that we would see the worst fraud in history.

He was correct.

So now we have the identifying information and phone location data of 2000 operatives who illegally manipulated our voting system to change an election. It would be very nice to have the FBI take that list, arrest people and start questioning them about what they did. We need to find their bosses.  We need to find their funding sources.  People need to go to jail.

And by the way, here some supposed “fact checkers” comments:

Denver Post – “false assumptions about the precision of cellphone tracking data” Really? It’s GPS guys, very very precise. This article is a series of gratuitous denials – much like the ones I make below,except that theirs are way less likely and far more whiny. But is it not surprising that THIS IS THE TOP SEARCH RESULT IN GOOGLE when searching for the movie.

The Orange County Register – Same as the Denver Post. “Gaping holes” they say. It is always amazing to me how journalists will claim “faulty analysis” when a) they have not looked at the data, and b) they know nothing about analysis. The documentary does not claim to be able to present evidence in court to throw 2000 people in jail (that would be the FBI’s job). But the statistical evidence is proof beyond doubt – subject to my own disclaimers below.


As a natural skeptic, I want to make the following disclaimers.

The result of this methodology if followed rigorously is solid evidence. But I was not personally involved and can’t guarantee that these guys have followed the methodology they claim. I’m assuming they were able to correlate and eliminate the normal patterns associated with servicing the ballot boxes. These were professional analysts, so it is likely they took this and much more into account. I believe the next move is for federal investigators to verify the data and the methodology, and then arrest and interview the 2000 mules.  Any takers? No? Big surprise…

A lot of the collateral data from the movie is episodic, i.e. individual instances which support the conclusions but do not prove them. A logical fallacy, you can’t go from specific to general.  I’m not saying it is false, I’m saying they don’t contribute directly to the overall case but more as color commentary.  The hard data is the location data and analysis.

One might also claim that the Republicans have done the same. There is no evidence presented to that effect, but it’s a possibility. claims to be non-partisan, and they talked about some cases where Republicans were the culprit.

I will also refrain from commenting on the gross breach of privacy from methods like this. This is the same methodology the FBI used to arrest people for participation in the January 6 protests.

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  1. Ben

    The election was stolen

  2. Tony Bell

    No, 2000 mules reveals the ballistic match of weapon to the crime.

  3. JERRY Leonard

    From reading about this documentary and it’s finding, I have to say the democrats that allowed the voting debacle of 2020 have corrupted our voting system, have created an illegal election and President that never was, but the Republican party is culpable in shirking their responsibility of not only oversight, but taking the contributions that were supposed to go for that oversight to fill the RND coffers instead of using it for it’s designed purpose. Both parties have shown themselves to be reprehensible and profit that the swamp is alive and well.

  4. Robert Bartlett

    I beleave this Fraud has been going on for quite some time…And I think it’s been going on since before obama…During his time for running for president was the proving ground for this system…

  5. Ben

    Uh oh, caught us red handed with anonymous tracking proving that people drive around town. It’s the smoking gun. Even have a guy saying he saw a guy. Damn, that’s solid. Shocking. Turns out 2,000 mules were all working for Trumpulicants as decoys.

    Take it to court, not the movies. Movies make money, courts make rulings.

    Great entertainment, need extra popcorn.

    Donate to Don today. That’s real voter fraud.

    • Andy

      The part that wasn’t explained well was that they had videos from the states of the actual drop boxes. This was obtained from the state since they record video of each drop box. That is where they identify the bad actors.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        I didn’t go into that as much because they only had examples of this. It supports their methodology, but it would not be enough without the statistical proof.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      This should have been the job of the FBI, they should be taking this to court.

      • ben

        Actually……Government officials, voters, candidates, campaigns, and satellite groups all have legal standing to file voter fraud election lawsuits. All you have to do to have standing is show that you have been affected negatively and that there can be a court-ordered remedy. Trumplicants have a lot of experience at entering into these lawsuits, starting should be a piece of cake. Of course, you are slower to the finish line than a Kentucky Derby favorite, but……there’s always hope. Hope and donations. That’s Don’s story and he’s sticking to it, or sticking it to you, you be the judge.

        So, you can bitch and moan about the FBI and other voter fraud police and declare yourself put upon by the Dark Forces of Evil once again OR you can have the strength of your convictions to put yourself on the line, put on your big boy shorts, and take it to court.

