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“Voting Rights” is a Smokescreen, Election Integrity is at Risk, Kamala Harris is a Joke

“Voting Rights” is a Smokescreen, Election Integrity is at Risk, Kamala Harris is a Joke

Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked over the summer with spearheading voting rights, and has encouraged the passage of the “For the People Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.” These are likely going nowhere since the Biden Administration has run into a brick wall on a number bad legislation attempts. But if they are passed, it constitutes grave damage to our democracy, in my opinion.

Never mind that Kamala Harris is a mess who has failed to inspire anything, and who is also spearheading the Biden Administration’s work on the border, having never actually been there. VP Harris believes that if we don’t pass these, we will not be a “role model” for the rest of the world.

And I’m not going to express an opinion on the 2020 election in this article, let’s just say I’m mad as hell and leave it at that.

The “For the People Act” (not yet law) does a great number of unwise things.

                Same-day voter registration

                Changes to registration at the polls

                Automatic Voter Registration

                Expansion of vote by mail

                Online voter registration

                Limiting the ability of States to purge voter rolls

These don’t seem too sinister at first, they are just methods to make it easier and more convenient for lazy people to vote. Then you realize how they provide gaping security holes, allowing cheating at will. Not just cheating by individuals, mind you, it allows large-scale cheating by the (politically controlled) voting authorities themselves, in large areas. Can you imagine having about 300,000 votes for one candidate dropped at three in the morning that changes the results of an election?? This is how it happens.

 Note that this Act does NOT require ID at voting places. Anyplace where ID is not required is a clear avenue for fraud. And this actually tends toward the opposite.

This Act also introduces public financing for campaigns, matching small donations at a 6:1 ratio. Yes, let’s propel the crazies with no popular support into the limelight, on the taxpayers’ dime. And it requires that PACs disclose their sources of funds. Maybe this is not a bad idea, but it attacks mechanisms on the Republican side and leaves the Democrats alone.

It requires that President and VP candidates disclose 10 years of tax returns, a clear shot at President Trump.


How about the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act”?

This law would give the Federal Government bigger sway over changes to local election rules, by requiring “pre-clearance” at the federal level. This might have been useful in the 2020 election, where laws were changed in the final election hours to help Biden.

But unfortunately, it makes specific references and requirement in areas where to racial minorities are prevalent. This means to me that the Democrats have specific plans to rig elections in those areas.

Purging voter rolls in areas that are predominantly black would require federal pre-clearance. The Act has provisions to increase early and absentee voting in predominantly black areas. And yes, it can be used to restrict the requirement for voter ID in predominantly black areas.

But not in other areas. See the racism here? See the liberal opportunism here that uses racist methods to further its own goals?

I’ve heard it said many times that minorities are less able to get government ID and therefore requiring an id or voting is racist and restrictive. And yet, if you go into the poorest parts of America, you find that everyone has a driver’s license, not to mention a cell phone, a bank account and much more that require ID.  What country do they think we are living in? Can they point to a group of people who have this problem that are not more than a token handful?

These Acts are designed to further the insecurity of the election system, a condition Democrats believe to be to their advantage.

Since the 2020 election disaster, States have been acting on their own with about a hundred new state laws passed. You can see some maps in this particularly biased report that Republican states have made voting more strict, and Democrat states are loosening restrictions to make fraud much easier.

And just so you know, the Democratic National Committee is committing $25 million to “protect voting access” for 2022. And you may recall that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg, a diehard liberal, donated $350 million to 2,500 jurisdictions to assist with elections. These kinds of influence are OK, under the proposed laws.

The question is whether we want to leave in the loopholes that allow cheating and fraud or do we want our most precious right protected? Let me know what you think below.

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  1. Harold blankenship

    It’s all about advancing voter fraud. Ok bring it on Frank and Ben. We are waiting for the commie rebuttal

    • Frank stetson

      For the millionth time, prove it or stfu.

      No evidence of statistical relevance that would have changed the 2020 results. More fraud discovered perpetrated by Trumpers than otherwise. Just fodder for the suckers to donate more to Trump so he can live high on the hog and sue Congress because the truth shall not be known.

      You can’t prove it, never could.

      But you keep saying it. You keep calling me childish names like that helps but then again, name calling is all you got. The defense of the weak argument, ad hominem attacks. All because you just can’t back it up like a man.

        • Frank stetson

          Apparently none of this is good enough for court. I see lots of allegations and nothing tgat sticks.

          Tell you what; I will agree to your baseless claims when you believe Trump incited a riot after colluding with Putin to destroy the United States. Wanna see my links?

          Sustainable, supportable, multi-sourced facts Joe. Not just shit scrawled on the bathroom wall.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Whenever you have a battle, there is the possibility of being defeated. In the case of the election, the other side had surprise and months (probably years) of preparation. Can’t say the Democrats were slacking here. They did plan to get away with it, and they had good planners.

            That said, a lot of very serious evidence has come out, and if you bothered to spend a couple of hours with the data that I gave you, you might start to wonder.

            But there will be no public outcry because major communications channels are censoring it. And obviously expecting you to have an open mind is fruitless.

            Sure, I’ll look at your links, as long as they are not CNN, MSNBC, WaPo or some other liberal rag that is part of the censorship program.

          • James mccloud

            Yes. Show us the made up links. They are all lies connected to the communist like Ben and Frank who hates America. Bring it on you commies. I know that anyone and anything can produce fake bullshit. Like Obama’s so called birth certificate

  2. Ben

    Harold “firing” Blanks,

    What voter fraud? The Texas LT Governor paid a liberal Democrat the prize money for outing voter fraud when a Republican was caught voting twice. 3 Florida republicans from The Villages were recently arrested for voting twice.

