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Protecting US Food Security: DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Chinese Citizens from Buying Land in Florida

Protecting US Food Security: DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Chinese Citizens from Buying Land in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has signed a number of bills aimed at reducing Chinese influence in the state, including one that bans Chinese citizens from purchasing land in the state unless they are also US citizens or permanent residents. This move comes amid concerns about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) efforts to acquire farmland throughout the United States, including in Florida.

During a press conference in Brooksville, Florida, DeSantis spoke about the importance of food security, saying that “we don’t want the CCP in charge of any food production.” He emphasized that “food security is also national security,” and that it is crucial to prevent the CCP from acquiring land for food production in the United States.

China currently owns 352,140 acres of US land, according to the US Department of Agriculture, which is approximately 1% of total foreign-held acres. Canadian investors owned the most foreign land in the US in 2020, with 12.4 million acres. Senate Bill 264, which DeSantis signed, also bans citizens of Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela from owning land within 10 miles of military bases and critical infrastructure like airports and power plants. However, only residents of China will be banned from owning land anywhere in Florida.

The move has drawn criticism from some Chinese-Americans who testified against the bill last month, fearing it could lead to discrimination. Others worry that the ban would prevent them from buying homes if they have not yet become lawful permanent residents. One H-1B visa holder, Zihua Hé, expressed concern that he would no longer be able to buy a house in Florida, saying, “It’s a part of my American dream.”

DeSantis has signed two additional bills aimed at reducing China’s influence in Florida. Senate Bill 258 blocks access to apps like TikTok on government-issued devices and networks, citing cybersecurity and privacy concerns. Senate Bill 846 prohibits Florida state universities and colleges from accepting grants from “foreign countries of concern” or participating in partnerships with universities based in such countries unless specific conditions are met.

DeSantis hopes that other states will follow Florida’s lead in combating the CCP’s influence. “We really need to have a unified effort in this country to deter the CCP’s ambitions and their influence,” he said, adding that “part of that is asserting our economic sovereignty.”

The move by Governor DeSantis has drawn attention and speculation about his future political ambitions. Now that Florida’s legislative session is over, he appears to be looking towards the future, including a potential presidential run in 2024. He has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s handling of the pandemic and has gained a significant following among conservatives across the country.

In addition to the bills aimed at reducing China’s influence in Florida, DeSantis also praised the passage of other laws during the legislative session, including measures aimed at “kneecapping” ESG in Florida, permitting the death penalty for those convicted of sexually abusing children, cracking down on fentanyl dealers, and more.

Overall, Governor DeSantis’s move to ban Chinese citizens from buying land in Florida has been met with both praise and criticism. While some applaud his efforts to protect US food security and reduce China’s influence in the state, others express concern about the potential for discrimination and its impact on Chinese-Americans living in Florida.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Wow, did you know that the Chinese were taking over Florida farmlands? soon, we will only be able to get Mandarin oranges. Did you know that Florida produces most of the agricultural goods for all of America? After the Chinese take over Florida, we will not be able to get milk, honey, beef, or Cheerios. My God the sky is falling. Next thing you know that Chinese will be in Florida yelling “where are the white women.” Oye..

    When it comes to good PR, it helps to have an enemy. Fear gets attention. Fear drives action.

    When you need an enemy, it helps if they are weak and insignificant. Especially if they look big, bad, and ugly. China is big, bad, ugly, in the world and insignificant in Florida agro. The perfect punching bag for fag hater Ronnie boy.

    I actually think at the national level we should be looking at who owns our land and assets. But bear in mind, the door swings both ways. The US owns over twice as much assets in foreign lands as foreigners own in our land. when it comes to taking over the world, we have already done it. And most of the folks who own our lands assets are our friends like the Canadiens and the British.

    That said, nationally, farmland is a hot commodity right now, and we really should focus on who owns what. We should strive for Fairplay and quid pro quo just like we do for all imports and exports. And we should be careful that anyone country owns enough of our assets to actually have the power to change the way we think. That’s the job of Congress and the president. Not Ron DeSantis.

    Especially we should clamp down with countries like China where by law we are precluded from owning much of anything. Fair is fair, perhaps they should own nothing here.

    However, DeSantis is nothing but a media seeking huckster looking for the spotlight without any risk or chance of blow back. I’m amazed that he goes after Disney, since he seems to want to put on a tutu and dance across the stage at every announcement.

    I think the funniest part of his law is the 5 mile rule where certain Chinese can only buy 2 acres or less but it must be 5 miles from the military installation. Because we all know how good tunnels work in Florida.