        You say you gots the stuff, so strut your stuff. Have some balls. At least —- Donate to Don, he needs your money more than ever to fight for you, to support you, to cry for you all the way to the Russian Bank of Putin. ha, ha, ha, ha. CRICKETS. It goes no where.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          And the political powers have the ability to turn those away, as they have been, corruption abounds. But these are criminal actions and should be prosecuted as such.

          As for “slower to the finish line,” imagine how long it would take you to go through 10 petabytes of data, even if you knew what you were doing. Especially without the support of the law enforcement organizations who are supposed to be doing it, having active opposition in every relevant political realm, and the ridicule of a corrupted media.

          Of course you probably wanted a senile president, and a crappy economy and runaway inflation and a war where people are dying needlessly.

          And you can bet your ass that facebook will censor this story.

          • Ben

            Poor, poor, put upon Joe…..Full of piss n b vinegar and not a pot to piss in. Facebook censors, FBI won’t do your bidding on Biden, press is against you, turned away, turned down, you say corruption abounds. Zounds! Or maybe you just suck at making sense. Maybe having lost sight of your values, giving up on gaving any integrity, you decided to double down on the crazy because you know, in your heart, that the only way for Donald J Trump loses is if the others guy cheats.

            He told you that before Hillary, Joe, even before he put his hat in the ring. And you believe the world’s greatest liar.

            Slow to the finish line refers to your ability to start over 60 court cases and have all of them thrown out of court since you can’t cross the finish line. I would expect the same will happen here if you even had the balls to bring it to court. Remember, if the movie maker brings her to court, chances are that’s the end of movie ticket sales… The best conspiracies are the ones that can be neither proven or disproven, especially if people keep buying tickets.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Except that this “conspiracy theory” has just been proven. Perhaps something interesting will happen when Republicans have control of Congress next year.

          • ben


            So, every documentary that’s out there is proven until disproven?

            If you are so, so, sure it’s proven, then why not take it to court? Are you afraid that, under the threat of perjury, that your proof will go puff. Just as it have in over 63 of these court cases?

            I mean think about it: they got all this proof of people driving around, videos of people walking around, they’re going by drop boxes, they’re going by all these liberal organizations, and yet —– you can not find one piece of orchestration at all. No conspiracy at all. Just a bunch of random acts that can be made to look conspiratorial. Go for it!!!

            Now, here’s some voter fraud:


          • Joe Gilbertson

            What are you talking about? The documentary provides the evidence. As long as they followed their own methodology, and as long as they took account of certain things (as I put in my disclaimer), this is proof well beyond doubt.

            I’m sorry your small child-like mind can’t hold all of this at the same time, but the grownups in the space who have more than a third grade expertise in math can assure you that it is not random, and that the logic, methodology and conclusions are sound.

          • Ben

            Why do you belittle your readers; is it just to demean someone with a different opinion. Not cool, petty. But you can make yourself feel better by saying “he does it to.”

            There are plenty of very intelligent people with great credentials that are naysayers to this report. They have the evidence. It’s not just me.

            But the real test is whether someone can take it to court. If it’s the smoking gun tou say it is, in the words of the Almighty Mickey from Rocky, specifically Rocky II,“what are we waiting for, take this.” If you are right, it would cost you very little to prove it in court, Trump has a whole fleet of donor supported lawyers to help. if you had the balls. Only 63 failures before you, you can be the answer to the $64 million dollar question. You would be legendary. Forever.

            Like I said, everyone makes more money if it doesn’t go to court. Follow the money.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            We only hurt the ones we love.

            There are NOT credible people who are naysayers to this report, because none of the naysayers have looked at the analysis. The documentary has only been out a few days, it would take longer than that to just to examine the methodology. That’s none. Nobody. Everything you have heard is gratuitous BS.

            Yes, but the FBI has to be the one to investigate the criminals and take it to court.

            Guess how much money we make if Biden’s incompetence cause inflation to go through the roof.

          • Ben

            Why does the FBI have to investigate? You say you have all the data, it’s valid, it’s a smoking gun, the methodology is perfect, you seem ready to go. As I told you, anyone can bring a case, you do not need the FBI if you’ve got the goods and you say you’ve got the goods.

            You say you’ve got the goods, and it’s a really good study, but yet if someone disagrees with the study, then you say they don’t have enough time to review it. You had enough time to review it and you say it’s good , why can’t they?

            I really can’t understand the rest of your rambling know what it has to do with anything so I’m gonna stop there.