    What ever happened to the Cyber Ninja audit?…

      • Ben

        Joe, thanks for the Epoch Times link. Lol.
        I won’t click on it, because I won’t give them the add revenue.
        BUTTTTT….897 cases? That they are INVESTIGATING? Come on man. Trump lost by 7 MILLION votes!!!!
        He lost, get over it.
        Y’all should focus on a more popular platform as opposed to eliminating voters you don’t like.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          I didn’t really expect you to. Your communications mode is outgoing and never incoming…

          But your assertions were incorrect.

          • Ben

            Well, give me a legitimate news source, and I will happily check it out.
            My assertions are indeed correct. If you were right, and I was wrong, certainly the courts would have figured that out by now. But no, not only did trump lose the election, but also court case, after court case, after court case… why is this?

            I’m betting it’s because there’s no substance to your or the trump cults assertions.

  3. Ben

    This just in;
    False claims that there were thousands of ballots cast in the names of dead Georgia voters can now rest in peace.

    Election investigators found just four absentee ballots in the 2020 presidential election from voters who had died, all of them returned by relatives.

    The State Election Board referred the cases to the attorney general’s office this month after investigators reviewed dozens of allegations. Almost all voters were found to be alive.

    The tiny number of ballots actually cast on behalf of deceased voters contrasts with then-President Donald Trump’s false accusation that there were 5,000 dead voters in Georgia’s election.

    It’s the latest in a series of unsubstantiated claims of fraud that have since been debunked, including allegations of counterfeit ballots, ballot stuffing and forged absentee ballot signatures. Three vote counts showed that Trump lost by about 12,000 votes in Georgia.

    • Harold blankenship

      I checked several sources and found nothing to back up your post. So you’re a damned liar spreading commie propaganda

      • Ben

        Firing Blanks,
        I get it, the internet is hard to work. It’s why Candice Owens said this about trump and his cult.

        “People oftentimes forget that, like, how old Trump is,” Owens said on an Instagram Live post Thursday night. “He comes from a generation — I’ve seen other people that are older have the exact same perspective, like, they came from a time before TV, before internet, before being able to conduct their independent research.” Trump, who famously had his own reality TV show, never lived in “a time before TV,” but he also doesn’t use a computer.”

        • Joe Gilbertson


          • Ben

            Point stands.

        • Ac

          Throwing Harris under the bus failed on the merits just like all the cases Trump brought.
          In fact picking on Harris your arguments are not strong enough. She stands with democracy as you sit in the curb..
          “Lazy voters”, so called by you, is a hit below the belt during a pandemic. In person voting at that time before anyone could vaccinated would have been a superspreader. Then, because absentee balloting is an opportunity more Democrats take advantage of, your inference is clear. Trump himself voted absentee . In that one case your characterization is valid.
          In short, defense of Republican efforts by saying it’s all good and other sources agree fails on the grounds of objectivity. As well as, the Republicans’ flurry of legislation fixing something that’s not broke. None of it would have been thought necessary if the election brought the alternate result. A reality so alternate that it’s unimaginable.
          Our nation could not stand another 4 years like the 4 the nation was forced to endure during Trump’s alternate reality’s mismanagement.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            I through Harris under the bus because she is an idiot and a failure and I don’t like her.

            Funny, I managed to vote in person, the voting locations were open just like they always are. Problem is that the gains in getting lazy people to vote is far overshadowed by the opportunity to harvest mail in ballots and send them in fraudulently.

            I never said I was objective, I only said that I am right.

            Funny, when Trump won, the outcry on behalf of Hillary was massive (maybe you don’t remember…). But much less cheating was going on in that one, so it was not necessary to fight.

            Trumps 4 years were fantastic for the country, beautiful economy, China and Russia taking backsteps, and much more. Even when the epidemic hit, Trump’s Warp Speed produce a vaccine faster than anyone else ever has. Do you honestly thing that Joe Biden could have done that?

        • Joseph redden

          When the firing starts we will see if it’s blanks, he with a Muslim in the family

          • Ben

            Jose ph,
            I made a small contribution to the The Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) in your name. They thank you. And to be on the safe side, I also donated in the name of Harry “firing” Blanks ( again) because it seems as if you forgot what name you were posting under.

            That being said, bringing up my son’s wife is a weird thing to do in this instance. I do know she voted at least once for Biden. And you know how those Muslim immigrants breed, her family is huge, they also voted ( at least once) for Biden. Huge supporters of the Democratic platform and candidates. I’m betting their votes more than outweighed you and your family’s cult vote.

            Trump lost in a land side and no amount of whining about it is going to change that.

  4. frank stetson

    “I checked several sources and found nothing to back up your post. So you’re a damned liar spreading commie propaganda”

    Under the mantra of: what an idiot. Total google time: as fast as you can copy/paste the first sentence, you find: Alleged ‘dead’ Georgia voters found alive and well after 2020 election

    I am sure your apology to Ben for calling him a “damned liar spreading commie propaganda” will be forthcoming.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      But its a bit tough when Google systematically erases anything that doesn’t agree with the Democrat party line. And Facebook puts you in jail if you mention it even once.

      • Harold blankenship

        It’s looking like the trolls are riled up. Lol. They can’t stand for the propaganda to be debunked and their lies falls apart

        • Frank stetson

          Ah, name calling, the best argument for those without a clue as to how to conduct proper polite discourse. Keep up the fine work Harold.

          • Joe Gilbertson


          • frank stetson

            Did Joe say “turd.” Very grown up of you Joe. You set the example for your followers.

