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Suggestions for a Conservative Host for “The View”

Suggestions for a Conservative Host for “The View”

According to a Fox report (I NEVER watch The View), the hosts of The View were having some fun with the fact that they can’t find a permanent member with a conservative bent. Since Meghan McCain left 6 months ago they have had a steady stream of fill-in hosts, but apparently not the “unicorn” that they like (or who can put up with them).

According to the Fox source, hosts Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin need this:

“They will not consider a Republican who is a denier of the 2020 election results, embraced the January 6 riots, or is seen as flirting too heavily with fringe conspiracy theories or the MAGA wing of the GOP. But at the same time, the host must have credibility with mainstream Republicans, many of whom still support Donald Trump.”

In other words, they don’t want any part of a truly conservative host.

But if they can lay aside their biases and prejudices for a minute, I would like to suggest any of the following conservative women who might be able to handle The View’s 3 on 1 barrage of liberal nonsense.

1. Candace Owens – A Conservative commentator who expresses herself well, has a HUGE following and is highly focused and entertaining. Danger? She would take over the show, since she is way smarter and more savvy than any of them, and she brooks no BS.

2. Ann Coulter – A Conservative commentator who has been around a long time, knows the ins and outs of the Republican Party and knows every issue in depth. Danger? She has no tolerance for BS and may commit homicide during the first show (I’ve not met her, but she seems like she’s like that…).

3. Sarah Palin – Former Governor of Alaska and Republican VP candidate. Articulate, folksy, agreeable, she would be very calm in expressing conservative views. Danger? Since she is more beautiful and more likable than any of the current hosts, they would probably try to scratch her eyes out – and she would defend herself by shooting them with a bow and arrow improvised from office supplies and audio cables.

4. Andrea Tantaros – Former Fox “The Five” Commentator. She is smart and I have a crush on her. Danger? None for The View, if she brings her (The Five) personality she will certainly outshine them. But she hates Fox now, so she might go native just to piss off Fox management and get a tirade from Greg Gutfeld. Will somebody please tell her I have a crush on her?

5.  Tyrus – Commentator on the Greg Gutfeld. He is not female, but he is funny, lovable and knows his stuff on conservative issues. Danger? He is a former pro-wrestler, 375 lbs. When the time comes that he is attacked by all three harpies at the same time (and you know it will), he may be tempted to pick them all up together and body slam them, just to shut them up (I would too, just one a time…).

Those are my picks, please respond below if you have others who might be qualified (don’t forget to mention any dangers…) I’ll write a follow-up up and tell you my favorite of the bunch!

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  1. Ben

    Hard hitting piece Joe!
    I’m sure the View will take your suggestions under advisement.

    • Coon hunter

      There’s nothing to view. Just a lot of commie Karen’s shooting off their mouths

      • frank stetson

        Says the feckless fake-name keyboard warrior probably hiding in his Mom’s basement .

        Dare you to put some actual facts on the table, a real addition to the discourse.

        • Coon hunter

          You don’t like me post handle? I like it. And about my mother’s basement, my mother passed away 12 years ago. I have my own home, thank you. So stick to what you know. Which isn’t much

    • Frank sTetson

      I especially live the nod to acceptable violence against women. Joe, whattta man!

      Didn’t Gut-fields just have his show canned?

      Now let’s talk liberal replacement for the lame liberal on The Filthy Five: Maybe Pelosi or Clinton. But if they can’t take a woman, let’s put Booker in; everyone lives Super Corey. And no one knows his real first name is really Clarke.

    • Tom

      I agree on Andrea! What a looker & smart as can be. Ann & Sarah & Candace would also “mop the floor” with them. (pun intended Tyrus)

      • AC

        Hey, when did anyone care what the Ladies on The View have to say? Are their comments coming from a perspective of true facts? Since, presumably Democrat Party advocates therefore of a politically liberal stripe. Is their search for a politically conservative counterpart an honest attempt? A point and counter point dialogue on the central issue of concern intended to present both sides fairly?
        Not having seen program, I do not know if the ladies are angry liberals unable to take in and rationally discuss points contrary to their view?
        Lots of questions are in the air. As a political moderate independent relevancy and facts proved as true sourced in reality deserve trust.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      They are bound to notice! And yes, we occasionally take on those tough issues.

  2. Ac

    Missed your calling in life entirely.
    A better comedian than opinion commentator. Of course, it’s evident. Who’s he think he’s kidding comes through in posts.
    Doubt The View ladies follow PBP or know you care about them.
    Your conservative crush list speaks to you serious journalism side’s non existence.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I’m a funny guy! Just ask me…

      • frank stetson

        How tough can they be? You don’t need facts, you don’t need proof. All you need is to listen to Donald J. Trump and you know the truth direct from the mouth of The Great Liar. Reagan sighs, then cries.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Frank, my view of the world comes from travel to 25 countries as a CIA officer, multiple business startups, massive expertise in marketing and propaganda, two Masters degree, several hundred stage performances and a lot more. I read 11 news sites every day, most of them liberal rags, and I get the big picture before I get the small one. I don’t fall for the BS of either side.

          Which should give you supreme confidence in my choice for a conservative commentator for the The View, as the most important issue of the moment!

          • frank stetson

            thanks for the resume update. and yet this is where you live……

            I never actually counted countries, but…..if you go multiple times, do you count twice? Does Canada count?

            Not sure where we came off the tracks on this one, seems like posts gone or outta synch.

            Choose Away. I don’t watch.

        • Coon hunter

          It’s interesting how many times Biden’s handlers have done damage control and walked back his lies and stupidity. You people are pathetic and ignorant. But that’s what communism is all about. The problem is that Joe isn’t doing a good job brainwashing people

      • Coon hunter

        Their view is sick and twisted

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Ann Coulter might untwist them….

  3. Joni

    I used to watch the Chase since the girl for the View is the MC I don’t turn it on they are just hatful people.

    • Phyllis belcher

      Joy Baer should be bitch slapped