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Trump Sues Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Trump Sues Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Today marks the dawn of a new hope for American freedom online. This morning, Donald Trump launched a class action lawsuit against big tech censorship and information suppression. Trump sued the giants of Facebook, Twitter and Google for violating human rights. This is the move that Conservatives, Democrats and independents across the country have been waiting for. It serves as an absolute necessity in order for freedom loving individuals of all backgrounds to have a future online. 

There is no one better to lead this case than Donald Trump, despite whatever opinion you have of the man.

If you have concerns about the censorship of information online for all individuals, who better than a former sitting President who multiple platforms unconstitutionally banned from speaking online? He has the experience, resources and backing necessary to actually stand up and accomplish something here. If he fails or the courts reject this cause, there is a great concern that no one in the future will be able to do anything about this issue.

Whether we are talking about the origins of Covid-19, the Hunter Biden story with the New York Post, or the millions of Americans who face suppression online in their daily lives, this should be a top priority of concern for every free thinking individual who cares about the flow of information online and what kind of power the tech giants have to be the gatekeepers of information online. Every individual from all backgrounds should support this cause. 

Appearing in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump announced the decision to sue Facebook, Google, and Twitter and filed the case in the Southern District of Florida. It is set in three separate complaints to the Miami federal court system.

Trump is the lead plaintiff in the cases. He is hoping to fight for the rights of all Americans’ freedom online. The America First Policy Institute is also supporting and backing the suit.

AFPI’s Pam Bonid said about the lawsuit that, “This isn’t just for conservatives, this is for our media… this is for Democrats and even progressives whose speech should be protected under the First Amendment… Do you remember that Tulsi Gabbard was censored when she was running for President?”

Google shut down Tulsi Gabbard’s ads account after being the most-searched speaker during one of the Democratic Presidential debates. Again, here is why everyone should be concerned.

Trump himself said at the press conference today that, “We’re demanding an end to the shadow-banning, a stop to the silencing, and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling… We will prove that this censorship is unlawful, it’s unconstitutional and it’s completely un-American… There is no better evidence that big tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the United States earlier this year… if they can do it to me they can do it to anyone. ” Exactly the point of why this case matters, for everyone. 

Do you have a story of censorship or suppression online that you’d like to share? 

Go to or to share your story with those leading the case or to donate and help fight for the cause to protect your freedom online.

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  1. TitTat

    Thank you Donald for carrying the weight for all the spineless weaklings like me.

  2. Ben

    First they came for trump’s Twitter account, but I didn’t care because I am a grown man and don’t use Twitter.

    The consensus is that this suit doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding.
    Did you just do an article on GETTR (done) ? If trump is able to freely express his opinions on the internet via his site, is he still aggrieved?
    Don’t PRIVATE companies have the right to enforce their terms of service agreements?
    If a PRIVATE company declines to allow you to use their product because of their firmly held beliefs, how is this different than the gay wedding cake scenario ?
    The first amendment prohibits the GOVERNMENT from penalizing you for your speech. How does this pertain to a PRIVATE company ?

  3. Ben

    Omg, I just read where this is going to backfire spectacularly. This is a HUGE lawsuit with far reaching implications as you note in your article.
    When you sue like that, there is going to be multi days worth of testimony. Trump is going to have to testify under oath for this lawsuit… including how he and his Twitter account contributed to 1-6.
    This is gunna be awesome!