            Joe did say: “Funny, when Trump won, the outcry on behalf of Hillary was massive (maybe you don’t remember…). But much less cheating was going on in that one, so it was not necessary to fight.”

            I think it’s amazing that concludes the cheating levels between these two elections without a scintilla of proof leading him in either direction. Somehow, mail-in votes are the culprit for the most part, but beyond conspiratorial wet dreams, these pugnacious pundits of puerile press prove little if not nothing. Over 62 court cases thrown out of court; Trumpian lawyers taken to the legal woodshed, forced into retraining, sent back to the states for more sanctions, one lost his law license. How many Trump sponsored recounts gone bust: 3 in Georgia alone but at least in three states too. Twice the SCOTUS has turned Trump down. Hard.

            Is this new, of course not. Trump has claimed 5 other elections rigged. He claimed Romney beat Obama, the machines were rigged. He claimed Cruz stole Iowa from him. The Democratic Primary was rigged against Bernie, he won. That was 2016. And he did it again in 2020. Oh hell, he claimed 2016 was rigged until he was winning, then it was fuckin a skippy.

            When faced the the cold fact of losing large, Joe redoubles efforts to claim fraud when the only fraud is Joe himself. A huge fraud throwing red meat to readers to gain his share of purloined pelf. The more times he is shown to be crazy, the crazier he becomes. What was that definition of insanity: “after the 50th court case, we redoubled our efforts hoping that luck would be on our side the next time. Cuz sure as heck we got no proof.”

            By the by Joe, what Democratic mastermind pulled off this amazing fraud scheme that you have yet to uncover enough to go to a court with? Who is this evil genius? How did they do it in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania? I mean who engineered that Italian satellite for example? Where’s the money trail, that stuff’s gotta cost…… I mean at least we got 000’s of Team Trump meetings with Russians, what have you got to show for yourself. More right-wingnut unsupportable links that cost money just to see?

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Amazing, one word launched you into a whole new diatribe. I’m going to write this up for a psych journal…

        • Ben

          Firing Blanks,

          We aren’t riled up. We are simply showing proof that there is no substance to these assertions.

          In fact if anyone is riled up, it’s the radical right, flailing about trying to find away to win by doing anything in their power… except run on a platform that is supported by a majority of American voters.

          Do better. Be Best

          • frank stetson

            Diatribe? I was hope for duolog. Discussion, debate, That’s because you choose to focus on the word turd, not on the facts. Low brow baiting fer sure. And a one and a two and a….

            “Talk, it’s only talk
            Arguments, agreements
            Advice, answers
            Articulate announcements
            It’s only talk
            Talk, it’s only talk
            Babble, burble, banter
            Bicker, bicker, bicker
            Brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo
            It’s only talk
            Back talk
            Talk talk talk
            It’s only talk
            Comments, cliches, commentary, controversy
            Chatter, chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat
            Conversation, contradiction, criticism
            It’s only talk
            Cheap talk
            Talk, talk, it’s only talk
            Debates, discussions
            These are words with a D this time
            Dialog, duologue, diatribe
            Dissention, declamation
            Double talk, double talk” Elephant Talk — Belew/Levin/Fripp/Bruford — King Crimson

            Just like you to focus on your fraud fantasy, not on reality.
            So much easier than admitting the truth —- YOU LOST, fair n square, up and down, in and out —– YOU LOST.
            Now, be a good citizen, get over it, pitch in and let’s move forward.
            You hate Kamala Harris, you say she is a joke. She is Vice President and you are not. Hmmmm.

      • Frank stetson

        Took one click.

        Poor, poor, Joe, even the information world is rigged against him every time it prints what he does not believe and won’t print what he believes to be true. In his mind.

        His guy didn’t get in; the election is rigged.
        The election is rigged, must be voter fraud.
        Vaccine mandates are rigged, must havexfreedom.
        His people are getting sick and dying, Biden didn’t force vaccine mandates.

        Convoluted conspiracy self victimization.

        If it’s to be, it’s up to me. .


