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Violent Mob of 40 Attacks California Officer

Violent Mob of 40 Attacks California Officer

On Sunday, 40 people gathered and attacked a California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicle as the officer tried to pull over a reckless driver in Fresno, California. 

While attacking the car, the group assaulted the officer with offensive and racist language. The incident was caught on video, where one of the aggressors is caught saying, “F*ck the police n**ga. We run the streets motha f*cker. You feel me? Fresno n**ga.” Others from the crowd shouted similar obscenities, which are often used in Black Lives Matter protests.

Caution, the video below contains the language mention above.

“The CHP officer was patrolling the area when he approached a crowd of 40 people who were surrounding a white Chevrolet Tahoe doing doughnuts. As the officer got out of his vehicle to approach the driver, the Tahoe sped off. The officer got back in his SUV to chase the Tahoe, but the crowd surrounded the vehicle and began damaging it. Casto said it was unclear what the crowd used, but they managed to break several windows,” according to the Fresno Bee, a local newspaper.  

The time of the incident was at approximately 3:40 pm and the officer was not injured. Even though, the first strike to the car was at the driver side window.

The SUV has $12,000 in damage. No one has been arrested, but perpetrators could face some criminal charges, including assault and vandalism.  

This assault occurred just a day before the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton referred to the nation as racist and pointed the blame on racist police officers.

Clinton was asked by moderator Lester Holt, “Last week you said that we have to do everything possible to improve policing to go right at implicit bias. Do you believe police are implicitly biased against black people?” 

And her response: “I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. I think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other and therefore I think we need all of us to be asked the hard questions ‘why am I feeling this way?’”

Basically she said that “implicit bias” has to be improved in police departments aka that police officers are racist. The constant pointing the finger at police is only perpetuating the riots. Obama has consistently added fuel to fire by siding with Black Lives Matter and dividing the country. Clinton has demonstration she will only continue his policy. We need someone to change the narrative and stick up for the officers who are being attacked just because they are in uniform, like the California officer this weekend.


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