    Let’s take a quick look at this one. Florida produces less than 2% of the nations agricultural goods. We could sell the whole state and barely notice it in our food supply although I would be dreadfully lost without my monthly fruit fix during the winter months. I especially love the honeybells, a Florida secret that is golden and even middle class people can own it. No one knows whether and how much of Florida China owns. Ron didn’t mention that in his grand announcement; I mean, that would be like justification and you can’t have that. What you need is to just paint it as the biggest threat since sinkholes and that’ll do it and then get a good villain, like the Chinese, they even look evil. No one knows what FL China owns, but the best estimate is that the Chinese, own less than 1% of Florida farmland. So the risk to Florida is like 1% and for the nation 1%of2% oh no. Katie bar the door, the Chinese are coming. But if you put a tutu on, stand on one leg and bark like a dog at the moon, people may stop, look, and listen and then scream how the slants are coming for us once again, where’s my AR?. The perfect DeSantis formula. No blow back.

    So on this one, I say it would be a good idea to look nationally , but what DeSantis has done is yet another stunt that will change nothing and just cost FL tax dollars for vetting all Asians.. It appears that his tour de force is thrashing about but doing nothing. He is a paper, Tiger.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Wow Frank, I’ve never seen anyone flipflop so many times in a single response. But what you seem to be saying is that you like what Desantis did, but you deplore that it was Desantis who did it.

      • Wes Kussmaul

        Joe, I’m looking with a magnifying glass for a flip flop in Frank’s brilliant reply.
        You’re probably assuming that others won’t bother reading the long post and will assume you have a point, which you do not.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Did YOU read it? I’ve seen fish who would be envious of the flopping.

          • Frank stetson

            Can you actually show us one of the flip-flops that are so readily apparent to you?

            Why do I expect to be here in cricket soon?

          • Joe Gilbertson

            When you are sober again, and your vision clears, reread what you wrote.

          • Frank stetson

            So you can’t support your allegation leading one to believe you don’t gave a clue.

            Nor do you factually dispute Wes

            But since you can’t factually back up your spew, you make the choice to falsely demean me with your favorite defamation that I am a drunk. An impossibility.

            BUSTED for lack of evidence. Again. .

    • Spaceman spiff

      You know, “Frank”… This is another of those replies to something that shows you’re only out for one thing. Controversy. I think on succeeding days you’d possibly be pro-abortion one day and anti-abortion the next. Not sure of the Stetson political alignment, however. I think I read in one of your replies that Frank Stetson is not your actual name and you’re part of a group that is here to reply to everything and I think “call out silly ideas and such” and sting the writer as much as possible. Sounds to me like a bunch of curmudgeons sitting on the porch and cussing out the kids for hitting a baseball onto the lawn.
      Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of open debate. But sooner or later one actually needs to make a stand. For instance, I oppose abortion because I feel it’s nothing less than murder. Partly because of my upbringing and my own faith in my God and my Savior. But this feeling is heart-felt. It’s not political.
      I’m a retired Federal Civil Service employee and a Civil Engineer by trade. I’m 73 and somewhat of a curmudgeon myself, except for my grandkids. I’m at the point in life where I don’t really care what anyone thinks of my opinions other than God.
      If I may suggest…. Take a less critical line in your comments. Or, do you intend to be as Frederick Douglas once recommended when asked what one in his position should do. He replied, “Agitate… Agitate.” You’ve hit this idea right on the nose.
      I’d like to ask… Do you actually HAVE any deeply held beliefs and agenda? Or are you just out to agitate?

      • frank stetson

        No Spaceman; independent of Joe’s views, I am a pretty rock solid Clintonian democrat with pretty unwavering views unless facts change my mind. Did you provide any or just your opinion on yet another topic all together?

        FYI: CD — as in Bill, is conservative on economics (probably less than most here though on some parts and more on others) and liberal on social issues thus pro choice.

        same as my father; my mother was far left all the way.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Frank, it is obvious to everyone that you crave attention – much worse when you have been drinking (and who can blame you, since you elected Biden…).

          • Frank stetson

            Let me know when you want to talk about the issues or you can just keep getting personal. It’s kind of cute.

            When you can’t argue the facts, attack the person. That’s Joe gilbertson. A fact-less, feckless man who couldn’t put a cogent argument together, supported by anything more than whimsy if his life depended on it.

            He can’t even remember what engineering degree he has.

            He constantly tells everyone how he’s a champion of free-speech, and yet when someone speaks freely and he doesn’t like it, it’s a completely different story. Suddenly they’re evil, and must be attacked on a personal basis.

            Is the sign of a very weak person.

            Why don’t you try coming at me on the facts, on the merits of my case, and why you disagree.

            BUSTED: lack of evidence and ad hominem.

  2. Frank stetson

    Maybe you need bullet points and 36pt type because you are not even close.

    First, I said nationally therefore a state action where there is little risk is feckless. A Desantis specialty.

    Also, I said it’s a quid pro quo world abd China does not play so its ok to call them out, but nationally.

    What was that engineering specialty? Still hiding your Pedegree? Why did you boast then?