    I hear this sort of thing that the Dumbocrats are trying to get passed every time we have one in the White House. It seems that there has been an active campaign to rig the voting structure and population to assure Liberal control of every waking moment of our lives. In the control of the vote, they seek to further this aim.
    I suggest something in the opposite direction. I think we should make voting harder rather than easier. There should be some sort of requirement to EARN the right to vote rather than have it handed to you on a silver platter. Yeah, I know this seems to fly in the face of what we expect as far as exercising our rights according to the Constitution.
    As Mr. Horist so ably states, the Democrats are pushing to get as many lame and lazy voters on the rolls as possible. They want to make it as easy as possible to cast a ballot. They don’t want voter ID’s or proof of who they are at the polling place. They want to make absentee balloting and early voting the norm rather than the exception. They want to open it up as much as possible, when in reality we should be going more in the opposite direction.
    I reference the late Robert A. Heinlein in his seminal work STARSHIP TROOPERS (written in 1959) that the vote should be earned through a short and not terribly difficult term of government service. This didn’t mean you had to serve in the military. It could be Peace Corps, VISTA, or something like the old Works Progress Association which built many public works back during the Great Depression. Official citizenship and with it the right to vote, would be earned upon completion of the short term of service and be irrevocable unless the citizen proved unworthy later on through committing a serious crime or some such thing. No one would be refused a chance to complete a term of service no matter the physical status. I’ve no doubt that everyone who wishes to earn their right to vote could be placed somewhere in the Federal Government or some program having to do with it. (Example: Administration of Welfare or other social program.) Of course, I would think that those clinically shown to be mentally incompetent would be excluded but not forgotten and cared for. As long as one follows the general rules of civility they should continue to enjoy the fruits of citizenship and the right to cast their votes on how the place is run.
    Why do I think this system would be superior to what we have now? Pretty simple. Those who do not choose to earn the franchise would not be able to vote, but would still enjoy all the rights and privileges of our nation, less the right to vote. They would still be protected abroad if they travel to a foreign country and still be considered Americans. It would simply relieve them of the duty and privilege of the voting franchise. I think it would work better than the current system because those who would be voting would have to prove before voting that they care about their nation. They would have “skin in the game” as the popular euphemism goes. It would show that they have enough commitment to give a little to EARN their voice in public affairs. As to whether the system would produce a better brand of leadership in Washington than we now have… I doubt that anyone can truly tell what any politician is truly thinking or what he or she intends. For that revelation, we would need a machine to read minds. And, who would want such a thing? Only those who could profit by it.
    Whatever the case, our current system is seriously damaged. It is a joke among other nations on Earth. Yeah, we hold our leaders up to ridicule if we can demean or undermine them. Many places in the world we could not do that. But we seriously need to change the way things are right now. Adding millions of people to the voting roles who just want Uncle Sam to support them and give them free everything needs to get slowed down and stopped. It would help if we required a course in Civics at every level of education and WITHOUT the Liberal bias we see everywhere in our educational “system”.
    So, in Larry’s own words…. There ’tis.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Tom, Love the book Starship Troopers, and love the idea. But I think in the book the term of service was not so easy. One could end up testing spacesuits (as in wearing them to see if you survived…) on Pluto if no other skills were found.

      Our forefathers earned it, but many of us haven’t. And you never appreciate to the fullest extent what you haven’t earned.

  6. Frank stetson

    Wr can call it a voting mandate!

    We mandate x years of hard labor in government service to be able to vote! Anyone who might need to support their family instead, well, they should of thought if that before they were poor.

    And you have to show your vax card, sorry, I meant service card to be able to vote along with your id, and a brain cat scan to prove sanity.

    Now since community service is a prerequisite to being a citizen; I suggest a smarter nation is more important so all voters must show their sheepskin for a minimum of 2 years post high school education, technical school or authorized apprentice program. Don’t want no minimum wage voting going on, whattta they know. .

    Now, of course, for federal elections, no one can rnter a crowded polling both without a vax card.

    Now that’s democracy for the people!

    Lastly, how about that race card?

    Last I checked, even Republicans wanted more, not less citizens voting. Shouldn’t the definition of citizen be the ONLY requirement? Why do we need further qualifications and potential restrictions.

    Let’s just use the internet. Secure enough for mastercard should he secure enough to vote.

  7. A c

    What school of philosophy did you attend? Which alternative reality school curriculum turned you out, releasing you into the general population? You read the radical elitist theories espousing merit plus public service criteria for voting status, in the belief you know what persons should be ALLOWED eligibility to vote. That, too. would be conditioned on in person voting.
    Are you certain you would pass muster with voting rights approval panel prior to each election for President on down to dog catcher?
    Setting yourself out as one presumed worthy of receiving a ballot and with it the opportunity to physically vote is a real stretch of consideration. The eligibility bar you.suggest would exclude you kind in an instant. Given the restrictions enumerated, those possessing substandard character qualities, illustrated by the individual’s condescending attitude toward fellow Americans. On its merits justice dictates those who being of such a prejudice is anti -democracy and anti- constitution . Mean spirit possessing. Individuals who would deprive rightful citizens their vote are criminally minded. Unfortunately, by current regulations, individuals of unsavory character may yet vote.
    If Republicans keep up their drive limiting who may vote. They will be cutting off their nose to spite their face. Restrictions intended to hurt Democrats at the poll a actually handicap the GOP. Many Republican voters do not fit the.critical standards you would like for eligibility. Your stereotype for Democrats shows low intelligence it a high amount of hubris. Arrogance is the trait of bullies. Bullies lack confidence, have no moral compass, are not able to have compassion for others.
    Tom, the Republicans’ efforts geared to set election results skewed heavily to the right are engineered to curry Trumps favor. Good luck with that. Trumps favor is a capricious insatiable animal. He devours reputations and leaves his “friends” scarred for life. The loyal he treats with disloyalty. His talk is pure projection. When he says “America First “ he means Trump First.
    The Republican bandwagon is all about Trump. His bullying has cost our country immeasurable pain in losses. People from both parties died from his disinformation campaigns. Our status among world nations once at the top now is in disgrace thanks go to the clown prince of ridiculousness Trump. The red team has little show and no go. They follow the Emperor with no clothing. His season of some prominence is waning. All the faking it to make it is not lasting and another will take his place.
    One reality is sure. The GOP does not produce true American Statesmen quality politicians.


  8. Ben

    You can spin all you want, put too many conservatives have said the quiet part out loud.

    Paul Weyrich, an operative considered to be the “founding father of the conservative movement” because of his hand in founding the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority, the Council for National Policy and other influential conservative groups, laid out the GOP’s voter suppression strategy in a 1980 speech in Dallas.

    “I don’t want everybody to vote,” he said. “Elections are not won by a majority of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country, and they are not now. As a matter of fact our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

    The more people that can vote, the less likely republicans are to win. PERIOD.

  9. Ben

    Rand Paul is on to something! Can you believe the audacity of the Democrats legally helping to get every eligible voter to exercise their right to vote?

