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They Missed – Trump Responds to Iran Missile Attacks

They Missed – Trump Responds to Iran Missile Attacks

President Trump addressed the nation this morning, announcing that no American and no Iraqi lives were lost, and minimal damage was done from the missile attack launched at U.S. forces in Iraq yesterday. Our early warning systems “worked very well,” according to Trump.

The President talked about the bloody atrocities of Soleimani, the history and justification for his killing, and how Iran went on a terror spree, paid for by $150B provided by the Obama Administration under JCPOA.  He noted that the missiles used to attack U.S. forces were also paid for with these funds provided by Obama and John Kerry.   He also noted that Iran has killed 1500 of its own people during recent protests against its government.

However, Trump’s response was measured.  The upshot is the following:

– The crippling sanctions will remain.

– UK, Germany France must break away from the JCPOA. It’s dead, we need a new deal.

– President Trump will ask NATO allies to become much more involved in the middle east process.

Note that Trump did NOT signal military retaliation for this attack. The “red line” is said to be American lives lost, none were.

Before the speech, Trump was heard to say “As long as I am President, Iran will never have a nuclear weapon.” Trump noted that the U.S. is energy independent.

It was rumored that there was a warning from Iran before the attacks occurred, however this was not confirmed by President Trump.

Iranian media claimed that 30 Americans were killed, apparently an attempt to satisfy the blood lust stirred up by inflammatory statements from Irani government officials over the death of Soleimani. Media commentators have speculated that targets were intentionally missed, to avoid war with the U.S. while trying to convey a strong response at home.

Author’s commentary:  No one really wants a war. Yesterday’s attacks were anticipated as face saving measured by the Iranian regime, which satisfied the hawks in Iran but gave Trump the opportunity to de-escalate. Trump has taken that opportunity.

But Trump is correct that NATO allies must stop attempting to revive the JCPOA and move into a new phase of negotiations with Iran, one that would not allow them to get nuclear weapons every.  The U.S. interests in the Middle East have greatly declined since we are now energy independent. The upshot is that Europe cannot enjoy the import of oil from the region at the expense of nuclear weapons in the hands of a radical, unstable regime.

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  1. frank gildner

    Author’s comment- says no one wants WAR: he does not know many West Point grads, because when I was an Artillery Officer, the West Point guys would say, don’t knock the war, it’s the fastest way to get rank! This author needs more experience or he is low I.Q.

    • NCO Retired

      West Point grads, despite a great “military” education, are still kids. What does a 20 something know about life? Very few even know what the military is really all about. Anyone who has seen war, doesn’t want it. Young Officers only know books. How many are staying in after their terms of enlistment are satisfied? Most go elsewhere looking for safer work. War really is the quickest way to get rank, paid for in blood, by us and our enemies. The smart young lieutenants let their NCO’s run things and learn from their NCO’s. Smart NCO’s teach them the ropes in a professional manner.

    • Carey Daly

      No need to attack the article or the author. I am a Marine Corps veteran with a Purple Heart as well as other decorations. I have a Masters Degree. By your metric I have the credentials to say that indeed, “Nobody with a brain wants war.”

  2. Don

    Which war was that, did those WP grads ever actually go to war, were they all yearning for staff jobs, and are the same people still saying that? I bear in mind that WW1 excited a lot of people that way, until it was over; WW2 did the same thing; Korea did not – it was too close to WW2, and no one had forgotten it. It seems that if there is a 1-2 generation lapse between, gung-ho-ism to some degree returns. The modern military seems to have more people in it who in some fashion say, “I signed up for benefits and career, not to fight!” Such would see war as beneficial to them, as long as their necks are not greatly risked.

    • NCO Retired

      I knew a Reserve Officer who signed up for the benefits/education. He started a business with a very large loan. Then he got orders for the Desert. Needless to say, he was not happy. He refused to report, of course that did not work. He could not survive on his military income alone. I am sure he was given some payment options to help him save his business but I don’t think it was enough. If you are not willing to go to war, don’t darken the Recruiters door. I am very proud of out young Patriots! They know what is going on but re-enlist or sign up anyway! They (and families) are willing to sacrifice for this great nation. All of them come home wounded in some way, all of them. I know many.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie

        In truth if you expect real the rewards of VA benefits then you should expect to be called upon for duty at any time, but first I believe they need to track down slackers over the age of 25 who wasted their minds having them programmed by deviant minded professors learning nothing of any genuine value and do nothing but sponge off their parents or grandparents and contribute nothing to society, send those dregs off to war.

  3. Craig Michael Vandertie

    Well I certainly hope the claim of no loss of life of our brave and noble military service people is not Trump administration propaganda and that it is the Iranian government lying in their allegations that 30 members of our military dying due to their missile assault.

    Thank goodness the days of government cover ups is not as easy as it was in the 60s and the truth behind the JFK and RFK assassinations.

  4. David Barron

    We use to draft young boys with High School graduations who were not married or going to college and turn them into men with a since of responsibility, who could take care of themselves, teach them a skill, and instill pride in them no matter what their background was, their ethnic background was, or anything else. You either worked together or were shown the way to work together in a very aggressive way. Those who served came out as proud men and were easily hired, worded hard, and were successful.
    Personally, being a veteran RA16897089, I feel every American should serve their nation in one way or another just as Switzerland, Israel, and many other nations require. It turns kids into adults with useful skills and common since.
    Nobody wants war, but if it comes we need people who are prepared to answer the call instead of hiding under their mother’s skirt or running off to Canada.