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Trump Crosses the Border into North Korea

Trump Crosses the Border into North Korea

Today (Sunday), President Trump met Kim Jong Un at the DMZ between North and South Korea, and stepped over the line into North Korea, where the two shook hands. They then stepped to the South Korea side and shook hands again.  Donald Trump has become the first U.S. President in History to visit North Korea.

The meeting was proposed secretly a few days ago by Trump and accepted only at the last minute by Kim.

“It’s a great honor to be here,” Trump said, “I feel great.”

“This means that we can feel at ease,” Kim said of the meeting. “I believe that this will have a positive force on all of our discussions in the future.”Kim said this was “an expression of his willingness” to work towards building a new future.

They proceeded to have private talks for about 50 minutes.

This is the third meeting between the two, continuing a slow but unprecedented negotiation to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear capability.

Author’s note: Again to put this in perspective, this is a crisis. Trump’s predecessors allowed the North Korea problem to fester until North Korea became an actual nuclear power. North Korea has made moves to export nuclear weapons to radical states. EVERY president has paid lip service to this crisis, none have accomplished anything to mitigate the problem.

Trump is engaged, he has made progress, and he has done it without military force.  He has not given an inch on sanctions, and yet the talks continue.  Will he get an agreement? It’s tough to say, but at this point, I am optimistic.

Where is the Nobel committee? Do they not understand how peace is forged?

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  1. Alan Brandenburg

    This “war mongering” President has done more for peace around the world than most all of his predecessors.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Where is that damned Nobel committee? Somebody call them please…

      • Carlos Deste

        Nobel prizes go to unqualified community organizers and hyperbolic climate alarmists, NOT actual peacemakers

      • db

        You must be a community organizer who has lost your law license to practice in order to be given a Nobel Prize.

      • DB

        It’s still trying to figure out how Obama got one o their awards.

  2. bart

    I agree 100% Trump will go down as one of the greatest leaders in US history!

  3. Don Owens

    That’s why I love this President. You never know what he might do next. Making the world a better and safer place every day. MAGA & KAG

  4. Ken Hladek

    Negotiation at its best!

  5. Marvin Michelson

    This is great for America and hopefully will lead to more talks and prosperity for all. This shows our President is doing all he can to resolve any problems that he can.

  6. J J McFarland

    I only wish I had the words to express how thrilled I am that we have Donald J Trump as our President. Will absolutely NEVER understand why anyone in our country could possibly be against this man.

    • Connie

      President Trump is hated because he is against free speech, hates black people, is anti LGBT, sexually assaults women, and has orange hair. I learned these things from MSM, but the orange hair is the only one that was proven true. But now he is so busy making America great that he had to get a different hair stylist who is more into using blonde than orange. 😉

    • jane

      The people that are against him are just a bunch of low life moron losers, THE demonRATS

  7. Terrence Brown

    yes he is a great man and we need to keep him in office,

  8. Terrence Brown

    republicans must over come the socialists in this country, keep america free and way from politicians that want to run the country in the ground, and ruin it for all mankind, dictators like Harris, and others like her.
    god bless america,

    • Ray Berggren

      The problem is FAR bigger than you’ve expressed here. Look at the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) formed by Cecil Rhodes, of Rhodes scholar fame. The agenda is to bring the US population to its knees financially, so that we forfeit national sovereignty and accept their OWG (one world government)

      This has been in the works since WWI, and they’re growing impatient …

  9. Michael J. Agri Jr.

    It’s “the Vision thing” – Trump has it, while most politicians [and Presidents] don’t. And that vision is for a better America, not a “different”one that our founders would not recognize.

  10. Donna B. Collins

    Greatest President during my Lifetime! I began with FDR! 85 years!

  11. Chester

    Trump landslide 2020!

  12. DAV

    Poor, sad Obomma. He does not have ONE THING that he can call his legacy. I believe all the books in his ‘presidential library’ are all FICTION !!!

    • db

      Comedy or Fiction

    • db

      His legacy is the freedom oHillary Clinton and the deaths of an Ambassador and brave several dedicated men.

  13. Patti

    President Donald Trump continues to MAGA (Make America Great Again!). God Bless him and God Bless America.

  14. Former Marine

    this is the best President ever,2020 keep Trump,KT

  15. william yetman

    Presidents beyond 2024 will refer themselves to be like President Trump as they did with President Reagan. If only the media could be held accountable for there part in twisting the truth and lying to the American people. Everything President Trump has done is for the USA to become the Greatest and safest Country in the world. GO TRUMP 2020… You can bet he wont be a lame duck second term President…looking forward to what he will accomplish in his next term. As far as the Nobel Peace Prize, that became a joke when they gave it to Obummer…

  16. db

    The Democratic Party knows their goose is cooked and they will lose major seats in the house, senate, and Executive as well as have the SCOTUS changed to more Conservative if they don’t take him out one way or another. They are ferociously working at removing him by using lies, false charges or investigations, exaggerations, rogue new coverage, and anything else they can throw in his way as he attempts to right the USS United States. First this shows just how foul and corrupt the entrenched Washington DC Representatives and lobbyists are and how they could care less about doing their jobs as they rape the tax payers for every nickle they can squeeze out of them. Their pandering to the special interests programs and complete waste of vast amounts of money on programs that don’t benefit anyone or very few wile ignoring the safety and sovereignty of our nation should be criminal. We need to flush the corruption out of Washington DC and set term limits to ensure that dynasties of corruption, over reach, and abuse of power never happen again. Further the special laws that allow Senators and Representatives to use their privileges for personal gain should be taken away and they should be held to the same standards of the law that the average citizen must abide by. Insider trading makes all those representatives multi millionaires in short order. Money gives more power and more power gathers more money. No one should be above the law as we have seen in the last decade, ie: Hillary R. Clinton as an example. Anyone else would be in prison long ago.