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has accused Democrats of “stealing” elections by legally persuading people to vote for them—and people have quickly pointed out to him that’s simply how democracy works. Writing on Twitter, the senator quoted an article from the Washington Examiner about how Democrats carried Wisconsin in 2020 after losing it to ex-President Donald Trump in his 2016 victory. Paul’s tweet read: “How to steal an election: ‘Seeding an area heavy with potential Democratic votes with as many absentee ballots as possible, targeting and convincing potential voters to complete them in a legally valid way, and then harvesting and counting the results.’

  10. frank stetson

    Joe, I tried your Epoch Times site, it’s just a list of articles, most are about election integrity issues, not fraud which I think is what we were discussing, or at least I was. You seem to be fantasizing about a grand conspiracy that stole Donald’s win, you couldn’t stop it by storming the Capital and killing everyone in site, and you can’t name the perpetrators except to say they did a wonderful job. You betcha.

    I guess you want me to do YOUR legwork because you are piss poor at it and you can’t find a single compelling story. I won’t pay for news; I guess that’s how you get the news you want, you pay them….. But here’s some stories I found on your link: Epoch Times, detailing the rampant voter fraud you seem to know so well but are unable to repeat out loud except in vague generalities like: “Mr Custer, I think some Indians might be coming….at least that’s what I heard….” Here are the scathing smoking gun Epoch Times titles.

    “Wisconsin Investigation Finds Illegal Votes, But No Widespread Election Fraud” Damn, there’s one state down.
    Georgia Judge Dismisses Fulton County 2020 Ballot Review Case” well, that one seems doa.

    “Arizona Senate Told of Multiple Inconsistencies Found in Election Audit” This is the one where uneducated, inexperienced “tellers” got schooled by Arizona voting officials for not knowing how Arizona elections work so they made up inconsistencies that were not there. Succinctly, the officials asked why these know-nothing idiots were wasting their time if they didn’t have a clue how elections actually worked.

    Joe, I went through three pages of story titles and have yet to find the smoking gun that appears to be stuck up you ever tightening sphincter. Finally, I though I had found the smoking gun. I found…..

    “Undeliverable Mail-in Ballots in Georgia Were Double the Official Margin of Victory, Report Says” Ok, looks like a dead bang winner until we uncover the truth —– and the truth is systemic racism that BENEFITED TRUMP: Of course, it’s ABC, NYT, so can’t be true like Epoch Times.

    Joe, what is The Epoch Times. Why, it’s the first source for Trumperism in America. Media Bias says: “Overall, we rate The Epoch Times Right Biased and Questionable based on the publication of pseudoscience and the promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories, as well as numerous failed fact checks.” Sure, fake news but these bastards have facts as friends and they can prove the failed fact checks every time. You can question the right-wing rating but their methodology is there for review.

    Wiki says: “The Epoch Times is a far-right international multi-language newspaper and media company affiliated with the Falun Gong new religious movement. The newspaper, based in New York City, is part of the Epoch Media Group, which also operates New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television” Now this is self-reportable so ET can edit anything they like. And I’m the commie……

    Ad Fontes Media says: “Ad Fontes Media rates Epoch Times in the Hyper-Partisan Right category of bias and as Unreliable, Problematic in terms of reliability.”

    Wow, that’s some source Joe. Or should I say Gong Joe…….

    If you want to dispute a fact, perhaps try actual facts and not just an entire site of Falun Gung propaganda might ring a brighter bell.

    Until you can actually pull facts with some teeth in them, I rate your response as lacking credibility due to a lack of facts.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Big surprise, the hyperpartisan left rates the Epoch Times as hyperpartisan right. You should look at the history of the Epoch Times. They are the ones in China working for freedom and being attacked for it. They are pro-Trump because they are anti-Chinese Communist Party.

      If you can find any bone of impartiality in you, then you will find they are a great deal more accurate and less partisan than CNN.

      • frank stetson

        Is your reliance on Epoch Times just some more of that quirky humor? I mean they are so discredited it’s like shooting ducks in a barrel to find the printed lies, fabrications, and misleading statements.

        Upon fact checking, they are not more accurate as you falsely claim. As to partisan, only the zealots like you feel as you do. Any bias checker does not find them less partisan, quite to opposite. I have listed the organizations. They list the factual misrepresentations by Epoch Times. With the bias part, sure it’s got qualitative aspects, but their methodologies are clear. I’m an open book on this. And your ET, you can’t even show who really owns it and how much money they give directly to Trump.

        If your response to fact-based criticism is to cry “I’ve been wronged,” then obviously no amount of actual data will change your mind. Yes, Epoch Times is owned the Chinese, you are getting news from a Chinese organization with a Falun Gong religious bias. Yes, they are working against the current Chinese regime. Yes, they also support Trump and other autocrats across the globe. In 2019, they were one of the largest pro-Trump Facebook funders of advertising after the Trump himself via his campaign. Yes, they operate out of NYC, a hub of the MSM, which they are really a part of, if you base that on ratings. As is FOX.

        And yes, that fake news NYT MSM outlet calls them the greatest global creator of misinformation in the world. And the NYTs has the proof, from Epoch Times, to back it up, one lie after another.

        Basically, you get your news from your trusted source that is owned and operated by the Falun Gong for their propaganda.

        They reported and supported Trump’s Spygate, which was totally discredited. They pushed the Italian Satellite voter fraud conspiracy, a whack job if ever there was one. They were one of the biggest information sources for pre-riot support of 1.6 , later they claimed the insurrection was provoked by antifa. Claimed covid was a Chinese bio attack on America, vaccines were dangerous, and suggesting that readers instead, pray for a miracle. Apparently, Epoch Times news can kill.