        • JERRY Leonard

          You seem to forget that it has been taken to court in several places, but what’s interesting is the locations like Arizona that were contested and went to Joe were also liberal judicial system s that refused to prosecute. We’ve seen where Obama and Kerry responded the fbi, Obama also appointed a large number of liberal judges effectively doing the same to huge areas of the judicial system. Interesting how these areas are the very ones where these drop boxes were approved and used and where phones were followed. The groundwork was laid by Obama for this dimocratic dictatorship in case of a Republican win, then Pelosi and the dims came up with their you can vote without identification corruption of the voting system. But you don’t have to defend the deceit of the dims to me , since the republicans refused to properly oversee the election not did they follow up investigating properly but kept the contributions requested . If you want a better story about the Republican corruption, there’s a YouTube video with Joe Rogan interviewing one of the lawyers hired to help Trump’s contesting of the election. As I said the swamp protects itself.

          • Lee mckineY

            If liberals are allowed to call elections it’s always going their way. They think that democrats are God’s chosen people. But in reality they are the shit piles of satan.

      • Joyce mccarthy

        Not gonna happen. The American government is too corrupt and was made that way by the democrats

    • JERRY Leonard

      As you pointed out yourself, to do anything, trump asks for donations. He doesn’t pay for anything he doesn’t have to and maybe not then. That being said them you say his ” people ” were the ones that drive around to the drop offs unpaid and with nothing to gain, compared to the dims one Pelosi who has ” invested wisely” in stock of companies she was about to approve for government contracts or AOC who paid her boyfriend out of her election coffers hundreds of thousands to advertise for her and, oh well , the list goes on. And that list is all thanks to you and based on how smart you are. They are very grateful .

  6. Kenneth

    Beating a dead horse. We know 2020 vote was fraudulent. Move on.

    • frank stetson

      And I know Donald J. Trump is in Putin’s pocket.
      Move on.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Yes, you “know” that. And that is why Putin waited to attack Ukraine until Trump’s term was over. Makes perfect sense.

      • JERRY Leonard

        You don’t KNOW anything if that’s the level of your so called knowledge.

    • JERRY Leonard

      I can see you don’t watch the view ( your obviously an intelligent person) but I did see a clip of recent events still being blamed on Trump. The dims won’t let him go or worry about 2024.

  7. frank stetson

    Take it to court.

    Oh wait, you make more money by taking it to the movies…….

    • ben

      Can’t wait till The Hunter Laptop Story comes to the big screen.

    • JERRY Leonard

      It was taken to court and left unprocecuted by liberal has or refused to convict by liberal judges. It’s been in the news , just not on CNN, which must be , has to be your nonews of choice. You no doubt went to see ” an inconvenient truth ” and now you’ve got another one.

      • Ben

        They approached Georgia and got tossed for lack of evidence. Have not approached other states.

  8. Rat Wrangler

    To the courts, the prosecutors, the law enforcement officers, and to most of the People, a “smoking gun” is considered irrefutable evidence of a crime having been committed. The evidence of the gun is laid before the judge and jury, and guilt is proclaimed. So far, no evidence shown in this video has been laid before a judge, a jury, or the Supreme Court, and there is no indication it will be, so how is this to be considered irrefutable? In spite of what some say, there was a fairly large amount of evidence proving fraud in the 2020 election, and a lot of people were charged and found guilty of the crimes. Was it enough to change the outcome of the election? We don’t know, as that level of evidence has yet to be presented.

    • Frank stetson

      This is not frank stetson. This is dipshit boy who has to hide on an anonymous web site. Larry can’t stop this. Why?

      • Proud southerner

        Frank we know it’s you. Are you starving for attention? Or are you just weird? Was your skin crawling?

        • Proud souther

          Wait. Which Frank do you mean?

  9. frank stetson

    Joe, as you know, D’Souza is a convicted campaign finance felon, pardoned by Turnip, with a long history of incendiary tactics like outing gays at Harvard, making fun of Parkland shooting survivors, and one time, on the record, saying slaves had it pretty good. He’s an Obama birther who believes Soros funds Antifa and NAZIs. He is an early architect of The Big Lie who went into this “research” with a predetermined outcome —- FRAUD. Your so-called expert is biased from the get go, according to his own words.

    Some simple facts: first, if this was so hot, why not give the stuff to prosecutors instead of a money-making movie? Georgia turned them down for “lack of evidence.” Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin prosecutors haven’t heard a peep from these folks yet. They are not offering a reward, I guess. The fact is, this about making some money. It may be searching for the truth, but it is definitely about making some money.

