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Sen Johnson says Putin Took Advantage of Clinton's Private Email Server

Sen Johnson says Putin Took Advantage of Clinton's Private Email Server

Hillary Clinton’s made a dangerous mistake when she used a private email server, instead of a government protected one as the US Secretary of State.

Government secrets were vulnerable and Ron Johnson, GOP senator from Wisconsin and the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chair recently condemned Clinton’s irresponsible behavior.

“How reckless and dangerous her email server was,” said Johnson Sunday in an interview with CBS News. “You have to assume that our enemy and adversaries had to have had access to every email.”

Johnson argued that considering the timing of her indiscretion was prior to Putin’s Ukraine invasion, the Russian president could have used the top-secret intel hacked from Clinton’s unsecure email server to predict how the US would respond.  

“Did it affect their actions — as it’s related to, for example, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of eastern Ukraine? What about the negotiations with Iran. Assad?” said Johnson.

Clinton has rightfully received tremendous criticism for her careless actions with her prior email practices. This has only been heightened with the recent watchdog report exposing that she also didn’t comply with the State Department’s record-keeping policies, along with using a personal unprotected email server without permission as the Secretary of State.

Johnson is just one of many pointing out how harmful her error could have been. This major blunder is going to consistently be brought up during the presidential race. Why should she be trusted with the role of president when she doesn’t seem to be concerned about guarding the country’s top-secret information? What were her motives for using the private email server anyways? Her suspicious behavior causes us to question what she really was hiding.

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