        Joe says the US media can’t be trusted because it’s a conspiracy against conservatives. In France, the watchdog NewsGuard called The Epoch Times a super-spreader of COVID misinformation. Apparently, Epoch Times keeps saying that the virus was artificially created as a bioweapon possibly inciting numerous hate crimes against Chinese-American citizens. Lies kill. Then they took a NASA weather forecast and said it proved the Chinese cremated tens of thousands of bodies. Yes, many of their Facebook submissions are killed for dealing in lies, deceit, hate, and fabrication. Each one is documented as to the deceit.

        Joe, you allege that MSM is biased, hides the truth and lies. Show us. And for every NYT lie you prove, I’ll match with two from your NYC-based Falun Gong news outlet. Open the thread and let’s throw down. If you can. If you dare.

        But my biggest issue is that you said there’s proof of 2020 voter fraud that statistically proves that Trump is the current President of The United States. I still say: prove it or stfu. And show us the money, not just a website to peruse because you conjure that your truth is there, somewhere……

        • Joe Gilbertson

          I trust Epoch Times because I’ve read their journalism and I’ve talked to their people.

          And I showed you the proof and you ignored it, so where does that leave us?

          • frank stetson

            You did not show me proof. You showed me a bibliography of electoral integrity issues, no proof of voting fraud in the 2020 election. Likewise, whatever The Pillow Guy has said has been totally discredited; he is up for a $1.3.B lawsuit over his claims. I did not ignore, I investigated. I told you and yet you continue to prattle on even waving your resume which is really sad considering the sources you accept for information.

            And you still have to show us actual proof of your claim of 2020 election voter fraud that statistically could have changed the election’s outcome of Joe Biden soundly beating Donald Trump to become President.

            I can’t tell you not to trust Epoch Times, I can only show you the facts on their shoddy research and total lack of fact-based reported as evidenced, proven, and documented many times over. If after that, you choose to believe in NYC-based Falun Gong propaganda aiming to support the right and discredit the left in a hackneyed, lying, feckless, partisan, totally biased manner, so be it. It’s The Gong Show all over again……..

          • Ben

            You may trust the Epoch Times, but evidently our court system does NOT. I wonder why that is.
            I mean, trump appointed more judges than anyone in history ( thanks to McConnell blocking Obama’s picks). Surely one of them would have had a case in front of them that the litigators could have just submitted a copy of The Epoch Times.. slam dunk case!!!
            But for some reason, that hasn’t happened 70+ times in a row… maybe the Epoch Times isn’t as reliable as you think it is.

  11. frank stetson

    OMG the second one is a two hour movie starting with The Pillow Guy?

    That’s certainly a bridge too far. Let me guess —- the Democrats cheated, but we got no evidence….

    If THE PILLOW GUY had evidence, he would be in court instead of being sued…… He pretty much got blown off his own stage at his last “con-vention” where the Arizona recounters announced “no harm, no foul>”

    Tell you what, tell us the summary……with numbers…..and names…..

    Let us know when you move beyond fake news.

    But I did look which is more than I can say for you.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I would say that the liberal attacks might be an indication that there is something here. If there was nothing there then why would they bother?

      But then again, it doesn’t matter to you, since you won’t watch it anyway. And no, I don’t believe you watched it.

      • frank stetson

        Yes, the old proof by attack…. Or maybe it’s just cockamamie to begin with.

        And I said “I did look.” I was pretty clear that I am not doing two hours with the pillow guy; I have seen his ascertains and they are proven to be complete bullshit. He is being sued for $1.3B for his lies.

        I believe the movie is part of his failed cyber-symposium which Rolling Stone bashed long and hard:

        So, let’s sum: Joe gets his news from Facebook-banned for lying, Falun Gong news outlet while getting his election fraud info from The Pillow Guy who is being sued for $1.3B for defamation with his election fraud lies. Wow. And I get mine from a bunch of highly educated American journalists. Even Fox.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          You hear but you do not listen

          • frank stetson

            Joe, in his own words…..on how Joe can prove 2020 voter fraud that demands that Donald J. Trump actually won, that the Capitol insurrectionists were right! He puts the evidence smack dab in front of your eyes when he says:
            “I never said I was objective, I only said that I am right.”
            “I never said I was objective, I only said that I am right.”

            Joe shows us the truth: “You might find some evidence here…” Yes, you might. Maybe. Possibly. No one has yet, but yes Neo, you can be the one. If only you believe there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home and click those ruby reds three times :>)

            Then Joe says the proof is in The Pillow Guy, the rocket scientist being sued over this for billions. It must be more than pillow talk because you can’t find Joe’s proof anywhere which, according to Joe, who claims not to be objective, but always right, proves without a shadow of a doubt that there is a vast conspiracy of Democrats, the Press, and that guy in the raincoat on the corner tainting the 2020 election count that the Don obviously won and has yet to concede. But Joe says there’s a catch. “You won’t find in anywhere because liberal Big Tech has banned it.” You know that you can’t have a conspiracy unless you can point a finger at an invisible boogey man done been keeping the truth Joe knows down.

            After not being able to show us the lack of evidence he does not have because unknown assailants have hijacked the news, Joe confesses his awful, and incredibly sane, tale of woe: “Whenever you have a battle, there is the possibility of being defeated. In the case of the election, the other side had surprise and months (probably years) of preparation. Can’t say the Democrats were slacking here. They did plan to get away with it, and they had good planners.” Oh my, a vast, comprehensive, coordinated, totally effective plot that cannot be proved or even discovered except in Joe’s mind. Bring on the Italian satellites!