    Second, why no witnesses, no collaboration. This was a HUGE undertaking with thousands of people participating. Thousands of participants. Yet the miniscule ballot box harvesting, stuffing, whatever, that has convictions for 2020 is by Republicans. And this is mostly onesie, twosie sort of stuff, lots of mistaking ideas about how to vote. True the Voice says they have A WITNESS, one. But, True to Form, they have not produced them. Wonder how much that will cost.

    Most important —- the actual evidence has not been made public. Wonder why…..

    The bottom line is they have evidence so hot that they have to make a movie but just can’t turn the stuff over to prosecutors. They have produced no witnesses, no collaboration, and the cell phone stuff is directional, at best, not the smoking gun Joe so firmly believes in without any substantial collaboration. Thousands of people, thousands of ballot boxes, numerous States, and no collaboration. No sources. Weak tea.

    Snopes debunks it: “But that’s based on faulty assumptions, anonymous accounts and improper analysis of cellphone location data, which is not precise enough to confirm that somebody deposited a ballot into a drop box, according to experts.”

    Politifact debunks it: “Experts say the evidence D’Souza points to is inherently flawed. “If there is credible evidence, where is it?” said Kenneth Mayer, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “This is not it.”

    “D’Souza’s argument ignores that in many states, it is legal to drop off a ballot on behalf of another voter….”

    “True the Vote told Wisconsin lawmakers that they aren’t alleging that the ballots were illegal, but that the process was abused.”

    “Such a scheme employing people to collect ballots would likely have come to light by now, said Michael McDonald, a University of Florida political scientist: “There would be a paper trail and social media trail and there would be some witnesses out there to verify this was going on.”

    The Associated Press debunks it: ““You could use cellular evidence to say this person was in that area, but to say they were at the ballot box, you’re stretching it a lot,” said Aaron Striegel, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Notre Dame. “There’s always a pretty healthy amount of uncertainty that comes with this.”

    At this point it sort sounds like Hunter Biden’s laptop all over again. A lot of smoke, little fire, and lots of questions on the veracity of the data. In Hunter’s case, a blind Trump zealot identifies the owner as Hunter. He’s got a signature, it says “Hunter.” He smells alcohol, must be Hunter. He gets no return address, strange. We have no proof it was Hunter or his signature. The laptops lie around for three years, the guy supposedly makes hard drive copies and then Trump’s lawyers get them, Bannon gets them, the press gets them, even the Russians claim to have them. A few of the emails are authenticated by secondary sources by the NYT which really does not fess up making the smoke, smokier. And that’s all we know currently. It’s not a smoking gun yet, but I give it a better chance than this one: IMO. On this one, a Trumplicant zealot conducts biased research by a right-wing think tank that shows many people get close to many ballot boxes while also getting close to a liberal organization building all of which are located in highly trafficked areas. A Senator is snagged in this sting —- he never used the ballot box, but he sure as hell was close to them, many times. Ooops. Is this smoke — sure. Is this fire —- not even close? Joe’s experts are biased, have invested over $1M in the project, and are trying to make a buck. Don needs donations so he likes anything that supports The Big Lie and it’s cash flow. Court would probably end it so we won’t rush that, just scream “where’s the FBI?” Of course, the answer is —— True the Vote has not provided prosecutors with the data, what’s the hurry?

    Like Hunter Biden’s laptop, I put this is the trust-but verify category with verification not taking place yet. The experts I provided are really taking a swag at it, asking some questions, but they too, have not gotten a data dump yet. Still needs confirmation, but looks doubtful, more so every day they don’t allow a transparent view of the research.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I do know D’Souza’s history, clearly you don’t.

      Snopes is liberal crap.

      Nothing in your rant makes sense. It seems like you are saying liberals don’t believe this, over and over again. I get it, another example where you close your eyes tight and shake your head no.

      • Clifford mckinney

        The trolls doesn’t really care if voter fraud is true or not. ( it is). They are very pleased that nothing was done about it. They don’t want fairness. Just their Marxist clowns in charge

      • ben

        “I do know D’Souza’s history, clearly you don’t.” Really… what I said, you refute? Refuting the guy’s own words? I know you like to do that with Turnip, just make up what you think he said, but D’Souza too.

        Multiple polysci professors — nah. Georgia prosecutors — nope, can’t trust. Computer Sci professor — whatta he knows, forget it. You have the open mind of a tripped bear trap.

