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Senior Disney Executive Says Company Doesn’t Like to Hire White Men

Senior Disney Executive Says Company Doesn’t Like to Hire White Men

If you are a white man, Disney doesn’t want to hire you. Disney’s anti-white agenda has been exposed in the confessional words of the entertainment giant’s own senior vice president, caught on undercover camera by James O’Keefe’s investigative journalism team.

The bombshell video was posted to X (Twitter) last week by James O’Keefe, showing Senior Disney Executive Michael Giordano telling an undercover journalist that Disney doesn’t want to hire white men but usually the company doesn’t say it out loud because it doesn’t want to be sued for discrimination. As seen in the video, Giordano tells about Disney:

“They’re very careful about messaging because they don’t want to get sued for discrimination in either direction. But certainly there have been times where, you know, there’s no way we’re hiring a White male.”

Giordano also told the undercover journalist that a few years ago Disney did not hire a half-black person because he didn’t look black enough to pass the hiring criterion.

The entire footage including O’Keefe’s commentary was posted to O’Keefe’s X profile.

As the video went viral on social media, conservatives called for boycotting Disney for its anti-white racism. Elon Musk posted O’Keefe’s video with a short comment: “This is messed up.”

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah responded to the video by commenting on X that it’s time for Disney’s lawyers to get busy since the video is evidence of the company’s illegal hiring practices.

The Babylon Bee took a moment to post its satirical take on the revelation, running a story by the title “Walt Disney Posthumously Fired By Walt Disney Company For Being White Male.”

Soon after the release of the video, O’Keefe noted that Giordano has removed his LinkedIn page. O’Keefe posted the screenshot of the page to X.

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  1. Frank stetson

    And based on their hiring history, 20 years from now they can claim restitution for the previous 150.

    As long as the Star Wars Saga continues, I’m in gg

  2. Frank stetson

    You missed it.

    Okeefe posted another one tagging disney for only hiring whites and jews.

    The first guy is on leave of absence; I’m sure the second guy will be too.

    They teased it out of him, literally dick teased it by hiring sluts to date him and ask leading questions. Don’t matter, he went for it

    Hopefully he can sue to really tie it up in a bow. It’s California after all.

    Good luck tying it to Disney asshole; pretty sure they will roll the numbers to say, politely, STFU. Could be wrong, but either way, teachable moment for these two bozos, whitey and woke .

  3. frank stetson

    This one is so funny in that there is no other American company that has pushed diversity in everything they do and they get slammed by a disgruntled management over advancement.

    Disney has more diversity in actors in it’s productions than any other US media outlet.
    Disney has more diversity in it’s scripts than any other US media outlet.
    Disney is under attack for being woke, not racist.

    The latest, The Accolade, is a plot driven by women, featuring galactic diversity. They have green people. Disney did Wonder Years remake, this time about black family in Alabama. It’s cute. The did Stamos in Big Shot, all girl’s school basketball coach, there is kissing. The show is endearing. Because for Disney there are people, just being people, all shapes, colors, and sizes, but with the same issues as all of us. I say — nice job.

    And the best part is that they do it so nicely, never use a battering ram, just make it part of life, part of the story, that it just pisses off the unwoke to no end.

    Ironic, ain’t it.

  4. doug

    Unfinished bidness department.

    I filed the following post 2 days ago on this site, under a Larry Horist column (not an “article,” as the dimwit above can’t help but describe it as). I’ve received absolutely no substantive response — a pattern observed over a period of years.


    I filed multiple lengthy, fact-crammed posts on this page in the past few days, predicting there would be no substantive rebuttal from KKKommunist feces flingers like the one above, and wasn’t I accurate to a tee!

    It’s a hoot that this KKKommunist fanboy — if he is a boy — claims the non-existence of developments that were verified by Vice President Kamala Harris about Gropin’ Joe Bidet weeks or months before Bidet reluctantly selectted her to be his 2nd in command. Harris got into hot water for exposing Bidet, but no one quarreled with the hard facts of her criticisms, which included Quid Pro Joe’s opposition to school integration, his support to crack down disproportionately on blacks for drug trades and other racist positions.

    In the less than 4 years in the White House, Quid Pro Quo Joe has yet again verified his love affair with the worst racists in the Senate, led by Robert Byrd and James Eastland, one being an enthusiastically lifelong KKKlanster and the other being the most influential KKKlansman in history.

    In the past year, eugenicist Joe (meaning he believes in white master-race doctrine) has revealed his deep well of anti-Semitism as he stabs ally Israel in the back but refusing at this time to go so far as to prompt Congress to override the quasi-senile segregationist.