            But….not to worry…..Joe tells us: “That said, a lot of very serious evidence has come out, and if you bothered to spend a couple of hours with the data that I gave you, you might start to wonder.” Yes, if only you spend a couple of hours you will wonder why Joe couldn’t just tell you himself…… Well, here’s why Joe is silenced, in his own words: “But there will be no public outcry because major communications channels are censoring it. And obviously expecting you to have an open mind is fruitless.” Ah, poor Joe is the victim and I have a closed mind since he can’t tell us WTF he even means. NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE DOES JOE EVER SHARE. Joe complains of my lack of an “open mind,” which he follows with: “Sure, I’ll look at your links, as long as they are not CNN, MSNBC, WaPo or some other liberal rag that is part of the censorship program.” You see, if it conflicts with his paradigm of unprovable conspiracy, it is part of the vast, undiscovered, but known to exist, censorship program.

            Finally, Joe comes up with a fact: “Candace.” Rosebud.

            Joe answers why he felt compelled to write this piece: “I through (sic) Harris under the bus because she is an idiot and a failure and I don’t like her.” Alrighty then. Honesty. Opinion. Unassailable. He goes on: “I never said I was objective, I only said that I am right.” Now that’s all the fake news you need to not print.

            And let the whining begin as Joe finishes with: “Funny, when Trump won, the outcry on behalf of Hillary was massive (maybe you don’t remember…). But much less cheating was going on in that one, so it was not necessary to fight.” Yeah, that was the election TRUMP declared a total rig job right up until the moment he was declared victor.

            And then the lies: “Trumps (sic) 4 years were fantastic for the country, beautiful economy, China and Russia taking backsteps, and much more.” Joe: prove it with facts. Oh wait, I forgot, if Gong Joe no likey the news, Joe says: “But its a bit tough when Google systematically erases anything that doesn’t agree with the Democrat party line. And Facebook puts you in jail if you mention it even once.” Poor, poor put upon Joe. The news is against him because his news is erased and he is put in Facebook jail. Poor Joe. Poor ineffective, feckless Joe can’t stand with the big boys. Can’t fight back. Loser.

            “I’m going to write this up for a psych journal…:”

          • Joe Gilbertson

            You make no sense whatsoever. What I heard was, “The evidence doesn’t exist” even though it was right in front of you. The psych term I believe is inattentional blindness.


      • Ben

        Joe, If attacks are proof of something, The PBP is prof that what Democratic Law makers are on the right path in making sure that everyone eligible to vote gets to the polls.

  12. Ben

    How about this idea Joe?
    Mandatory voting! It is our civic duty to vote, I’ve heard that since I was in high school. Our forefathers fought and died for our right to vote. We should insist that right be exercised!
    There could be some type of incentive.. maybe a small tax write off when you vote? ( that’s a win/win, more votes, less taxes paid) Withholding tax returns until you do vote?

    Other Countries make voting mandatory , why don’t we? I think every American would get behind this idea. It would build a civic pride and make our citizens more engaged in the process.

    What say you?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Hmmm…. I know Australia has that. But in a free country I would be reluctant to mandate anything, the less that is mandatory the better. And I don’t necessarily want to pay people to vote, for the same reason I wouldn’t want a poll tax to prevent people from voting. But you are right, that is a fair debate point.

      • Ben

        Instead of mandates, you could tie it to money they already have in the system. That way, they don’t HAVE to vote, but if they want their money, Cola, or use of entitlements, they would need to cast a ballot.

        You wouldn’t pay, it’s their own money. A tax rebate incentive. Those that have no income would be incentivized by tying it to Earned income tax incentive, child tax credit, COLA for social security.. or even their entire check.

        This would lead to a more civically engaged populace. And a more true representative government. And force politicians to be more attentive to their constituents.

      • frank stetson

        You were willing to mandate public service to be able to vote? Why would this be a bridge too far?

        • Ben

          Frank, conservatives don’t have a problem mandating a work requirement for welfare assistance. I don’t see why conservatives would be against mandating voting. It’s not a public service event, simply compulsory voting that is tied to any public benefits one might acquire from the government. Or tax returns, or what ever.

          The more people vote, the more our elected politicians would have to work FOR the people and NOT their corporate owners.

          • frank stetson

            Hey, Joe believes the Falun Gong, that there is 2020 election fraud at a statistically significant point where Donald J. Trump is still President because Falun Gong and The Pillow Guy has told him so. He has the evidence, he can point you to the source, but ssssssssh, he can’t actually show you because you can’t see it, the MSM has censored it, and the courts won’t hear it. But…….the Falun Gong tells him it’s there, so there’s there. And the Democrats planned it for years, implemented it flawlessly except for the facts Falun Gong has told Joe who can’t actually share them with your because of MSM censorship….. But the Democrats did it and Joe knows it. He just can’t show it.

            No wonder the CIA found WMDs all over Iraq…….Too much stage, not enough Masters…..

            Hard to believe rationale people can allow themselves to believe that. I mean who would get their news from the Falun Gong and then ask you if you know China…..

          • Miles collins

            Welfare isn’t a constitutional right. People should work for it unless mentality or physically challenged. Like Biden. That’s what’s wrong with the country today. Too many people being paid to not work

  13. frank stetson

    Has anyone seen what Joe sees and do you have the where-with-all to show us? CIA Masters-full globe-trotting Falun Gong show Joe is challenged and he can’t must the stuff.