        The rest of your rant is just discounting all because you don’t like where it’s going against the narrative that gets you all warm and fuzzy — The Big Lie. And so you factually take on the detractors: Snopes — liberal, so that’s x’d out. Associated Press — just ignore them, probably due to MSM affiliations, who knows, you ain’t talking. Politifact — Ignore them too. Just brush it all off as liberal dogma. OK, so much for the critical commentary from experts. Just the wink of your eye and they are out-of-here.

        You call that a discussion.

        Sorry buddy, but you got a biased Trumplicant hiring a right-wing think tank to prove his foregone conclusion for over a million bucks. That alone should make anyone suspect of the data and the results.

        But again, until you take it to court —— it’s an alleged conjecture at best. At worse, just another fundraiser for Donald J. Trump and associates fueling the fools who believe The Big Lie that is still unproven, and often disproven —— at least 63 TIMES IN COURT. This time, your side seems either too afraid to try, or too much liking the money you fools keep anteing up.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          All of this ranting and raving and you still have not actually read the article or seen the movie. You still do not understand how the statistics work in showing massive fraud.

          And I know you won’t ever see it, that is the nature of your psychosis.

          • Ben

            Now you’re just making stuff up. You’re guessing at my actions and you’re judging me based on your guesses. It’s all part of a lyour diversion so you don’t have to really discuss the issue. You just call names, raise false flags, reject any evidence, and then say it’s all proven but the FBI won’t investigate your smoking gun.

            It’s a conspiracy. It’s a witchhunt. Everyone knows they cheated. It’s just that no one can catch them. Maybe if you spend more time looking for solutions instead of crying wolf, America might move forward again

            I told you anyone can take this to court. Everyone has standing. Think you have a case, think you have rhe facts. think you have the evidence, take it to court. Otherwise you’re just a bunch of pussies pushing hot air

            I provided some criticism. Your said is there were any experts. I provided some experts. Your doubted their veracity. I provided some sources. You said they were liberal.

            And then you accuse me of not reading, watching,. Etc. I think we call that pot – kettle.

            I don’t have to stick my nose in it to know that it smells like shit. I can tell from a distance.

            The criticism stands. It’s OK if you are afraid to engage and would rather duck the issue, I understand your reticence to refute the rebuttal. I mean this guy is more whack than your Falun Gung news source. Time will tell. Maybe the New York Times will authenticate a few of the emails for you… That was a hunter joke, get it? Maybe Donald Trump and his lawyers will pick up the baton and take it to court. Or maybe the movie makers and Donald J Trump will move it for every donation they could ever get from every sucker out there hoping for Donald J Trump to be reborn as the rightful 2020 president.

            I wonder if Larry believes this shit. Because I think he stated he’s not a real proponent of the big lie. A little crack in the Bromance of tighty righty whitey political thinkers?

    • JERRY Leonard

      That’s a lot of rant — talk about smoke and fire. First let’s destroy the character of the accuser, then show he is a right wing advocate, then there’s no evidence, etc. etc. Then , the question why not take it to court, clearly forgetting it did go there in some places where it wasn’t blocked by a liberal ag — seems much of the ballot stuffing was in areas with liberal court system s. And then you bring up the Biden laptop, which means you’re not a loyal dimocrat, even when you poo poo it’s evidence, because all loyal democrats are either mum on Hunter and Joe or they want to hurt that evidence. Point is you can’t prove those stuffed ballots were Joe Biden votes. Well, except, if they had been Trump votes, you’d think he’d be in DC and not Florida and we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

  10. ben

    “First let’s destroy the character of the accuser” by printing his own words.

    “then show he is a right wing advocate,” by repeating what the man says he is.

    “Point is you can’t prove those stuffed ballots were Joe Biden votes. Well, except, if they had been Trump votes, you’d think he’d be in DC and not Florida and we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.” Is there salt on that pretzel logic?

    Factually, you can’t even prove there are any stuffed ballots. You can proved people drive highly trafficked areas. Good. Like I said, one guy you caught in your sting is a Senator that was supposed to be there. oh no. How many others were doing other things like this guy? Did you find any sources? Did you find any fraudulent votes?

    Do any of you have the balls to take this crap to court? so far, CRICKETS. Joe just whine, ‘it must be true, because the FBI has not indicted……” Oye. Sigh. Idiots.

    Remember, you’ll always have Benghazi where Hillary killed thousands.

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