    Meanwhile, the not-see mentality of KKKlan slurpers like Herr Stetson yields flies into a rage about the Trump family’s accumulation of wealth through commerce while Eugenicist Frank has only kisses for Gropin’ Joe’s ability to summon so much overseas magic money that he can buy mansions with cash in pocket. “Poor” Joe already owns the biggest mansion in Delaware.

    Consequently, I accept the not-see Stetson Squat’s admission, via invoking the Fifth, that everything I have offered has been was spot-on.

    Every Donk president in the 20th and 21st centuries have been deeply racist — Woodrow Wilson (probably the worst White House, white-supremacist inhabitant ever), FDR (sanctioned killing of Jews, opposed integration, falsely imprisoned 100,000 citizens of Japanese ancestry for years, appointed famed KKKlanster Hugo Black to the Supreme Court and more), Harry Truman (hated Asians most of all and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their women, children, oldsters and disabled without military necessity), JFK (wiretapped civil rights leaders and “slow-walked” civil rights reform), LBJ (hated all minorities to a tee; blocked civil rights legislation single-handedly as Senate majority leader; bragged about politicizing the battle with prejudice so as to benefit his party), Jimmy Carter (blamed Israel for upheaval in the Middle East and defiled Jews), Barack Obama (a godfather of anti-Semitism); Quid Pro Gropin’ Joe (putting roadblocks in ally Israel’s access to war munitions approved by the House and Senate, in concert with Donk not-sees who want Jews exterminated and disclaim the truth of the Holocaust).

    His or her inability to refute me (and make no mistake: If he could refute me, he would) amounts to total admission that my words are indelibly true.

    https://punchingbagpost com/the-debate-that-could-change-nothing/#comment-79510

    Insert period into empty space

    • Americafirst

      Doug – a lot of us do not reply anymore because little girl Stetson thinks he owns this site. HE thinks he can say anything he wants anytime he wants just because he wants all the while bashing everyone for their own thoughts which is allowed because it is our Constitutional right. HE doesn’t think so, though and is breaking the law doing that awful bash job! He scares a lot of people away from here. I watch all the rhetoric every time this site comes up. He slams everyone yet, those who stand up to him and gives him slams back, yet he still continues just like the energy bunny. He never stops. I think he gets off on doing it. Yes, I believe he will “get” me back for telling the Gods honest truth. Little children like him need to learn to behave, yet he hasn’t learned that lesson yet – maybe never will, I think. SO< that tells you why people may not have answered your post.

  5. frank stetson

    I explained that I would not respond until you complete the discussion on the first element you brought up but seem unable to address.

    Every time you blurt out more crap, I continue to respond exactly the same.

    This is not going to change until you change.

    But if you ain’t go the stuff, then this is enough.

    And finally, for the umpteenth time, “His or her inability to refute me (and make no mistake: If he could refute me, he would) amounts to total admission that my words are indelibly true” is a lie that you wish to be true, but it is not. There is zero logical truth in this statement. Maybe I just enjoy watching you choke on your own bile.

    • d

      A post for the unapologetic Third Reich revivalist has never replied substantively to anything in his life as a fuhrer slurper.

      One of the subjects he cringes over most is his unsurpassed racism.

      * Black Republicans Take Aim at Biden’s ‘Real Record on Race’ With Six-Figure Ad Buy to Air During Debate *

      By Mike Vance June 27, 2024

      A key Republican lawmaker is launching a major ad campaign during the CNN Presidential Debate. Congressman Wesley Hunt’s Hellfire PAC will air a 60-second ad on Fox News and CNN in key battleground states. The ad criticizes President Biden’s record on race.

      Hunt aims to convince Black voters to support Trump. He highlights Biden’s controversial comments and policies on race. “Joe Biden’s history as a politician reveals a pattern of making explicitly racist comments,” Hunt told Fox News Digital.

      Hellfire PAC’s video starts with Kamala Harris questioning Biden’s past opposition to school desegregation. In a 2020 debate, Harris noted Biden’s work with segregationist lawmakers. She recalled her own experience being bused to school as a child.

      The ad scrutinizes Biden’s relationships with segregationist Democrats. It includes his 2019 comments about the “civility” of working with them. Biden defended himself, saying there is “not a racist bone in my body.”

      The video features various controversial statements from Biden. In 2012, he told Black voters Republicans would “put y’all back in chains.” In 2019, he said, “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

      Biden’s description of Obama as “articulate, and bright and clean” is also highlighted. Hunt, who is Black, argued that no Republican could say such things without severe backlash. “When Democrat President Joe Biden does it, there’s always an excuse,” Hunt said. …


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