    Joe, you make no sense whatsoever. What I heard was, the evidence is right in front of you, but yet it is not. I explained why providing a link to a series of articles on voting integrity is not evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election statistically proving Donald J. Trump is still President. Show us what you said you could: that the 2020 election had fraud to a statistical level that would change the outcome. I explained how The Pillow Guy has not only been discredited, on the facts, but is being sued for over a billion dollars based on his fake allegations. Show us The Pillow Guy’s facts that prove he’s not just full of shit, as many others have proven, factually, documentable, in writing.

    But OK, you got the evidence. The courts have shot you down over 60 times. The recounts have all failed, State after State after State. The SCOTUS has turned you away, shot you down, refers cases back to the States. Your lawyers can’t practice anymore due to malfeasance. Others have been sanctioned, sent for retraining on ethics and returned to the States for further punishment; some were in tears. Your 1/6 to tourist-patriots get larger jail terms every day, hundreds found guilty and the count keeps rising.

    But OK, you got the evidence. Your top source is the Falun Gong Religious sect from China. You get your news primarily from the Falun Gong of China. China. They are renown for their right wingnut bias, being fake news-ers and as super spreaders of misinformation that actually can physically hurt people. They are proven liars, documented, hundreds of times. They are considered by watchdog groups as one the leading purveyors of misinformation on Facebook and that’s why they have been banned. That’s well documented too.

    But OK, you got the evidence. You have your impeccable source, the Gong Show. And then you end with “The psych term I believe is inattentional blindness….. Turd…”

    Joe, you can polish this turd of lack of evidence all you want, but it’s still a turd.

    You have shown no evidence, you just keep saying “but I pointed you right to it……” What’s wrong Joe, can’t you do better? Is it really a bridge to far to show us what you believe proves Donald J Trump is still President? Can’t you just show us the evidence and skip the stupidity.

    Show us the evidence. Show us what you found. Come on, prove once and for all time —– either Joe Biden is the legit President and you are full of it. Or not. Stop beating around the bush.

  14. frank stetson

    Miles said: “Welfare isn’t a constitutional right. People should work for it unless mentality or physically challenged. Like Biden. That’s what’s wrong with the country today. Too many people being paid to not work” I will say, I was talking to my mechanic the other day about his problem hiring people, one candidate would rather game the system than work so he continues on assistance even though a good paying, safe, job is right in front of him. He voted for Trump, fyi…… So, it does happen even to the best of folk. Not just an urban problem.

    Matter of fact, most child tax credit dollars go to regions that voted for Trump. Biden voters pay it, Trumpers take it. But, to your point:

    Did someone say Welfare is in the Constitution? Because, of course, that would be wrong. Amazingly, the Constitution has nothing against Welfare either. But I am sorry Miles, what welfare are you actually taking about? Tell you what, let’s go with a big one: TANF.

    First, Miles, why you lump Biden in here would be disingenuous to the program’s operation in that, from HHS: “The TANF program, which is time limited, assists families with children when the parents or other responsible relatives cannot provide for the family’s basic needs. The Federal government provides grants to States to run the TANF program.” IOW, it’s not Biden, it’s Congress appropriating and the States running the programs with a wide variety of plans. IOW, “States have broad flexibility to carry out their programs. The States, not the Federal government, decide on the design of the program, the type and amount of assistance payments, the range of other services to be provided, and the rules for determining who is eligible for benefits.”

    So, take it up with your State legislature on how the plan works, and take it up with Congress on the appropriation levels.

    But wait, there’s more…….

    Miles, you do realize that many States have a work requirement, either actual work or proof you are looking for work? You do realize that many States have a time limit for continued receipt of TANF funds?

    But most important, Miles, I am sure you realize that the TANF rolls and payouts have been decreasing all through the pandemic with reporting up to 8/2021? You can check, but it’s there.

    Bottom line was many States did not relax the time limits or work requirements for TANF; many people opted not to take TANF dollars if they were forced to work or if they contracted covid. The decrease was slight, but it was a decrease.

    So, I think you got what you wanted, hope you are happy and may these Christmas tidings be returned to you ten fold. Merry Christmas.

    Here’s a little Christmas joy for your stocking describing how the program you think is Biden’s fault, does not make people work, has no time limits, and is unconstitutional actually works. Like I said, not a giant budget, offers are designed and managed by the States, and fully complies with the Constitution.

    Enjoy, it’s not the welfare trope many conservatives believe it is, it is not that expensive, cheating is fairly low, but it does happen:

    • Miles collins

      It’s true that many people milk the system. I have nothing against some help for people who through no fault of their own fall on hard times. But I’ve known personally families that handed down the welfare way of life for their kids. Striking workers used to get food stamps but Reagan put a stop to that. Yes, people that’s able should work to get the benefits. I was on welfare for about a year but I got job training and went back to work. A buddy of mine got a grant for a two year degree in accounting and now he’s making six figures.

      • frank stetson

        “Many people milk the system” is probably mistaken both on source and quantity. I think fraud is 5% or lower; much of it is error, and one of the biggest portions comes from business. Now, that can still be an individual, but not exactly the “milkers” we are alluding to when we say “I know a guy….” And a good amount is caught, money returned, and fines assessed.

        Often when it’s an individual, it might reek of the desperation of trying to get by on a couple of bucks per meal.

        So, I agree, it happens, but not “many people milking,” actually, more business, and yes, I think lending a helping hand is a good thing, hand outs are not so good. So I am all in favor of Clinton’s time and other restrictions, Republican ideas all against the dole-state, enacted way back then. Many, myself included, thought there would be great harm. There wasn’t, it worked to make things better IMO. Back when even in disagreement, parties listened to each others for a good idea, and if they saw one, it didn’t matter which side of the aisle it came from.