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Unbelievable: Obama Praises Black Lives Matter

Unbelievable: Obama Praises Black Lives Matter

According to President Obama, Black Lives Matter (BLM) has done “outstanding work.” 

Keep in mind this is the same group responsible for the violent riots that shook Ferguson and Baltimore following the deaths of Michael Brown in 2014 and Freddie Gray in 2015.

Even so, Obama congratulated young members of BLM for leading protests, mobilizing, and for shining “the light on the injustice that was happening.”



In reality, Black Lives Matter is a violent extremist group that has elevatd racial tensions and ruined the reputation of America’s hardworking police force.

President Obama thanked the leaders of this poisonous movement and even invited them into the White House. Apparently, continuous racial rioting is part of Obama’s vision for America.

Editor’s note: Thanks to the ‘leadership’ of Barack Obama, race relations are at their worst point since the 1960’s.

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  1. Larry, You felt the subject was important enough to write an entire paragraph refuting your pro war, anti life rant.…