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Seattle mayor faces a recall … maybe?

Seattle mayor faces a recall … maybe?

A group of Seattle, Washington citizens have announced a recall effort to remove the city’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, from office essentially for dereliction of duty during the recent unrest and rioting.

Without knowing the details, one might assume that the petitioners are upset that Durkan forced the Seattle police to stand down in the face of looting and arson.  Or her decision to allow a lawless mob to occupy a portion of the city as the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).  Or the decision to abandon a precinct police headquarters or the vandalism of the mob within that zone.  Was it her calling the violent occupation and criminal destruction as a sort of “street festival?”

Perhaps the petitioners were upset with Durkan for her support of the effort to cut the funding and the personnel of the Seattle Police Department even as rioting and general crimes statistics soared – actions that led to the resignation of Police Chief Carmen Best.

But Noooooooooooo.

The folks behind the petition were infuriated because Durkan did not restrain the police more.  (Don’t run for your glasses.  You read it right.)  They objected to the Mayor not prohibiting the use of tear gas or chemical sprays as a non-lethal means to disperse the crowd.  They specifically accused Durkan of allowing the use of tear gas “without concern for the health and well-being of the community.”  (Methought that the use of tear gas was out of concern for the “health and well-being of the community,” but then again, I do not live in Seattle.)

That’s right.  The unhinged radical left of Seattle apparently wanted more looting, arson, vandalism and personal injury.  Maybe they were unhappy that their short-lived kingdom of CHAZ was not recognized as a sovereign nation.

Durkan took the recall folks to the Washington State Superior Court to try to get a ruling against the recall drive.  Her attorneys argued that there were only policy differences between the Mayor and the recall petitioners – not any question of Durkan breaking the law.  They further argued that to recall the Mayor would set a very dangerous precedent against all public officials – inhibiting the use of “discretionary authority.”  In other words, it could prevent other public officials doing what they damn well please.

Grace Harvey, chairman of the recall committee, said she did not care if the recall impacted on other officials because that issue could be handled by an election.  Of course, so could Harvey’s issue.  But she said a vote is a “worse case scenario.”  Not surprising since the radical left is not fond of the electoral process – as we have seen since 2016.

The Superior Court would have none of it and ruled that the recall could go forward.  So… Durkan has appealed the case to the Washington State Supreme Court.  It will consider written arguments later in September.

In the meantime – according to Durkan’s spokesperson Kelsey Nyland — “… the Mayor will remain focused on how to provide support for small businesses and workers who have lost their jobs, preparing the City’s 2021 budget, slowing the spread of COVID-19, and working to transform policing and community safety.”

It all sounds well and good except for that last agenda item – transforming policing and community safety.  Given Durkan’s track record, the good citizens of Seattle should hope to have the Mayor recalled before she does more damage to “policing and community safety.”

So, there ‘tis.

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